Bit of a battle tease here.

[The three Safans have climbed the Aphotic Tower, a structure of Danielle's design challenging the mental and physical capacities of heroes. The other four, Riolu, Cruce, Daniel, and Rainbow Dash, are in a predicament with Darkness...]

-Aphotic Tower-

[Riolu has pummeled into the last Nightmare, leaving only Glace. Daniel approaches her, ready to finish this "false" Darkness off.]

Daniel: Alright. Hit me with a spell. I dare you.

Glace: ... [She swipes her paw across his face, scratching into his cheek.]

Daniel: [Turns his head away as he is scratched.] ... ... [The claw marks are soon sealed with an icy overcoat; a "regeneration", so to speak. He returns his attention to Glace.] Wrong move.

Glace: Hmph. I'm leaving. You're wasting your time.

Cruce Safiri: And so are you.

Glace: What? [She spins around, facing Cruce.] What did you say?

Cruce Safiri: You've wasted your time with us. Why are you here, Glace?

Glace: Are you--ugh! I was told to come here. Do you really have to know everything!?

Cruce Safiri: I'd like to know as much as I can! Listen. You've been saying so much about how powerful Darkness is now. Well then why are you even here trying to stop us?! If you're so certain about the power of your lord or whatever, why do you even bother?

Glace: That's what a Nightmare does. A Nightmare fatigues the fool who gets in Naught's way...

Cruce Safiri: But you're not a Nightmare.

Riolu: ...Hmm...?

Glace: You really are stupid, aren't you...? You've got no idea what you're talking about. I'm out of here. Get your facts straight before you make yourself look like an idiot, Idiot. [She opens a dark corridor nearby.]

Cruce Safiri: [Takes a couple steps forward.] You were the one who wanted Cruce on your side.

Glace: ... [She freezes, returning her attention to who she cannot recognize as Cruce.] ...How do you know that...?

Cruce Safiri: (I... I knew it... She did... She wanted me, not Danielle.) ...I was there... No one even told you who I am. The Tower knows we're here. Darkness knows where we are and who we are. They know who I am. Who I really am. And they didn't even tell you...

Rainbow Dash: ...C-...Cruce?

Glace: Cruce? You... why? How did you... What happened?

Cruce Safiri: The Scorpian Shade did this to me. He changed me somehow.

Glace: What?! They didn't tell me that you were here! That you got turned into... wh-who?

Cruce Safiri: Safiri. The original Safiri.

Glace: ... [She looks back to the dark corridor, taking a step forth...] ... [With a quick shake of her head, she commands the vortex to vanish...] ... Yeah, Cruce... When Danielle saw you that first time, she had no idea what to think. Darkness plays everything cool, like they know what they're always doing. I got... sucked into this nonsense right after the world crashed with Safa. The other Safa. I became a Nightmare. Mewtwo called me a special Nightmare for some reason... I had to ask him what that meant... Stuff about my own conscience still being there... And in that conversation, he brought up something called the Crossblade. It's owner... You... I made everything up about the "Anti-Cruce" once I learned about the other one. He couldn't use the Crossblade, I don't think. I was the one who had the idea to pull you over to our side. I lied about Danielle. She was too dumbstruck to even understand you. But she agreed with my plan.

Cruce Safiri: You wanted me as an ally... Why?

Glace: Because you have the Crossblade, okay?! Because I knew I was a Nightmare and I hated it! I didn't want to be a Nightmare!! I'd rather be... r-rather be turned right... and the Crossblade can do that... right? T-the Safiri with you, Cruce... she had the Crossblade too. So if I had you on our side, I would get corrected by one of your Blades. Sooner or later? Right? Or I would just die.

Cruce Safiri: You were thinking with a conscience the entire time?

Glace: I wasn't! No... I was? I don't know!! Darkness indoctrinates you when you're so close! It takes over your head! I-I was so lucky not to become a mindless imp Nightmare. I'm one in a thousand... I'm so lucky... And they never needed me. Ever.

Riolu: ...Darkness knew what you were doing Glace. From what I hear, they sent you here to be eliminated by us. That is the destiny of a Nightmare. To slay or be slain, and in that process always weakening Light for greater threats.

Cruce Safiri: They didn't tell you I was Cruce because they didn't want you leaving their side and causing problems. They're probably pretty cautious with a full-willpower Nightmare around. Your dedication to this Lord of Darkness isn't strong at all...

