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Thoughts Anyone
Just nonsensicle rants that I produce when bored. I know you don't read it anyway, so why bother?
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And Onward! to defeat that Lame-o BRENDAN! M'kay so I go north again and start to grind a bit on Wurmples, Zigzagoons and Poochyena. Too bad I have no Pokeballs. 8/ As soon as I make it into Oldale Town, I go to the pokemon center and heal Torris, but some Lady( or is it a man?) catches my attention. I talk to her and learn about the wonders of the Pokemart and get a free potion! Sweet. What!? They have no pokeballs!! >8O

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Right, so like I promised BIRCH, I went to go beat up BRENDAN for his lunch money. It wasn't a very hard battle, in fact it was easy, but then again, if his Torchic knew ember I'd be screwed. So I won and took his lunch money. 8D Instead of being a whiny sore loser, he complimented me. Strange, I was expecting denial or something. Oh well, back to the Lab.

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Hi BIRCH! Why yes I did beat BRENDAN on my first try! Huh? Research? Me? Sure why not. Noir has found a POKEDEX! Sweet~! So this means I get to catch POKEMON!? Awesome! Oh thanks lame-oBrendan! I get five free pokeballs. I guess you aren't so bad.

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So, now that I'm set, I decide to head back North to get another Pokemon! Wait... I'm forgetting something.... Oh right, MOM! Well, I didn't need to head inside, because she was outside waiting to see if I had greeted the neighbors. Jeeze woman I was gone for hours and you barely realize I'm back? You need parenting lessons. I become wingman to Torris as he charms my mom. And yes I know he's adorable. No you can't have him Mom. OH! I don't see why I need another pair of shoes in order to run, but thanks anyways. Noir has obtained RUNNING SHOES! So then Mom tearfully (yeah right) sends me off to Petalburg to go see my Dad. Cool. Be back for Dinner!

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So, I run into a Wurmple. Cool. I sent Torris out and hoped he wouldn't kill the poor thing. It was close too. Really close....

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I nabbed her with a pokeball. ANNE has joined the party! Right, now it's time for a training montage! -insert Eye of the Tiger here-

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Well pausing the training montage, I beat the snot out of some kids Poochye-OMGWTF is that!? AHHH -tosses pokeball at it- ...A Lotad...? I shall call you Lilly! Oh hey, Anne evolved! LILLY has joined the party! Now back to the training Montage! -EYE OF THE TIGER-

Noir The Confused
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