Here we are again!

(I'm Safiri. Sorry. I'm actually Cruce. But I think I can do a good Safiri impersonation... That's sarcasm, if you hadn't noticed, whoever you are. Some Shade by the name of Xulfur changed my appearance. Rather than turning in my Safan form, I just became Safiri, and it took a lot out of me. I think I acquired a lot of her memories and personality, but my personality is still dominant. Dunno about memories, but I'm still me. And that's a problem, because I have no idea how to defend myself. I have to go up against Darkness alone to save the real Safiri. Some acid trip I've fallen into...

Lavender, Rilia, and Slianna went with Riolu to find some people they know who might have gotten themselves trapped on this world. Daniel's allies went back to their assignments or something. Amen and Rush stayed behind. I forget what Danithan and Ethan went to go do. As for Glace, I don't know if I can really help her. She wants to see what the Crossblade can do to fix her. She's a Nightmare still, and she wants to be normal. I still want to try to help her. She went through a lot of trouble for me. Lastly, there's this flying pony girl named Rainbow Dash. While kind of cute, she's not supposed to be here. That's why I think I'll be helping her out too...

Just two more girls who I hope still have a chance... All three of them are lost in their own ways. And as far as I can tell, there's no way back home yet. When we all got back to the village, we were given some pretty nice news. I knew it was too good to be true... It was sickeningly obvious.)


[Dr. Maiwell's laboratory is still a blatant mess. Rilia and Slianna, the Sync versions, are the first to approach the Cruce-turned-Safiri.]

Rilia-S: It's you! You're back!

Cruce Safiri: Hey! What's happened since we were gone?

Slianna-S: [She smiles brightly.] It's Safiri! Th-uhm... The one who doesn't look like herself, but is herself.

Cruce Safiri: Hah, right. The real one. Is she okay? Where's she at now?

Slianna-S: [She looks back at the rubble.] Well, while we were at her house talking to her brother, she came back. We were so happy to see her again, but she was in a hurry. She wanted to find you... She left with this odd-looking book.

Cruce Safiri: (Odd book? Wait, isn't she under the control of Darkness? What's going on with her?) I was told she was at the Ancient Growth. But she came back while we were gone? ...Guys, I don't think she told you the whole story.

Rilia-S: Huh? Why wouldn't she?

Cruce Safiri: If she wanted me to get back to her, she would've gone to that icy tower, right?

Slianna-S: Right? But we saw it sink into the ground. It was incredible. It just disappeared like nothing ever happened.

Cruce Safiri: We got through the Tower and Danielle took it back... See, it wouldn't make sense for Safiri to wait there. It kind of doesn't exist anymore...

Slianna-S: Then she's... Wh-what's... gotten into her?

Rilia-S: She barely said a word to us...

Cruce Safiri: I'm sorry to say this, but she's being controlled. She has what Daniel called a Dark Mark.

Rilia-S: [Covers her mouth with both paws.] ...

Slianna-S: This is... [She frowns deeply.] So bad, Cruce... How do we get her back?

Cruce Safiri: Idi said it's possible. I just need to bring her back... I was also told I need to go alone, or else they will eliminate her.

Rilia-S: Mmmph, no fair at all! I wanted to finally help my best friend, and this horrible new Darkness has to cheat like that?!

Cruce Safiri: I know, right?! That's exactly what I said!

Slianna-S: Poor girl... First we Eclipses suffer through the loss of the Connection, and now this... It's all going downhill.

Cruce Safiri: I know what you mean... First I come to this universe without a clue as to who I am, then I lose my powers and end up having to do the bidding of Darkness more than once... But if I have to go to save Safiri alone, I will. She's a friend. She's your friend. She's the Eclipse. She's just important in more ways than I know. And she has the Crossblade... This is personal for sure...

Slianna-S: Abso-truly... Cruce, I don't want to tell you what to do, but do get her back. Please. We miss her. We all need her.