Glace: I don't know why this happened to me... I have nothing to do with Darkness or Light. I'm just a Pokémon. That's all I am!

Riolu: You are very smart to have made it this far...

Cruce Safiri: And a pretty good actor too.

Glace: I... was at the top of my class... I-it's a long story. But it came in handy when we were scaring them... on Safa... th-the other one, you remember?

Cruce Safiri: Yeah. I do...

Glace: ...They're probably watching this now... All of them... Four Shades at the top of the tower.

Riolu: By the Light!! What?!

Daniel: What the crud?! Four?! Are you guys insane?!

Glace: Not me, them. I don't want to be a part of this anymore. Darkness worked most efficiently by splitting apart and terrorizing the worlds they knew most. Separate. Whole, but not united. This is something else Mewtwo told me.

Riolu: He is correct... That is the way of Darkness. They would never come to assault one world at a time with their entire force.

Glace: But ever since the collision of these worlds, they've swapped tactics. They want to be unpredictable. And that's why they think they know what they're doing...

Riolu: Foolish, yet what can they do? There might be hundreds of thousands of new worlds we do not know. Darkness cannot be everywhere any longer. They are waging an all out war against Light: drawing us here so that we may do battle. So that we may wither away slowly. Unusual...

Glace: ...And four hyper powerful Shades are waiting for you. There's Danielle. There's one named Lea, another named Ginsengaar, and the scariest one is named Idi... I can... take you out of the Tower, if you want. I can still use the corridors.

Daniel: ... (Good Overlord of Misery... Lea, Gin, Idi...) [He takes a deep breath.] ... We can take them...

Rainbow Dash: Are you sure? This is a lot scarier than I thought it would be.

Cruce Safiri: What are you planning?

Daniel: When the family of Darkness is together, our bond is invincible. We can't be beaten. I'll call my brothers and my sister. I just hope Naught will allow it.

Riolu: I hope the Tower will allow it. It would be a godsend to have new allies after running through a Tower... And... I cannot leave Lavender. She is a Guardian. We are all one.

Cruce Safiri: Rilia and Slianna came here with me... I promised I'd get them, Lavender, and Nuvlora back home safely. And after I'm done with them... [She looks to Rainbow Dash.] It might be your turn.

Rainbow Dash: ...! You'd help me?

Cruce Safiri: It'd be the right thing to do. I might run into some answers about myself too.

Glace: I'll join you if I make it out of here alive. Friends and family are worried about me, and while Safa is close to my home world, I'd like to return to them if I could.

Cruce Safiri: We've all got places to be, things to do, people to see... So if we can break through here, we're a step closer to a lot of things.

Riolu: Yes. It is no longer Light alone battling Darkness. We are many, and we will grow in numbers so long as Darkness is nondiscriminatory in who it afflicts here. Glace, was it? Could you take us from the puzzle chambers?

Glace: You want to go all the way up, right?

Riolu: Yes. There, we will wait for our other comrades.

Glace: ...I think they're actually waiting for you. Last I heard, they made it through one of the last chambers just before I came here.

Riolu: Hmhm, those three make a great team. Very well! Let's hurry to them.

Glace: [She stands aside, allowing the other into her dark corridor, which has had its destination switched.] Step through one at a time.

[Riolu, Daniel, and Rainbow Dash walk through the portal in that order, leaving Cruce as the last one of the original group to do so.]

Cruce Safiri: [Turns to Glace just before stepping through.] Glace...

Glace: I... can't believe Riolu trusted me... You all trusted me...

Cruce Safiri: You fought with no resolve in that battle. I think a Phaze Guardian can tell that much and what it means. You know, when we get through this, I would love to try and help you return to your most natural form. If I can.

Glace: You're so forgiving...

Cruce Safiri: Yeah, well don't count on that if you try to kill me or somethin'.

Glace: [She smiles.] ...I never wanted to hurt you... Even if I kicked you around a little bit.

Cruce Safiri: [Grins in return.] You're alright, Glace.

Glace: For an ice-type, I'm finding it easy to warm up to you. Now get your girly butt through that corridor before you bore everyone else to death.

Cruce Safiri: Hah, now you're sounding like Daniel. [She walks through the portal, witnessing fleeting darkness, then greeted with ever dimming sunlight on the other side; a view of the vast woods and the even larger Ancient Growth... Glace closes the portal as she exits it, now standing beside Cruce.]

