"Where were you on the night of Mr. Miller's murder?" Inspector J'ean says with a scowl. "Well shouldn't i introduce myself for the other nice people who are listening to my every word". I say, a smile slowly emerging on my face. "My name is Kail Silverscreen, and as for where i was well thats gonna take some time to explain. Hope you are comfortable Inspector." "Well on that night i had just finished my rounds shall we say of the city and was heading to my favorite club The Blue Monkey. There is a girl there who sings the most beutiful aria you will ever hear. You must know her the magnificent Sheila Sharpe i could listen to her all night. Unfortunately i had other matters to deal with mainly some people needed favors done and i was the man to do them. The requests were mostly easy grunt work but they would pay well enough. One however i knew i should have stayed away from but there are so many expenses in my line of work that you take a job where you can get it. It seemed easy enough follow a man by the name of Thomas Miller and recover a set of documents. Now i had my doubts cause this guy had everything planned to the wire. He knew where this man would be, what he would be doing there, and how long it would take. These jobs never end well for me." "So you took this job and started following Mr. Miller?" J'ean said sipping his coffee. "Of course needs must when the devil drives." "So i started tonight i knew that Miller would be at the Canary's Caw drinking for the next hour. So i casually made my way there it was only right down the road which should have clicked in my head now that i think about it, but oh well. I walked into the club and ordered a drink making sure to seat myself a few feet away from Mr. Miller. As I sat I took a casual glance around and saw my target a small brown briefcase was sitting under the chair. It would have taken a good distraction for me to get at it. Sometimes things just happen to go my way. There was a huge brawl in the smoky club as two men started throwing the furniture around. I could tell Mr. Miller was not used to these things as he kept ducking and cowering behind the bar the briefcase forgotten. I smiled lady luck was really on my side tonight. So stooping down i quickly opened the briefcase with some lock picks i happened to have on me and with a quick glance found the documents i was looking for. As i snatched them up and put them in my inner pocket I saw a weird symbol on the corner of the first page, it looked familiar but no time to check now. I quickly closed the briefcase and got back to my chair unfortunately Mr. Miller chose that moment to put his head up he saw me close the breif case and i knew there would be trouble. Just then the police arrived. The two men were taken away and the club calmed down. Now normally i hate loose ends but i decided to let Mr. Miller have his life, after all no one had told me to kill him. I stood to walk out and when i did i heard the shot. As I turned around all i saw was Mr. Miller in a pool of blood and the briefcase gone. Needless to say i got out of there fast but not fast enough since you caught me Inspector." " So thats it no alibi for you." J'ean said. "Oh my alibi is that according to everyone in the bar i was at the door to the club I assume you asked right Inspector you are so smart." "Yes we did and everyone says they saw you there, but where are the documents Mr. Silverscreen?" "My dear Inspector i am a professional one of my associates should have delivered it by now." At that moment a uniformed officer busted in. "Inspector J'ean we have a man here who confessed to the killing of Mr. Miller." "Really well it sames i wasted your time Mr. Silverscreen please accept my apologies and be on your way." "No problem Inspector you were just doing your job" I said with a smile. "Have a nice night Inspector."

I love when it all falls into place I am a pro after all this is my life. No one suspected the look alike I hired to sit in the bar for me, and as for the documents well that same person easily stole them i had trained him after all, and as for who killed Mr. Miller well that was me. NO WITNESSES that is what i am paid for. This is my job and i am very good at it. Oh and before i forget don't look into the man who turned himself in chances are he wont survive his first night in prison.