Cruce Safiri: I'm going to. If I don't make it out of there alive, the Phaze Guardians and Daniel are waiting to make sure Safiri does, no matter what.


(And that was that. Two of this girl's closest friends sitting by and waiting as some powerless effigy of that friend goes to save her with no one to help. Because no one else could help. I let Darkness play me into this entire mess, and God help me, I wasn't about to let it happen a second time... But really, I had no say in that... As stressed the hell out as I was, I couldn't help but wonder what was happening on the other side. The other Safiri and Cruce. And the supposed "Pokémon" world, which I was beginning to question the existence of. Well, Riolu and Glace were proof of it. Besides, the only things I should be questioning are a presumptuous scorpion demon and... myself... And the "book" Safiri had. Something about the book is bugging me.)


-Ancient Growth Forest-


[Rush, and Amen are at the mouth of the great Ancient Growth. Cruce has just arrived, guided by Daniel. The sun is setting, rays of gold slicing through the canopy.]

Daniel: I'm back with the lady of the hour. Dash and Glace are at the lab now.

Amen: Good. [He kneels to Cruce's level.] How do you feel?

Cruce Safiri: Mmrg... [Looks away from him, expression fraught with terror.] I'm scared out of my mind.

Amen: I understand. Try to remember what is at stake here...

Cruce Safiri: Believe me, I haven't forgotten. [Returns her attention to him.] She's the only reason I'm really doing this. If I had to come alone here just to get answers, I don't think I could. That's a bonus.

Rush: Every bit of me wants to get in there and cause a scene... How could they do this to her? She isn't from their universe...

Daniel: Bunch'a dicks.

Amen: ...Yes... Well, for the sake of Safiri, we have to let Cruce do this on his own.

Cruce Safiri: ...I'm going to get this over with.

Amen: [He stands, moving to the side.]

Daniel: Hey, hey... [Walks before Cruce...] ...Try to make it out of there with both you and Safiri in one piece if you can.

Rush: [Raises an eyebrow.] Not even sure if he can save Safiri just yet, but if you can, by all means...

Daniel: If Brother was going into this, he'd wipe everyone out. He's got a love for the Eclipses like no other.

Amen: He would defend them to the death. And he does not die easy. To hear that he had... mm... [Shakes his head and rises.] Be careful, Cruce. Good luck...

(And I was off; taking up the occupation of this dead diehard I've been hearing so much about. If you looked at my resume, you'd see I wasn't the person for the job. But here I was, feeling frail as ever, about to have a goddamn samba with Death. Call it a hunch, but something told me I my short journey on Safa was coming to an end. And I didn't even snag a souvenir... Then again, if I make it out of this alive, I can return home as one. Safiri...)

-Growth of Oaths-

[A dreary gloom similar to that upon the Aphotic Pinnacle has engrossed the inner walls of the tree. The scent of this gray fog is pungent and sickening, as it was intended to be for any who entered unwelcome. The interior of the tree has blackened as though burnt, purplish fungi now grows from its walls, emitting a kind of spore which lights the fog.]

Cruce Safiri: [Coughs, shaking her head and closing her eyes.] Gck--!! Ah! (This wasn't here! What is this?! How come my eyes feel like they're bleeding? Is it because they are?! This stuff is horrible... Smells like... liquid dust and gasoline.) [Trying to hold her breath fails, as her taste buds pick up the sickly scent.] E-egh, I bet this wouldn't be so bad if... I didn't have the nose of a hound...

[Unsure where to go, Cruce looks for any way up... Ten minutes are spent trudging through this gaseous gloom.]

Cruce Safiri: [Takes a moment to sit down, coughing.] Hrk... I-I'm getting nowhere... I came alone! What else do I have to do? Do I really have to climb the whole Ancient Growth on my own!?

???: That won't be necessary.