-Aphotic Pinnacle-

[Riolu, Daniel, and Rainbow Dash have met up with Lavender, Rilia, and Slianna at the great double doors into the icy cathedral atop the Aphotic Pinnacle.]

Lavender: How did you make it up here through a dark corridor?! Daniel, is this your doing?!

Daniel: Not me. Her. [With a paw, he gestures back at Glace.]

Lavender: That Pokémon? She is dark. Is she a Nightmare?

Riolu: She appeared to be one of the Alphas.

Lavender: Ah, an Alpha... Nightmares with a conscience. That is lucky, Riolu. To have a Nightmare assist you in a Tower.

Riolu: Is it ever.

Daniel: She told us that there are four Shades waiting behind these doors...

Rilia: Four Shades?!

Lavender: Four?! Great Phaze... We would have been annihilated. Even with eight of us, it will be a perilous battle.

Daniel: Yeah well... I think you'd better leave this one up to me.

Lavender: You? On your own? Wh... What are you thinking?

Daniel: [His eyes shut softly...] ... (...........) ...

Riolu: He may be our golden ticket out of this dilemma, Lavender.

Slianna: A Shade plotting against Shades...

Rilia: Wild...~


[Elsewhere upon the worlds of the era of Sync...]


"My minions of the deepest shadow... The call to action has been made. We have finally encountered our counterparts the Phaze Lord has informed me of... They have come to us from the home of the Safans. Yes... Look through the eyes of your Safan brother of Darkness. He who commands the darkest crystals... He has seen a new color of Darkness... Servants of the abyss, unite. Clash with the doppelgangers. Represent your true names."


Daniel: [His eyes open. He smirks.] This is going to be the most fun I've had in a long time.

Riolu: Daniel... You be careful... I have nary an idea what you are doing.

Daniel: Don't worry. You fellas just stand back and watch one hell of a show!

[...On the other side of these crystalline doors, within a near-empty sanctum, Darkness is gathered, prepared to pull the Light into a deadly trap.]

Danielle: Shh... [They await silently...] They are here... Do you hear the voices?

Lea: [Unlike her Sync variant, she is a Sorenian possessing animal features. Mammalian, to be precise, and those of a wolf, to be more exact. Her fur is a deep purple, regal garments flowing with the darkest of each color, though still gleaming with a twisted beauty. Her wings are glorious, matching quite well with her floor-length dress, as they gleam with the darkened colors of the rainbow. Her hair does the same, albeit minus the shine, unlike her orb-tipped crown. Like her variant, she holds a pink-jeweled staff with the stems of roses wrapped around it.] It is almost time.

Idi: [Originally planned to be the Ruinous representing the Antifigurate World (Humanlike), he is much like his Sync version. His armor is a bit more demonic, with red veins running through the thorny apparel. Rather than a cloak concealing his facial features, he wears a horned helmet to do so. He appears to be blind... Crossing his back are two dark zweihanders, or large broadswords, each with similar design. They both appear to be crafted from a form of solid energy... He appears to be something of a dark juggernaut. None of the skin beneath his armor can be seen.] Like lambs to the slaughter. [He takes both of his great swords in hand, two loud clangs occurring as the blade each impacts the ice.] Forgive me if I melt the place...

Ginsengaar: [Like his Sync counterpart, he takes the role of a ninja. His appearance is more fearsome, as he has also taken on some of the traits of Nightmares, such as eyes of white and skin of blackness under his already dark fur. He is a wolf Mobian (Sonic-style character) with a dark, blood red mohawk between his tall ears, a headband of similar color bearing an insignia of his past. The same insignia is seen on his apparel. It is lightly armored, not even bothering to cover his arms, which alone tells a foe he has many tricks to defend himself. He hosts a large variety of weapons, all of which were made with a similar property to Idi's weapons: solid energy. His weapon of choice is a sheathed, serrated katana, although he is more than capable of using a weapon that differs.] Danielle... Your new thrall. This other Safiri. Is she with Xulfur?

Danielle: Perceptive, Gin. She is. Xulfur needed her to complete his absorption of a property of this world.

Ginsengaar: He is a fool. He cannot absorb an entire world's Ecliptic energies.

Lea: Gin, are you forgetting? We're not on the Safa you know.

Idi: The rules... are different.

