Senju Haru
The Will of Fire
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[~Physical Info~]

Age 11

Height: 4'10

Weight: 90 lbs

Chakra Color: Orange and red fetched as of fire.

Permanent Injuries none

Voice Voice of Toshiro (Bleach)

[~Social Info~]

Rank: C

Era: Rikudou

In-Rp Relations tba


Uchiha Older Brother

Father, Rikudou Sennin


His father


my bro cuz he mah hoe

Clan History:

[~Personal Info~]

Personality: Wise, Jokes around, competitive, nice most of the time, but gets serious in important situations.

Shinobi Profession:

Note: Actually, this happens in the future.

He inherited the Sage's "body" — life force and physical energy and believed that love was the key to peace. When the Sage was on his deathbed, he selected the younger brother to carry on his dreams of peace for the ninja world. The older brother, believing he should have been chosen, fought him to try and claim what he felt he deserved. The descendants of the elder brother, who would become the Uchiha clan, would continue this fight with the younger brother's descendants, who would become the Senju clan.

Recent History: (what you've done in rp recently)


Likes: plants

Dislikes: evil people

Ideals: Save the world

Goals: He is an obedient son and will follow whatever path life directs him towards.

Religious Beliefs: there are time gods

[~Battle Info~]

Strengths: Good at close and long range.

Weaknesses plants can burn.

Primary Chakra Element: Wood

Secondary Chakra Element: Water

Tertiary Chakra Element: Earth

Primary Jutsu Type: Kekkei Genkai

Secondary Jutsu Types: Taijutsu (or closed range ninjutsu technically)

Tertiary Jutsu Types: Fuuinjutsu


Kekkei Genkai

This is the unique ability to mold the Earth and Water elements simultaneously. This allowed him to create Mokuton, the Wood release element. This elemental style allowed Senju to create and mold wood of many varied forms. This includes large entangling growths, barriers for defense and penetrating spikes. Skilled Mokuton usage allows the user to create housing structures, prisons and wooden clones. Later, he should be able to control Biju.

E: 3 (3 points)
D: 0 (0 points)
C: 1 (3 points)
B: 2 (8 points)
A: 3 (15 points)
S: 1 (6 points)
SS: 0 (0 points)
Total: 35


Body Flicker Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
A shinobi disappears and reappears a short distance away. This is accomplished by extreme speed.

Transformation Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
A shinobi transforms into another person or object.

Replacement Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
A shinobi quickly replaces themselves with a nearby object, usually a log.



Seal Invisibility
Seals placed by the user cannot be detected by the normal human eye. This is automatically in effect unless the user chooses to deactivate it.


Tree of thorns
Class: Kekkei technique
A tree with thorns growing all its body sprouts up from any earth or water source (not inside a person) and can be controlled. He can make multiple trees at once.

Control all nature(locked)
Class: Kekkei technique
Controls normal plants in the area. (this does not grow new ones). So, if he is already in a forest, he can control all the trees.


Yang: Creation of All Things
A combination technique between the sons of the sage of six paths.The Yang portion involves breathing life into forms. After receiving the image from his brother's mind, Haru can mold their chakra into that particular image and make it happen in the form of a jutsu technique or summon.Effectively their combined efforts imitate the spiritual and physical aspects of the Sage. As an individual, Haru could also use this Yang chakra to give his techniques healing properties.

Mass Wood Mausoleum
Class: Kekkei technique
a huge dome froms the size of a football field. It is made of a mass of trees which entraps an opponent within its walls. Inside, chakra is drained and cannot be molded, so it is impossible to form a technique such as rasengan to escape. You will need a powerful (A rank or higher) taijutsu to escape.

Sticky Seal
Class: Fuuinjutsu
A seal that spreads across the surface it is placed on. Anyone who touches it will have their body part that they touched it with stick to the seal by fuuinjutsu. This is performed by palm placement. The user chooses who this technique effects when he creates the seal.


Mokuton: One With the Forest Style
Class: Kekkei Technique
A technique that changes part of ones body into big trees. Using chakra, the tissues are transformed into trees at the cellular level. Then, by activating the trees, stimulating them to grow rapidly, they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches. It is possible to capture the enemy with these branches and at the same time, if one changes the ends into sharp stakes, turn them into countless, sharp, spear-like piercing weapons. It is also possible to use this technique in reverse, which allows him to make clones of himself. He can also turn parts of himself into wood for defense or to stretch his body parts making this his style for physical attacks.


Explosive Tags

Class: Weapon
Rank: A
This sword has the ability to break down into very sharp sakura petals infused with chakra that can slice through steel. The mokuton user has the ability to control these petals at will like gaara controls his sand. They will move faster if he uses his hands, though this is not necessary.