A Kanchi Tale:
As I woke to a bright new day I find afew things in my garden. Avast amounts of goodies are abound in my garden. What riches I found as I travel about Gaia. I saw Avies that look lost & some were comepleately clueless & yet others were just lost w/o their Deus's telling them what to do. I feel that these lost Avies needed help but I couldn't even been able to talk to them for they knew nothing. I made my way to each of my friends as I greeted them w/ a kiss & a hug.. some Glomped me as they always do. This is just how my day was before my Deus showed up @ all.

I spied Alykia sitting in her usual spot under the old TumTum tree. She was reading a huge stack of books of all sorts. I go up & ask her "What are you reading all of those for?" "Oh this is for my classes that I'm taking!"said Alykia.