Ginsengaar: Mm... So it would seem. [He takes his katana from its sheath, ready to face the oncoming enemies.]

Danielle: So it would also seem Glace failed to live up to my expectations. I hope she comes. I will devour her like the useless Nightmare she is.

[...In a chamber behind the altar of the sanctum, a shimmering black force-field serves as the bars of a prison cell. Within this icy cell, no larger than a typical bedroom, are three Phaze Guardians and another.]

Rush: ...Guys, I think those Shades are about to ambush our buddies...

Amen: This may end with tragedy.

Danithan: [Sitting in the corner of the room with his arms crossed... There is another sitting beside him.] Look at us. Trapped like dogs. I hate this Darkness.

Ethan: [Due to the Ecliptic Pull's weakness, he has been able to revert into his original form. He is not human, rather an anthropomorphic skunk. To match his black and white fur, he is wearing a long black coat with all sorts of tricks hidden behind it. His hair is white and rather long, straightened and parting at his shoulders. The rest of his clothing is a bit on the gothic side, torn biker gloves and black boots, though there is a softness to his face and voice which contradicts his choice of attire.] [He is sitting beside Danithan with his legs crossed, an innocence to his physical gesture.] ...I was just minding my own business...

Danithan: [Looks to Ethan, irritated.] You've said that a thousand times. See, now you know how we feel with you guys running around.

Ethan: We don't kidnap you though... Nnneh... 'Wish I could corridor out of here.

Rush: Don't we all. Ethan, have you told Naught anything about this yet?

Ethan: I'm not at the point where I can just send my thoughts to him a zillion miles away. I was gonna get that after this mission.

Amen: Hideaki has let Naught know of the new troubles among us all.

Ethan: The two got in contact?

Amen: Yes. I returned to Me'ihm recently to tell the Phaze Lord.

Ethan: Ah, okay. So at least Lord Naught knows what happened down here. Danny's--not you, Danithan, the Safan--supposed to be here, right?

Danithan: He's here. He had a few problems with this Darkness. So I think... we may be about to hear something crazy happen...


[Lavender and Riolu push both of the heavy doors open, parting the way for Daniel. The Safan Shade of ice trots in like nothing, with a bright smile on his face. Lavender and Riolu hold the doors open, both with one paw, and watch as Daniel walks down the center of the sanctum, not at all worried... The rest of the group watches with anticipation, Rilia sitting on Rainbow Dash's back as she floats for a better view... ]


Danielle: ... [She blinks in astonishment...]

Daniel: [Finally, he stops, standing about fifteen feet before these high Shades of a foreign Darkness; Shades so familiar to his eyes...] ... Well, well, well...

Lea: ...Danielle?

Danielle: Yes, this is him. This is the one Xulphur mentioned. My other...

Daniel: So I'm your other? That just doesn't seem right to me, ya'know? I'm not an Ice Princess... [Shakes his head...] You don't make sense to me at all. Darkness coming to a world to totally wreck it? What's that suppose to do?

Danielle: You... are associated with an incompetent Darkness. Such weakness... You are an insult to our presence.

Lea: And you will be smitten like all the rest. Slain like a Lightspawn... [She points her staff forward.] You do not deserve to be given a chance to side with our perfect cause.

Daniel: Like you fakers can reteach this.

Ginsengaar: [He draws his sword forth.] Fakers...? Mmph! You are not Darkness. You are not a Shade.

Daniel: Want to say that again?

Ginsengaar: You. Are not. A Shade.

[In unison, three corridors of Darkness rise from the icy floor, giving way to distinct figures instantly moving to Daniel's sides, aligning themselves, as if on queue, with their counterparts: The other Shades of Darkness.]

Lavender: [Gasps quietly...] ...

Riolu: [Whispers.] Daniel... you've called backup I see.

Lea-S: Well! [Facing her wolf variant whilst wielding a staff that only differs in floral design.] I can't say I was expecting to be looking into a mirror. My, this mirror is terrible...

Idi-S: [He holds a massive sickle, already aflame with fires of dancing blackness.] Greetings...

Ginsengaar-S; [In both hands, he wields his large katana aggressively above his head, pointed forward.] Didn't expect to see myself here. At all. [He smirks.]

Daniel: [Facing Danielle.] There. Now you see? See what you made the real Darkness have to go and do? We're not pushovers. Just because you and I don't get along doesn't automatically make us any weaker than you. And hey, it's not just us. [He makes a motion with his head, bobbing it back and referring to those behind him.] Everyone's already fed up with your crap. Even one of your own. What does that tell you?

