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Thoughts Anyone
Just nonsensicle rants that I produce when bored. I know you don't read it anyway, so why bother?
As I am bored as all hell, I have decided to do a Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke.
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Well, let's start with the basics....

1. All Pokemon are to be nicknamed for emotional attachment.

2. Any Pokemon that faints is dead. DEAD. and shall be stored in the depths of my PC.

3. I can only catch the Pokemon I first encounter in that area. NO SECOND CHANCES.

4. No master ball usage.

Right! Let's do this! emotion_donotwant

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So Starting up, it's obvious that while Birch knows his Pokemon, he knows jack about people. I have boobs, oblivious one, so I'm a girl.

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Yes, Stupid, my name is Noir and I'm moving to Littleroot.

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Well... this is awkward. Why the hell am I with the furniture? Why did my parents allow this?! I'm haunting them if that s**t falls on me and kills me.

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Okay, so after my mom manhandles me into the house and promotes Pokemon slave labor, I'm sent to my room to check it out and set my clock. ********! Why the hell do I have a pink rug!? At least I have a cool orange GameCube.

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Dangit MOM! I said I don't like pink! >=/ Well, at least I got a potion from my computer.

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Wait! DAD is on TV!? I gotta see this! Hey.... Why didn't call me down sooner!? I didn't even get to see him! O great, now you want me to go meet the neighbors? I love you, but you're useless MOM.

User Image

Okay so I barge in without knocking and am told that I have a neighbor my age. Curious, I go upstairs to meet this kid, but he isn't there. Instead there's this neat Pokeball! I go to get it and then this guy makes himself known, and then proceeds to say he expected me to be a guy. I have boobs! >8/ But at least he tries to be nice and offers to help me get a pokemon, only to shoot it down because he has to help his dad. Well, onto the LAB!

User Image

So I go the LAB and he isn't here. Dangit! A bit angry I go and harass his assistant, who tells me that he's doing field work. Dang. Now I gotta go and find his a**....

User Image

Okay, since the only direction he can be is north, I go north, only to be stopped by a little girl. Apparently she hears things. I walk a bit north and hear a cry for help. XD OMGWTFLMFAO!!!! The guy's being chased by a Zigzagoon! Now he ropes me into helping him. I raid his suitcase for a pokemon to use and low and behold, there's three. Hmmm...

User ImageUser Image

I pick this one! 8D Cause gecko's are cool! Soon my first battle ensues and I take down that Zigzagoon LIKE A BAWS! Easy peasy. 8D So after being thanked I'm told to follow BIRCH to the lab.

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So you look like a Torris. And then TORRIS joined the party! Alright~! So you want me to go whoop BRENDAN's a**? Isn't he your son? Oh well if it's for practice, okay then.

Noir The Confused
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    BRENDAN won't know what hit him, Torris is a tank

    comment iChappyi · Community Member · Tue Aug 07, 2012 @ 08:12pm
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