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Role-play Rules & Information.
In regards to role-playing.

This account was created for personal use but I do use it for role-play purposes from time to time for my original character's. (I'll get more into that in the next post.) To clear up any questions you may have, I do have some rules based only on what I keep running into whenever I role-play. Don't worry, it's nothing complicated. It's only a few basics that every role-player usually has and it keeps me from repeating myself.

Table of Contents
1. Personal Information.
2. Communication & Role-play location.
3. Preferred role-play format.
4. Role-play duration & lifespan.
5. OC's & CC's.
6. Text Talk.
7. God-modding.
8. Mature Content. (18+)
9. Explicit Content. (21+)
10. Fictional role-play. (TV show - Movie - Anime - Manga)


Personal Information:

There is a limit about how much I will tell someone about my self in real life. I will tell you the basics such as; age, State location, etc. If you wish to be my Gaia-buddy and eventually friend, then privileged information may be shared over time once trust has built. So if I do not feel like telling you my real name, my exact location or whatever else you may ask right away then don't take it personally. It usually takes a year in most cases for me to talk about myself.

I will not give you my,
- Facebook
- Myspace
- Cell phone number
- E-mail address
- Skype/Webcam
- Picture's of myself

You won't get my personal e-mail address unless it's necessary for more direct contact regarding role-plays or just signing online, as there are times I don't sign into Gaia for month's. That isn't to say you'll never get any personal information, it just takes time if you want to be friends.

Communication & Role-play Location:

If you don't like talking in wherever the role-play is taking course, then leave the Meebo bar open at the bottom of the page. You can just IM me for non-RP related comment's, or if you want the plot to change. If you decide to speak out of character in the middle of the role-play, then use some type of text separation, please. Sometimes people forget and then it becomes confusing.

As for the role-play location, it doesn't matter to me. We can role-play through private message, in town's, a private password-set game or one of the many virtual areas within Gaia. I'm not fond of role-playing in forum's or in the IM. Whichever else is fine, though.

The theme of the role-play can be anything.

Preferred role-play format:

I've run into this issue a lot because each person has a different style with how they role-play. Meaning, how you prefer to type. If you are more comfortable with a certain style then let me know, I'll adapt. If it isn't an issue for you either, then I prefer to use story-type over IM-type as it calls for more detail.


*sees her mother's locket on the old dresser and picks it up* I really miss her.

When she saw her mother's locket laying on the old dresser, she picked it up with care and observed it with sad cerulean eyes. "I really miss her." she said solemnly.

Note the difference. I have a habit of typing more detail with story-type RP format. xd So be warned.

Role-play duration and life span:

Most role-plays I've been in recently last only that one time ( gonk OMG This must be what a one-night stand feels like.) while other's last maybe a week or so. The friend's I've made from role-playing were the ones that continued role-plays with me over the course of a year or more. Most of the time it was the same continued plot with a few random ones in between. So really, depending on how the plot progresses, it could be a short plot or an insane one. It doesn't matter to me. As long as it's fun and maybe a little challenging.

OC's & CC's (Original Character's & Created Characters.):

If you have one or more character's you'd like (or prefer) to use, then PM me their bio's or post them in the next journal that will contain my own brief character bio's. You can send whatever information you like, as long as there is enough detail to create a role-play from.

If you need some help with getting blank bio sheets then I'll post more about that in the next journal as well. The only information I require of your characters is the following:

- Name
- Age
- Gender
- Hair color / style
- Eye color
- Skin tone
- Height (optional)
- Body type (optional)
- Personality
- Brief history or Info

If you have more detail then feel free to add more. I'm hoping to write a book sooner or later so I always welcome detail. xd I love it.

Text Talk:

Please, for the love of strawberry pocky: Do not use Text Talk in the middle of a role-play.

"U kno wen ppl talk all fkin stupid lik dis cuz its kool an it rlly gets on ur fking nerves 2 the point u jst wanna bish slap zem fer bein lazy?"

Yeah. That. Please, don't do that. I'm not saying my English is perfect, but at least I try to put more effort into my role-plays than I do when speaking normally. Just because it's the Internet it doesn't mean your IQ has to drop by using text talk.


You know those epic role-play moments that call for some action whether it be a short squabble, a fist-fight or maybe a great battle or war scene? I absolutely love those moment's. It's full of action, violence and some killer moves that even Chuck Norris would respect. No, scratch that. Moves that BRUCE LEE would respect. There is, however, one really big downfall for scene's like this.

The God-modder.

Don't walk into a role play with the deception that you know what your doing and then become this extremely obnoxious and invincible person that regenerates abnormally or claiming to be a [insert ridiculous suggestion here] that, for example,

"I was trained by so-and-so and have part Olympian God and several rare elemental traits sealed within me, and I was also trained by [insert name of some powerful person and the reason here] and they taught me everything they know! YOU CAN'T KILL ME."

That would be called "God-modding" and it is highly annoying. I do play nice and know when to take a hit and when I would be outmatched, should all my hidden trump cards/information fail. If you start God-modding I will end the role-play.

Mature content. (18+):

This doesn't necessarily mean something perverse. If the plot becomes serious, heavy emotionally, dark, violent, or has minor innuendos, suggestions or teasings then I would call that mature content. Even if it's just brief flirting or seduction between characters. Heavier plot's that aren't for fun or comical, I usually prefer the other person or people involved in the role-play to be at least 18 years old (and if I feel your lying I will not role-play.) It's kind of awkward role-playing with someone younger than I am, so even then it will be kept minimal.

Explicit content. (21+):

emotion_yatta I wonder how many of you perverts scrolled down just to find Table Content #9? There is always a pervert somewhere (and I'm one of them) that role-plays but please do not ask for this type of role-play if I've just met you. I don't mind if a plot starts to become sexual in nature as long as it's kept minimal at first. sweatdrop I mean... seriously, guys... you don't just spring a -- ahem -- and try to maul a girl when you first meet her, do you?

Do not expect this sort of role-play to happen instantly. I do kind of like to know a bit more about whom I am role-playing with before it ever gets to that point in a role-play. For similar reasons mentioned in #8, I will not role-play with someone that isn't at least my age.

Fictional role-play (TV show - Movie - Anime - Manga):

If you want to RP something that isn't original, I'm game to try it as long as I know the series and the character to some extent. I'm more familiar with anime and manga so if you have a suggestion there, feel free to ask. I'll update my profile just in case your wondering what anime or manga I'm aware of.

Back when I first started playing Gaia I role-played Naruto. My other account is specifically for role-playing the character Ino Yamanaka from the Anime / Manga series Naruto. The username is Yamanaka_Chicky. Since my friends either quit role-playing Naruto or have stopped playing Gaia altogether after our favorite characters (and ones some RPed) were killed off, that account has mostly been abandoned. If you want to role-play Naruto, then send me a PM and I'll switch account's. Be warned though: I haven't kept up with the plot for a few years so I'm not as information savvy as I use to be.

To those of you that suffered through my rant, you deserve a cupcake. yum_cupcake So how about it. Care for a role-play?

Serenity Wicked
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Serenity Wicked
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