Danielle: ...Fine then. It tells us that we have underestimated this realm. Hmph. [She turns her head away, shutting her eyes.]

Lea-S: You shouldn't bother our worlds. Bother your own, since you're so keen on the idea.

Lea-EC: You will not tell us what to do, pseudo-Darkness.

Ginsengaar: ...Ice Princess. I would think we've accomplished all that needed to be done here.

Danielle: Yes. [She smiles mischievously.] Well then, well done. You, false Darkness, have sided with Light to come this far. You have shown us that you do possess strength, but the true test of your abilities is yet to begin.

Ginsengaar-EC: [He stands tall, easing his stance.] 'Was a shame. I was hoping I would get to cut through a new foe of sorts...

Idi-EC: I know we will all have our chance. You each know there is something we must do before then...

Lea-EC: Why, I couldn't agree more! Let's hop to it. [For each Shade, minus Daniel's allies, a dark corridor rises...]

Daniel: Calling it quits, huh? You didn't make this climb worth it at all...

Ginsengaar-S: Let them run, Danny. They said it themselves: they've got no idea who they're up against.

Cruce Safiri: (What? They're leaving? Wait, really?! They're just abandoning Safa now?!) [In the heat of the moment, she hurries up to the scene, a few expression of surprise following her as she does so.] Wait! Don't tell me you're really just... leaving...!

Lea-S: [She blinks curiously, watching who she thinks is the Eclipse.] ...Safiri?

Daniel: Uh... What are you doing?

Cruce Safiri: [Turns to Daniel.] Getting what answers I can.

Glace: Would you get back here and stop being an idiot!?

Danielle: As much as I hate to agree with traitorous vermin, I would recommend you take her advice... Before we take her back. With force.

Cruce Safiri: [She steps back and lowers her head.] Mmgh... Don't play that card on me again. Hold the girl hostage, huh?

Danielle: Xulfur told me just a little bit more about you, Dear. [She glares at Cruce.] There is a reason we have trapped you in that form. I suppose you want to know it.

Cruce Safiri: Yes! I do!

Danielle: ...Then do as I say. Go to the Ancient Growth. Go alone, or we will destroy Safiri. Xulfur will take her power. And she will be naught but a husk.

Cruce Safiri: ...Fine, I'll go by myself.

Danielle: Good... And I promise you this: you will find the answers, Darling. Brace yourself. It will be chilling. [She is the first to step back into a dark corridor. The other Shades follow suit, saying nothing to this crowd...]


Cruce Safiri: ... [She sighs...] (I've taken so many steps backward it's nauseating. I came here with amnesia, which is bullshit alone. Had to go and try to figure out who the hell I was and why I was here. But as soon as I get involved with Light and Darkness, things slow down... At least I'm seeing progress, but now my stomach's in knots. I have to go back to the tree on my own...)

[Riolu, Lavender, and the others enter the sanctum, most of them gathering around Cruce.]

Lavender: You know now, Cruce, that this is going to be a trap.

Riolu: You've tasted first hand the tricks of Darkness.

Cruce Safiri: I know, I know. They're going to lead me in and trap me there because of some minor detail that makes me special. I'm not special, but I still have to go. I have to save Safiri.

Idi: {The EC Shades have left. The remaining are from Sync.} [His sickle vanishes into flames. He crosses his arms.] ...You appear to be Safiri.

Lea: In every way but spiritual. Who are you?

Daniel: His name is Cruce.

Ginsengaar: "His"?

Cruce Safiri: R-right, I'm actually a guy. But the other Darkness gave me this form for whatever reason I'm about to figure out soon.

Lea: Hmhm, I do not mind it. But... if you have Safiri's body, then what and where is Safiri?

Cruce Safiri: Some sort of crazy magic messed with her and turned her into a fairy or something.

Lea: A fairy?

Daniel: I think Cruce means an Ancient Fairy. Same thing though. Dunno how that happened to her.

Cruce Safiri: She's also in control of the Crossblade, which apparently can be used to travel through realms. I'll spare you the details for now. I don't know them...

[The four Shades glance at each other inquisitively, as if trying to find a solution.]

Lavender: I'm sure this is--[She is interrupted by a call for assistance.]