Cruce Safiri: [She stands, looking to the direction of the voice. It is ambiguous, as the fog appears to distort sound waves as well.] Hello?! Someone around?!

???: You are Cruce?

Cruce Safiri: Yeah I'm Cruce. Don't mind the body. I'm just borrowing it... [Rolls her eyes.] Where are you?!

???: [As a flash, he is behind Cruce.] Present.

Cruce Safiri: [Yelps, almost falling as she spins around. She takes note of the dark stranger. He is small, about as tall as Cruce. He stands on two legs, possessing no hair. Rather, his reptilian prongs take place of that, giving his head a dragonlike appearance. His eyes are gold, while the majority of his body is pitch black. He holds a single tonfa.] You again... I remember you. You jumped us in the forest.

???: Us? You said you were alone...

Cruce Safiri: Which I am.

Euwer: I am Euwer. Nightmare Alpha. I've come to take you to Xulfur.

Cruce Safiri: ...You're... like Glace...

Euwer: Glace has been reduced to an Imp. Come with me.

Cruce Safiri: [She backs away.] What?! Wait! Glace is--?!

Euwer: Gone. She has been punished. Come with me or I will leave without you.

Cruce Safiri: Fine... [Looks away as the strange creature conjures a dark corridor, motioning for Cruce to follow. She is the second to enter this corridor...]

-Oath Apex-

(Finally... I was so close to learning why all of this was happening. Well, not all of it. I still had a long way to go until I could figure myself out. But I had a lot of short-term problems I wanted to get off of my chest... Erm... this chest. I didn't expect that I would get a chauffeur to the top of the Ancient Growth. But that didn't make me any less nervous. That only made sure there was no room for escape. I think it was one of the Phaze Guardians who said it: "There's no turning back".)

[The former sanctuary of the Ancient Fairies has been changed into an outpost for Darkness; a headquarters. Varying Nightmares wander about, preparing before leaping into dark corridors, presumably for certain missions. The mist was not any less overbearing here, although visibility was clearer. Before the stairway leading to the small Oron Mo pond, a different corridor rises into being. From it comes Euwer, then Cruce...]

Cruce Safiri: [Cannot help but look out at the converted surroundings...] (This hurts to see... Are they my feelings? Or are they Safiri's? ...This is the Ancient Growth, and this is what's being used for. It would bother me no matter what... Unless I was a Nightmare.) [Sighs deeply...]

Euwer: Come. No stalling. [He starts on ahead, ascending the shrine.]

Cruce Safiri: [Without a word, she follows...] (What's going to happen...? Million dollar question... I do want answers, but it's kinda scary because... This Xulfur guy... Sure, he works with Darkness. He's big and powerful. I get it. But this goes beyond his realm. Literally. And he just knows this stuff? He knows things in another universe? The more I crave answers, the less I feel comfortable with really getting to know what Darkness knows...)


[Euwer and Cruce arrives. The Nightmare Alpha stands to the side, attentive. Cruce looks forth to see the Scorpius giant standing at the far end of the shrine, towering over the pond with the spiny Oron Mo sigil within. Flying at his side is a sadly familiar face. Safiri. The Eclipse. Forced to serve Darkness due to a sorcerer's trick... She holds her variation of the Crossblade.]

Xulfur: [Standing with his hands behind his back, scorpion tail over his head; such a strange incarnation of man and insect.] At last... The Crossblade wielder from afar.

Cruce Safiri: ...Well Xulfur. You have me in your clutches... Care to explain some things I'd like to know? Like why... just why? Why are you here?

Xulfur: I... am to become the Eclipse of Safa.

Cruce Safiri: ...Come again?

Xulfur: I think you heard me well, Cruce... Let's start from an earlier point... [He looks to Safiri.] Safiri has been given a Sanction of the Void. She is ours now, for as long as her corrupter may approximate her mana energies well. Safiri is under the command of Darkness. As such, she will do as we request of her without question. It is a very costly form of magic, serving a purpose for which some conversions cannot. It is impossible to recreate an Eclipse, or any truly powerful being as such, as a Nightmare. On top of that, this phenomena between you and her has granted Safiri the ability to use a Crossblade.

