My love for thee does so shine bright,
A sapphire ring, like stars in heights
Adorns my finger, a pleasant vow
Now lend thy hand, kiss my brow

Decades passed, Love to seek
was not seen, amongst the meek
A company of well know faces
was not intended to be the first places
That I would find thee, love

Suffering and misery split us apart
This cosmic fate, our sorrowed parts
My heart and mind consigned to void
Your thoughts and feelings, you tend to avoid

My Love and Will rip past the walls
Eyes and mind hath made the calls
Your surprise and shock a mark of times
So convinced I would become like signs
Something read once and nevermore

Through careful thought and hearts pending
I have stirred our slow mending
To recapture love lost and glory due
or to make a love so very new

Time, our ally or our foe?
Let the present not be woe
To wait, I will do this favor
Maybe later, we'll not waver
Just have faith, you'll regain what was had.