He's calm, collected. He's generally sarcastic during most initial interactions, mainly to see people's responses. If he's in a pissed off mood, he reverts into himself and avoids others as much as possible. He likes alcohol and cigarettes (not really), but that isn't a personality trait, now is it? However, it does have to do with how he interacts with people. He will take out a cigarette any time that he feels either bored with company or uncomfortable. Silence bothers him - if he is in the presence of others, he needs for them to be speaking at all times.

He doesn't usually get recognizably agitated, but he will sometimes seem that way because he can be a bit cold and calculating. He dumbs down his speech often as a way of trying to connect with people who are not from his home. Whenever he slouches, it is not out of habit but more out of an attempt to seem "normal"; as a result, he looks very lopsided and strange when he does so.

Physical Appearance
5' 3", relatively short. Lanky. He has dark hair and dresses rather formally - usually in a dress shirt, pants, and suit shoes. If he looks frazzled, it's because he had a bad day. His nose is incredibly straight and triangular-shaped, and his eyes are a bright blue. They change from green to yellow and then back to blue at times, but are generally a light shade of blue. He wears a leather mask at all times - depending on the day, it's either a mask with horns at his temples or a plain, black mask that covers around his eyes and above his nose.

Special Powers
James is actually human, but he can conjure up and control fire. Perhaps he's a witch, then. But he has no recollection of being one, and doesn't use fire for anything other than to light cigarettes and the occasional hearth. He sometimes uses it for other things, but let's not discuss that.

His Likes, Dislikes
He cannot stand eggs or meats. He prefers to eat vegetables and fruits as often as possible; it could be for the sole reason of making his c** taste delectable. He also does not like bland conversation, but most people make it and do not strike his attention in any way.

He enjoys things that smell good, like flowers and food cooking on a stove. He enjoys biting into fruits that squirt all over. He also likes to pick flowers from gardens.

James is from Isiris (ih-seer-ees), an enclosed kingdom of peculiar protocols and mannerisms. While he's extremely sarcastic, he knows better - he was raised to stand tall, walk elegantly and fluidly, and to speak appropriately to people. He misses it, a lot. So why did he leave if he misses it so?

He actually was forced to because his father was going to sell him into slavery as their family was not doing so well financially. He was wealthy according to standards of the outside world, but the price of things in Isiris was higher than anywhere else. A mere apple would cost fifty U.S. dollars.

Writer's Notes: I have not finished this yet. It is still in its first stages.

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