Cruce Safiri: ...So what does this have to do with you becoming an Eclipse?

Xulfur: The Eclipse... You see... [Having hidden an archaic book behind his back, he brings it forth, holding it in one hand. Upon the cover, the Oron Mo is etched.] The Script of Ecliptic Origin is everything to an Eclipse of the corresponding planet. It is history. The history of such mystical forces known to Darkness and Light as Ecliptic.

Cruce Safiri: The book... That was the book Safiri had... Wait a minute... That symbol.


"I know I made this. It's called the Oron Mo. The Growths aren't the only place it's located... I'm... not allowed to say where else it is."


Cruce Safiri: I remember it. Hell, this voice said it! Safiri said that the Oron Mo was located elsewhere in the world. Aside from the other Growths, I guess... That book...

Xulfur: Yes. This Script is the other half of the Oron Mo. I hold within my hand the most powerful object on this planet, Cruce. I hold the power to control history; to change the world to my liking... I can change the rules. Everything. Such specifics. I can swap locations of Ancient Growths. I can change how the Ecliptic Pull affects offworlders. I can change how long a Safan lives... I hold the power of a god.

Cruce Safiri: The Eclipses... they're gods...

Xulfur: Of their own worlds, yes. Their power exceeds even the Ruinous given the correct circumstances... [He smiles at Cruce.]

Cruce Safiri: (Ruinous...?) You don't think you'll just become an Eclipse so easily, right? Th-there's gotta be a catch!

Xulfur: There is. The Connection. The most bothersome, naggy thing about an Eclipse is that Connection. Such a bond he or she shares with you, Cruce... The Connection is able to ward Darkness from the Scripts, among other Ecliptic sources... While that Connection exists in the universe I come from, it seems to be flickering out of form here. You are weakening, Crossblade wielder.

Cruce Safiri: ...I'm not the... ... [Does not finish the thought.]

Xulfur: ...Since there is little to no Connection, I have found it possible to come to the Ancient Growth and gradually infect it... with purity. It houses Darkness. And I have absorbed its energies. Ecliptic, of course. Why, only Danielle knows how to harness a Growth's alternate energies... You understand now, that I can hold this almighty Script without any intervention from Ecliptic forces? That Darkness may corrupt Safiri, an Eclipse, with little trouble? That I can come here with the greatest ease and take what I need? It's almost too convenient. It's because of the Connection, or lack there of, rather. It's just not there. The Eclipses are not protected. And now, Safiri can dethrone herself as an Eclipse, and pass it on to another...

Cruce Safiri: ...But... Rilia and Slianna... They're Eclipses too.

Xulfur: Rilia and Slianna of this Safa... Mmm, you are correct. So they are Eclipses. Your point being? There is no Connection. I may remove them from their status as I please.

Cruce Safiri: It can't just be that easy. It can't. How were Eclipses ever supposed to live in peace if this could just happen in a heartbeat? What kind of world is this?

Xulfur: You should know, Connector. You have not been doing a very fine job of protecting them... Look... Even your Crossblade has abandoned you.

Cruce Safiri: It--it... it... has... But listen a sec, I'm not the Connector! I'm not from here! Not from your universe, this universe, no universe, I don't ******** remember anything!

Xulfur: [Drops both arms to his sides, glaring at Cruce...] So how can you assume anything...? You almost accepted the identity of "Anti-Cruce"...

Cruce Safiri: ...[Shakes her head and shuts her eyes tightly.] Mmf... What about the Crossblade...? Why did you turn me into this? This form of Safiri? Why...?

Xulfur: [He keeps his hand upon his chin, as if thinking.] ...Your current Safan form... While we have you trapped in such a form, I did not change you..

