"The Midnight Stew"


Megan (Giirrllyy)
Other stuff

Step 1: Pre-cooking the Meat

The first step to preparing the stew is to pre-cook the meat. Add to a 60 to 80 gallon fired clay or steel pot: water to fill around 3/5 full. Heat until lukewarm. Weight of Girly should be in proper portion to height, nicely fleshed (plumpish but not fat).

Place: Girly in lukewarm water.

Add: wood to fire to increase heat.

The slow rise in water temperature will relax Girly who will then become unconscious.

Adjust: Water level to chest height

Then Add:

1 1/4 cup salt
3/4 cup pepper
1 cup fresh parsley
10 carrots (diced)
1/4 cup lavender
18 quartered onions
3 crushed hands of garlic
4 quartered limes
20-30 cloves (in a cheese cloth sack)

Bring: Water to rolling boil

Continue to Cook: Girly for three hours at full boil

Remove From Stock: limes and cloves.

Step 2: Finalizing the Stew

Ensure that the stock is constantly stirred as mixture thickens, add more or less depending on desired thickness of the stew.

Add to the Pot:

15 pounds beans or peas (pre-cooked)
2 gallons red wine (or other alcoholic product)
15 pounds celery
5 pounds potatoes
salt, pepper and other spices to taste

Bring: stew to a simmer and cook until potatoes are soft.