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Take It From Someone Crazy
It's funny how little you can care.
Lemon Bars

Cross country couldn't be better right now.
I'm kicking ass.
I feel great.
And the season hasn't even started yet.

Camp was wondrous. Bonderful.
It's been a whole week since I got back, and yet, I still find myself thinking back on it.
- I enjoyed running with Alex. He's this ginger kid. He's sooper funny. I asked if his carpets match his drapes. They do. Hopefully I'll see him at one of our cross country meets. That would be wonderful.
- Hannah is the most adorable girl I ever saw. She was real quiet at first. For a while. It wasn't till the end of the first week that I actually started to get to know her. Quotes from Old Gregg and Family Guy. A hole 92 pounds of hyper, if you catch her at the right times. Crickets are her entertainment.
- Devon was like the only one who supported my relationship with Devin, while everyone was "shipping" Eric and I. I accidentally stained her paints with nail polish. Crazy cat lady.
- Xavier was the kid who got me to spill my adventures to the "third base". He also got me to confess my crush to the whole group. Through a series of questions. The source of all my embarrassing moments. Plush cups and pens were his game. Part of our otherwise all girls "gossip cirlce". Telling us about how guys see girls.
- Pandora was my pal from the year before. I love her. She's fun, and totally accepting of other people. And totally understanding. She was the first person at camp that I told about my crush on Eric. She had said her and Hiccup were waiting a whole year for it.
- Eric. I don't like him again. Not again, because it never stopped. He's a totally normal guy. It's not some prissy crush, like, "Ohh, he treats me so sweetly." It's like, we're just two people, totally cool with eachother. We hit eachother and pick on eachother, and not cuz we're mad at eachother. It's just what we do. Seeing him again was great. His brother thinks I'm dumb, for asking whether he was younger or older though.

It was fun. The fake "hazing" and I called it. I like it when I'm just another person. Not a girl. Not one of the guys. Just a person. Grabbing backpacks and pulling eachother down. "Urban Sports" as the guys called it. Sherpa scaring people from the bushes late at night. Xavier, scared of the dark- and cougars.

Salt crew was still way more fun though.

And then last night, at Devin's grandparent's house.
Diane- I think- his step-grandmother? She invited the three of us in for cookies.
And then she talked about how the "other Megan", Devin's cousin's girlfriend, asked if she made any lemon bars.
Devin was like, "Did you?"
She did the motion where you fly your hand over their head and "woosh" and said, "There will be no lemon bars now."
I guess their family doesn't really like his girlfriend.
Glad they don't dislike meeee.
asdfghjkl;. Best cookies ever.

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