Cruce Safiri: Bull! You told me...


"Hmhmhm, I know everything about your Safan form, Cruce..."


Cruce Safiri: You messed with me in some way! I know it! Darkness... treated it like they turned me into this... Like you did!

Xulfur: Idiot. I am not the Eclipse yet. How could I turn you into another Safiri?! I do not waste my time with petty spells like that. That is not my aim.

Cruce Safiri: Then what?! Why'd you say you know my Safan... body?

Xulfur: This started with you and Safiri. You had the Crossblade... She does too. See? ...Cruce... Wake up... We know that your Crossblade can be used to travel between universe if the Oron Mo is involved. I control this Ancient Growth. I control part of half of the Oron Mo; the code of Safa. It has told me many things about those who traveled through it. You were included. You and your Crossblade. I did not changed you, Cruce. I predicted your change.

Cruce Safiri: ...Then... what did...?

Xulfur: ...There are penalties for traveling between dimensions. As granted to us from the Overlord of Misery, Darkness may utilize corridors. Dark corridors are available for use once we have familiarized ourselves with a setting. It is applicable almost anywhere. Even beyond our dimension... As for the penalty, It seems to drain our power. It is temporary. With you and Safiri, the Crossblade is used... Well... Safiri is the Eclipse. She may use the Oron Mo in any way. This includes traveling between realms. She is capable of such a talent without the Crossblade. In her previous state--that is, without the Sanction of the Void--she did not know. How could she? With Darkness, this potential has been unlocked. But you have used the Crossblade one time too many to step over the threshold... Remember... You came to this world, Blade in hand, and I greeted you. I forced you to leave. The moment you sheathed your Blade into its spiritual holster, it cursed you. It could not take the strain. It remembered the Oron Mo. It remembered Safiri. It became Safiri. Cruce, you are the Spirit Cross. Your Spirit Cross is Safiri... For the time being, you are Safiri. All to prevent you from traveling through the gateways... Pity, no? Even the Connector isn't allowed to save the Eclipses.

Cruce Safiri: [Mouth agape, she looks down to her paws.] (God, what...? How does he...? I'm... no, the Spirit Cross took on Safiri's form? I can't even use it. Because I am it... But... Why does he... keep calling me the Connector? I'm not... A-am I? I thought the Believer...) ... Wh-... [Raises her head.]

Xulfur: ...It is true... We are keeping you in that form... You are helpless like this. As long as our Safiri does not use the Crossblade to travel across realms, you will be stuck here. Like this. You can no longer get in our way. While we may have failed to eliminate the forces of Light here, we have kept them distracted. It is too late.

Cruce Safiri: ...Maybe I can't... do anything... but the other Cruce...

Xulfur: Save your breath. The Ecliptic properties of a world render his Crossblade useless. He is trapped in his own world.

Cruce Safiri: ...So it's pretty hopeless... [Hangs her head low once more...] Alright, I can only think of one more question... [Lifts her head.] How did you get here?

Xulfur: Mm? [Raises an eyebrow.]

Cruce Safiri: Oathville, or something. That was where I first saw you. You had no way of knowing about the pathways between these worlds. No way of getting their with one of those dark corridors you're talking about. Because you didn't know where you were, right?!

Xulfur: ... [A malevolent smirk crosses his face.] ...

Cruce Safrii: ...You're not going to tell me then...

Xulfur: I have told you all you need to know. Be grateful. Were you any more powerful, I would eradicate you by myself. Right here... Right now. I am letting you go, Connector... But before you do take your leave, you shall be the witness to my crowning. My ceremony...

Cruce Safiri: [She whispers...] I'm not the Connector... This isn't the Safa I remember... Safiri's Connector is dead.

Euwer: [He gives Cruce a suspicious look, raising an eyebrow. He keeps quiet.]

Xulfur: Safiri! Come! Take your Script.