"Hey! You guys! Help! C'mon, help us out! We're back here!"

Rainbow Dash: [Now standing beside Rilia and Slianna.] Someone's in trouble?

Slianna: Sounds like it came from behind that shrine. Whatever that is over there. [Pointing with her tail.]

Ginsengaar: Idi and I will check it out. [Without another word, he and his fellow Shade run to the source of the call...]


[They gather once again, now with the addition of Rush, Amen, Danithan, and Ethan.]

Amen: [Admittedly uneasy with the number of Shades around...] Erm...

Rush: ... [Scratches the side of his head.]

Ethan: Thanks for the help, guys! I owe ya. Each of ya.

Ginsengaar: That's not for now, Ethan. We've got something pressing over us.

Lea: Our Lord has allowed us to be working with Light for this matter. We would get nowhere if we didn't.

Danithan: Fair enough.

Lavender: Darkness must have captured you while they were forming.

Rush: I think so. There were five of them in the forest. Five Shades. Obviously, four were your counterparts.

Daniel: Right. Who was the fifth one?

Riolu: Xulfur...

Rush: Actually, it was someone named Mewtwo.

Riolu: Agh! [He steps forth, making fists.] I knew that scoundrel was here. What could he and Xulfur be doing?

Lavender: That's what Cruce will have to find out on his own.

Cruce Safiri: I'm... scared. I have to go into the Ancient Growth on my own, or else the real Safiri will be killed.

Amen: ...What has happened to you, Cruce?

Cruce Safiri: That's also what I'm gonna be finding out. Why'd I turn into another Safiri? I think Xulfur has the answers. But Danielle said if I come with any help, it's game over for the person I promised to help in the beginning... [She lowers her head...] I just wanted to help her find her friend...

Daniel: Friend? Who were you two looking for that end with this mess?

Cruce Safiri: ...[Looks at the Shades.] He's got a lot of names. The Believer is who I know him as best.

Lea: ! [She gasps.] ...

Idi: [He reveals his face to Cruce...]

Ginsengaar: [Hangs his head low...]

Daniel: Brother's... not around, you know...

Idi: Our Brother of Darkness was taken before our very eyes. His grave rests within the Empyrean Paradox.

Amen: Wait a moment...

Danithan: You're saying he's dead?

Lea: ...Don't use that terminology, please.

Danithan: ...Sorry.

Ethan: ...(H-he's... Chris is dead?)

Amen: If the Believer--the Connector--fell, do you know how vulnerable that leaves the Eclipses? Safiri is in mortal danger! Cruce, if Danielle told you to go to the Ancient Growth alone, that makes you the only hope we have to save Safiri.

Daniel: But shouldn't we at least wait outside as backup? If we lose one, there's a chance we can still save the other.

Rush: ...He's got a point.

Lavender: We cannot all guide Cruce to the Ancient Growth, because I'm sure Darkness will be watching his movements. They will suspect something... I think we should split up. There are still other tasks to complete.

Rilia: Sis is right. We haven't found Pachi or Nuvlora yet. Those are Eclipses. We think they could be lost on this world.

Daniel: This world's a big place, you know. We're only seeing all the action around here because it's Eclipse central.

Slianna: But shouldn't that mean the Eclipses we know are here as well?

Ginsengaar: Eclipses you know?

Lavender: That's right. Maybe we forgot to mention something. Where there is Darkness, there is Light. We are from the other realm.

Lea: So it would seem...

Amen: ...[Strokes his goatee, examining the group.] Shades. You came here to help Daniel, no?

Idi: Our Lord demanded that we repel the alternate Darkness. They had gathered here. So had we.

Daniel: They started with Safa. That means they're probably on their way to other worlds. I want to stay here and do what I can for my world, but I think you three should continue trying to reason with the other Eclipses. Have you seen any signs of the other realms yet?

Lea: No. It is only on Safa where we have encountered any sort of alternate versions.

Riolu: Strange... Could it be that the worlds of Pokémon and Safans were the only ones to be a part this crossover?

Lavender: If that were the case, it still means our Darkness can afflict this realm's worlds. But why they haven't even mentioned them yet is... weird.

Cruce Safiri: ...One sec. I don't think Safa and that Pokémon world were the only places messed up... [She looks at Rainbow Dash.]

Rainbow Dash: ...Oh, mine...?

Cruce Safiri: Rainbow Dash, you're not from Safa. You know that much, right?

