The time for back to school has almost come and where does that leave this heroin?

In complete disarray of course. Along with my AP work, I've been going to so many places and had barely enough sleep to satisfy my needs. While I am volunteering to help others, I just cant ignore the desperate cries of my warm and comfortable bed. But its for the good of all those around. Saving the world one step at a time is what I do.

I did manage to buy myself some pretty great stuff if I do say so myself. I have a new backpack, new clothes, and an amazing pair of headphones that I cant wait to take places to use.

From business to pleasure. My relationship status remains single and I'm enjoying the 'sights' wink . Unfortunately the only cute guys live 26 miles from where I live. I give this town zero stars for not containing anyone who meets my requirements. Or maybe I'm just not searching in the right places.

All in all I'm looking forward to the future and all of the possibilities. However, the hardships can just go back to where ever they came from and avoid me throughout my life. I'm cheery and there ain't nothing that can change that...well actually....nah nah never mind there's nothing haha.

Now away with all you
Until the upcoming occurrences
I reside into my Robin cave
Eins, Zwei, Drei *poof*