[The book floats from Xulfur's grasp, moving in front of Safiri as she forces her Crossblade away. The worn Script opens to a blank page... There is an eerie blackness emanating from the crevices of the book's pages.]

Cruce Safiri: ...(So many girls I just can't save... Glace... Safiri... Nuvlora... Mm, at least Nuvlora has a second chance... I hope Dash makes it out of here... Do I really have to watch this? Would a Connector stand for it?)

Xulfur: Now! Find the Ancient Inscription... The Oron Mo's creator. You.

[Without any physical contact, pages turn. The Script of Ecliptic Origin glows as it makes contact with Safiri's mind and spirit. The last page falls, leaving Safiri at the beginning of the book. To many eyes, the scripture is written in a lost language...]

"The Dusk and Dawn shall be granted to Taira; as Taira will be the Dusk and Dawn of Oron: Ecliptic One, to be reincarnated with perpetual tenacity. And Taira will be an Oronian, as commanded by the Mo."

Cruce Safiri: (Is this something that has really gone unchanged for thousands and thousands of years? Millions? ...This Darkness walks in and just messes it up like nothing ever was here.)

Xulfur: Eclipse... I am Xulfur Zcry, the Worldshaker; the Student of Vesse. Zcry is the Dusk and Dawn of Safa. I will forever be reincarnated as Xulfur Zcry. I will be a Scorpius.

[These words are written in place of the previous text. Safiri inscribes what she hears into the Script, runes glowing as they are placed via spiritual link of sorts...]

Xulfur: [An astral aura flows into him from the Script. The Oron Mos brighten, energies flowing from them to Xulfur... Ultimately, these energies begin to flow from Safiri. The Script falls.] Yes...! Yes!

Cruce Safiri: (It... just can't be as simple as that! R-right...? ******** it, who am I kidding? I don't know anything here...)

Safiri: [She falls to her feet, then knees... Her body is weakening at an incredible pace.]

Xulfur: [The phantasmal energies flow around Xulfur, illuminating his body with a dark green, blending into black as it enters his body. He raises his arms. The Script of Ecliptic Origin follows his command, floating over him.] Yes!! Aaaahahahahaha! The world is mine! All mine! [He lowers his arms, staring at the phosphorescence of his palms.] Perfection... Is ours... It belongs to Darkness. [He brings a palm over the Script. Pages turn as if blown by the wind...] The time to create a proper canvas for Darkness is now! Safa is our domain! Gwahahaha! May the Ecliptic Pull consume Light and spare Darkness! May the world shadow over with despair! May the skies rain Nightmares! The innocent Safans who walk about our land will fall to Tartarus!

[A thunderous roar is heard outside the tree...]


[Within the forest, at the mouth of the tree...]

Rush: [Leaning against a much smaller tree of the forest... He pushes himself off, alert at the booming sound from high above.] Hm?!

Amen: [Quickly draws his staff as the atmosphere begins to darken. The overcast wards off the blue of the sky, and the white of the high clouds. The dark is coming.]

Daniel: [Grits his teeth.] That's no good...

Rush: [Before he could activate his beam sword, he drops to one knee, eyes wide with strain.] Nsgh... D-dad, that weight... Something bad just went down way up there.

Amen: The Ecliptic Pull has returned... I feel it. It is stronger than ever.

Daniel: Gah, what the hell happened in there?!

[Before they can take in the rapidly deteriorating environment of the Ancient Growth Forest, a typhoon of Nightmares storms by. From the trees come Safan Nightmares. From pools of black come Imps. From the tree come Scorpius Nightmares. Chaos ensues as the world begins to fall apart, leaving the three protagonists back to back to back within seconds.]

Rush: [Facing away from the tree, while his father faces into it. His red blade is now activated, seemingly shooting from his wrist.] Something tells me Cruce didn't make it...

Daniel: What makes you say that?! [He faces into the forest.]

