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In the life of a Mimsy
This journal is about how my life is going, and how I feel at the moment. If something in this journal describes you then you're probably doing something to make me write you in it. Just another why to get my views out there.
To the breaking point..
scream scream scream scream scream UGH!!! I am just so f*ckin tired of the people in my house. Every time I get mad everyone acts like it's an illegal act and that I shouldn't be mad. But if they get mad for the same reason, then that ish is ay-oh-kay. NOT! evil evil Now what brought on this anger you ask? My mother. Now I have my own room. And this is the first time that I have had my own room. So like many people when I go in my room I close the door and I lock it. My mom does the same whenever she goes into her room. Now I lock the door whenever I come into the room because I do not appreciate people barging into my room. And I also lock to keep the people who are currently making mad away from me. But my mom apparently doesn't like when I lock my door because she hates when I get mad. And Just so you know she locks the door to her room when she gets mad. Changing the subject a little bit....today My mother, sister, and I were in the living room watching tv. My mom asked me to fold clothes. Seeing that I am the person in the house that actually cleans, I had no problem doing what she asked. SO after watching tv for about 20 mins my mom asks me to sit down and fold the clothes. Well I thought to myself that I would just take a break and go watch some tv in my own room. So I go in the room and close the door and lock it like normal. I turn on the tv and get on the computer. She comes along knocking on the door. And because I dont answer right away she goes to get a butter knife to break into my room. I open the door and she bust in yelling at me because she thinks that I am mad when I'm not. She says that she is tired of me going in my room well I get mad and locking the door. I tell her that I'm not mad but she doesn't care. I attempted to explain to this woman that I lock to door to be alone, get some peace, but she doesn't care so she continues to take the lock off the door. I dont personally care I just want her to leave me alone. My mom enjoys making me mad and when I walk away to get away from her and collect my thought she follows me just to make things worse. So after she takes my lock off the door I ask her how come you can o in your room and lock the door, its okay but when I do it that its a crime. She says it's her house and she can do whatever she wants. Last time I check I was an adult so give me some DAMN space!!!!!!!! scream scream scream scream scream After all the arguing she tells me to finish folding all the clothes I was like fine but I will finish folding in my room. Evidently that's a crime too....I didn't care what she said so I took the clothes and I folded them. She said I didn't finished seeing how she just pulled out clothes from the dryer out of no where. I just went back into my room because now I am mad. I close the door and put a basket of clothes up against the door as an attempt to show that visitors were not wanted. No one seemed to get that memo as my sister barged in my room first saying how stupid it was and then to ask as to where her food stamp card was. I told her I did not know and where I had put it last. Now this is where things got worse. She demanded I get up and find it. Last time she demanded something I kicked her a**. She might have a kid but that does not mean that you are my mother and demanding gets you nothing. I repeating told stupid a** that I did not know where her card was, but she kept demanding. I looked at her like she was crazy because she was acting like she was. I just continued what I was doing which was nothing and a whole heap of it. Then mother barges in...hasn't anyone gotten the memo that visitors are not wanted. She says I need to help. So I get up annoyed and begin looking for the card. I search the house and I find nothing. So I go in my room to look thinking maybe Jaliyah Might have put it somewhere. Then Sameria comes to the door of my room demanding that I find the card now since I asked for it last night even though I told her dumb tail where I put it and that I don't know where it is at. She keeps asking and demanding and I get irritated and exclaim that I don't know where the card is. She begins yelling at me like she wants me to smack her across the face with a chair or stab her. As you can tell I am getting very mad during this as my thoughts of violence is getting more extreme. She then proceeds through the house yelling about how I am spoiled and how I shouldn't be mad among other things. At this point I had just decided to ignore her as always. I had begun gathering all my clothes and belongings into a couple of baskets and a book bag. But as I get everything together I notice that my mother has taken the keys to my car. This s**t gets on my nerves. She has no right to take my keys and she says to get out the house and that she hopes that I never come back but your a** takes my keys so I can't leave. DA ********. Trust me I would have left if she hadn't taken my keys. So I ask Matthew to ask Lindsay if she will take me to my grandparents house and she does. Long story short my grandmother helped none saying that Oh your period is just about to come on...and I don't why you're acting like this you and your mother always argue.....I wanted to slap her too. I spent the night there. I expected them to help me but she just pushed me back down here because it's such a problem having up at her house because she not used to having to care for someone....I didn't ask to be taken care of just a place to stay till next week when I can move in to my dorm. It has been a very long day. I am still annoyed. The only person who understands is Matthew. And to believe all this was started over give Sameria my dresser when there was one she had in the closet of my room knowing full well that there is no way that I would be able to take all my clothes with me to campus so I would have no where to put my clothes. And I am wrong for getting mad. Every one is telling me to only live on campus for this year then come back home but constantly saying that everyone is taking my stuff and room when I leave is not making me want to come back with none of my stuff to come back too. a** holes they are!!! I would rather put myself in debt than come back to nothing.

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