Rainbow Dash: Uh-huh. That's about as much as I know about myself. 'Cept for my name. Oh! And that I'm not a Poke... man?

Riolu: Pokémon.

Rainbow Dash: That's the one.

Cruce Safiri: But you got to Safa somehow.

Daniel: Didn't you say you remembered something during those rooms?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! You said something that made me remember another thing. One of my friends.

Amen: Most interesting... Perhaps you are like Cruce, young lady. Both of you are rarities in this massive collision course.

Rainbow Dash: Rarities? ...R-Rarity! Rarity is another one of my friends!

Lavender: At this rate, we'll have you figured out in no time. We may even understand your world a little bit better.

Slianna: We can't reach that world as long as Xulfur controls the Ancient Growth here. It's the only way to our universe. And Cruce is the only one who can reach it.

Cruce Safiri: ...I... can't get there without my Crossblade. And I can't use it. The real Safiri can use the Crossblade because... W-well, I don't know why. But she can guide Darkness through the Oron Mo; that portal thingy...

Rush: Why is she helping Darkness? The other Darkness?

Daniel: I think Danielle might have given her a Dark Mark.

Cruce Safiri: Dark Mark? Something like mind control?

Idi: In its most basic definition. It is a very advanced kind of dark sorcery which corrupts its host, forcing the mind to serve the overlord of Darkness. Naught. It can be removed if one knows how to inflict such a mark. If you manage to bring Safiri back, I might be able to remove the curse.

Daniel: You'll stay here then, Idi?

Idi: [Shakes his head.] Our Lord has given us orders to chase this opposing Darkness, Daniel. I wouldn't stoop to the thinking that they would force all of their efforts on Safa. But I'll return when you give the word.

Daniel: Got it. So what's going on? Lea, Gin? You guys leaving for your worlds?

Ginsengaar: We'll have to. Luckily, Adam's on Chronic, and Al is on Aquatica. Eve and the others are searching Earth. I think there is some trouble with this character named Riot.

Danithan: [Punches into his open hand.] The guy's up to no good... Is he on Chronic still?

Ginsengaar: That's what I heard last.

Danithan: Amen, Rush. If you guys don't mind, I'll be heading to Chronic. Riot's my problem, and I'm useless here. My Ecliptix is pretty sour about this place's energies.

Amen: Understood. We will stay here and assist in any way possible.

Rush: Hopefully we can get to that other Safa sometime.

Lavender: Girls? [Turns to Slianna and Rilia.] We'll be continuing the search for Nuvlora and Pachi. Care to join us, Riolu?

Riolu: Of course!

Glace: Hmm... What should we do in the meantime?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. Do you want us to help?

Cruce Safiri: The way it looks, we won't be having our adventures together until I can free the Ancient Growth of its little cold. Sit tight until I get back.

Ethan: ...'Know what... Danithan, I think I'll come with you to Chronic. I've been busting my tail looking for these Predators. If Riot's still there, I think I'd be a bigger help to Naught that way.

Danithan: ...Fine... Just try to stay out of my head.

Ethan: [He winks at Danithan.] Hehe, I can't guarantee that.

Danithan: [Facepalms.]

Daniel: We've all got our plans? Gotta tell ya, that was a weird reunion with you, Guardians.

Rush: I didn't think we'd ever be on the same team...

Lea: No one could have foreseen this... Strange... If our Brother were here, Light and Darkness may not have joined forces.

Ginsengaar: Sad, but true.


(If your Brother were here, maybe I wouldn't be...


Cruce here... I'm not ready to believe that this body is gonna be mine for very much longer. I'm heading to the Ancient Growth to get some answers and maybe turn back into a human. And a boy. I was missing that. Lavender and Riolu both agree that Darkness is setting up some sorta trap for me. What would they want with me? They've stricken me of my Crossblade. I don't even feel the Spirit Cross anymore. I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't really like any bit of this. Me, alone, against an army of evil. Without anything to help... Darkness would destroy Safiri otherwise... Part of me is saying that they need her for something. But why would they be willing to eliminate her if that were true? Have they done something to her? ... I guess that's the point of going in on my own.

The Believer is dead. That's something the "good" Darkness told us... I was helping Safiri look for a corpse. Her "Connector" is gone. She knows it, but she doesn't want to believe it. Instead, she takes up the Crossblade... Eclipses are strange...)