Amen: This is futile. We cannot fight under the strain of the Ecliptic Pull! We must return to Oathville!

Daniel: Leave it to me, Guardians! [This variation of dark corridor is a bit taller than usual. It is deep blue and black, engulfing all three of them within a couple seconds flat before sinking into the ground...]


[Within the Ancient Growth...]

[The world shakes. The world's Light is evaporating...]

Cruce: [Having had trouble with his footing, he attempts to stand, succeeding after a couple tries. He shakes his head, freeing himself of the dizziness.] Rrgh! [He notices the fur on his legs. Looking back, he sees that his fur has blackened. The renewed Ecliptic Pull has transformed him into his true Safan form. He no longer takes on the shape of Safiri. Rather, Safiri...]

Safiri: [Nearly unconscious from the amount of energy absorbed from her. Her appearance has been altered. She has been restored to her regular form... She is free of the Sanction of the Void.] Mm...?

Cruce: Huh?! [He glances at Xulfur, who is distracted with the Script of Ecliptic Origin. A black electricity sparks violently from the book as it floats in the air, Xulfur's arms outstretched as if worshiping it. Cruce then looks at Safiri, who he sees is back to normal.]

Safiri: [Although weak, her eyes shoot wide open at the occurrences. The world is trembling. She is as Cruce was in her form. Powerless. With one exception...]

Cruce: Safiri!! [Before he can approach her, he is rammed back to his side.] Nnrgh!! Ack! [Mere inches from the edge of the shrine, he quickly recovers, finding that the assailant is Euwer. He holds his tonfa backhand, ready to strike.]

Safiri: [She stands with difficulty, legs shaking among the already tremulous planet.] Cruce...?!

Cruce: [He grimaces at the sight of his reptilian foe, trying his best to conjure the Blade.] (I-it's no use, the Spirit Cross won't come to me. It's still defective... S-Safiri! Is she...?) Safiri!! The Crossblade!!

Euwer: !! [He turns quickly, watching Safiri.]

Safiri: [With her remaining strength and abilities, she lifts her head, pulsing light coming together to form a floral Crossblade, black prongs lined with a neon green; handle spiraling with vines and petals save the area near her mouth; bottom end of the Blade shaped like a rose.]

Cruce: [He watches with his mouth wide open.] !! (She's... back...?) S-Saf, the Oron Mo! Use your Crossblade! We have to go! NOW!

Euwer: [Having none of this, he hurls his tonfa at Safiri.]

Safiri: [Still in control of her incredible speed, she swerves around the tonfa faster than the eye can follow. However, the weapon acts as a boomerang, returning to strike from behind. At its horizontal arch, Cruce tackles into Euwer from behind, causing him to lower his guard. Safiri strikes the Oron Mo, no less than a foot from the absorbed Xulfur. The spear-edge of her Blade penetrates the submerged soil. The code of Safa brightens once more as Cruce moves ahead of Safiri, taking the tonfa's blow to the side. Surprisingly, the small weapon packs an enormous punch. It blows him off of his feet just as Safiri opens the portal to the alternate world.]

Cruce: [He crawls his way to the glistening portal, only lasting a second... He and Safiri are gone, although he has sustained an injury. He was about to lose a much greater one in the long run.]

Euwer: Master Xulfur!!

Xulfur: [Scowling, he appears to be trapped within the Script's bindings... He forces himself to break free...] ...S-so much... power... Within these... [Breathing heavily, the world continues to tremble around him.] What?! Euwer!!

Euwer: Master, they escaped!

Xulfur: What?! Damn you, Euwer!! Damn it all!! [He steps into the tiny pond, slamming his palm into the water...] They cannot escape me!


[Back at Oathville, the grass is blackening. The sky is falling. The world is ending. Amen, Rush, and Daniel have returned with the use of a dark corridor. Each of them are gathering the villagers.]]


Rilia-S: [Standing near the town's larger statue with Slianna by her side. She is yelling.] Daniel, no!! Safiri and Cruce are still out there!

Daniel: You think I don't know that?! It's too late for them! We can't go back now! We'll all be screwed if we don't get out of here now!

Rilia-S: But--

Slianna-S: He's right, Rilia! Safiri would want us to escape! I know we'll see her again!! She and Cruce will find a way!

Kewen: [Previously seen as the gray fox Safan from the futuregrounds.] Where are we going?!

Daniel: [A huge gathering of Safans is grouped around him.] Somewhere you won't want to be for long... There's no time left! We've gotta go! The Guardians will get the others! Brace yourselves, this'll get bumpy!! [Rather than a dark corridor, the ground goes black, as if a large Nightmare was about to surface. Instead, the gathering of Safans sinks into this liquid wormhole...]


Rush: Huh?! [He is at the center of another massive group. The Ancient Growth Fairies: Naera, Elivri, and Garnet are there, along with a futuregrounds version of Slianna (who has had the laboratory passed down to her). Rainbow Dash is here as well.] What about Glace?!

Rainbow Dash: I don't know what happened to her! She was taken away! I tried to help her!

Rush: W-we have no more time to spare for her! I hate to say that, but we have to haul it!

Elivri: I... just can't believe this... [She covers her face, unwilling to watch her home suffer.]

Naera: [She places a hand on her sister's back...]

Garnet: [Does the same, from the other side.] Eli...

Slianna-S-F: [Of the futuregrounds. She is about a foot longer in length, with small glasses and a shorter hairstyle. Her body color is a darker, more mature green, with more frequent patterns.] Never... Never would I have thought I'd wake up one day to this.

Rush: Hang on tight, everyone! We're going up! [Raising an illuminated fist into the air, he shouts a phrase.] Atma Me'ihm! [The Safans around Rush brighten into a small orb, gathering inward before shooting up to the sky, a streak of photons following behind. This spell is very similar to that used by the Ancient Fairies to ascend to the Oath Apex...]

[Amen follows suit. Shouting the command to rise to the sky, he and his group of Safans escape damnation. He curses himself, however. Lavender, Riolu, Rilia, and Slianna of the other Safa were nowhere to be seen.]


[Back at the Oath Apex, Xulfur is preparing to give chase after Safiri and Cruce. His palm brightens, as does the Oron Mo.]

Xulfur: None can escape my reach! [Using the Oron Mo as a pathway between linked realms, his body flashes white...]
("Oh... Hello again, Eclipse... I see you're trying to run, run, run across the starry subspace. I failed to delete you the previous attempt... Mmm? Hold on one moment... You are not Safiri... You are the Eclipse of Safa. But you are not her... You are Darkness. Xulfur. The Student of Vesse... Well, well, well. Ruinator of Safa... You know of my voice. That is already too much. Through this symbol, I will end your existence. Farewell, dark Scorpius. I will honor your Ruinous, and leave her behind. Vesse, try not to be stupid, okay? Okay. Good..." wink


[A scream of agony from Xulfur...]


[He is encompassed in a swirling vortex of black and red... Moments pass... he is gone. The world freezes. Blackness which has engulfed the skies begins to tear apart. The facade of Darkness vaporizes into bits of matter before being reduced to dust. This does not reveal a blue sky, nor does it show the lively green of the world. Everything has become gray. Safa is colorless and dead. Frozen. Empty. Lackluster and devoid of an Eclipse...]

Euwer: Master Xulfur... [He scans around the former village of the Ancient Fairies, still standing atop the shrine. There are no Nightmares remaining. They had been expelled.] ...I have been left behind... Is Xulfur... gone?

...: [A dark, chilling female voice.] Everything is... It leaves me no choice, Euwer... [The empyreal source of this voice approaches Euwer from behind...]


[The Script of Ecliptic Origin has been left open. Its pages turn. There are still inscriptions...]