The game is actually a good one to own if you have a DS! Shin Megami is known for its JRPG's if you have played any of the Devil Summoner (PS2) or any of the Persona's (PS2) you would understand what I mean.

Note: I did not complete the game but, started to play it and was very interested at it.

Devil Survivor should be a game that if you love JRPG's then you should love this one as well. It plays during battle like Final Fantasy Tactics except you don't use swords and whatever to strike your enemy it goes into a Dragon Quest Battle system at any random order someone makes the move. Considering it a DS game the overall graphics is simply well-done. Not the best nor worst but, better than several of the DS games of their graphics. The more you play the game the more modes you can unlock like Fusion and Auction. Auction is where you can go and see what Monster/Demon is up for bidding or buying now. Fusion like in Persona you can Fuse 2 monsters together and either come up with one that you already have or a new unknown demon that you can unlock.You can have a team up to you! Each team will have a human and two monsters. Each time the human levels up you (main character) can choose what the point goes to increase while your allies/companions are auto.

Devil Survivor is one of the games you must get in your DS Collection of Games. It is really worth a try and I bet you would love it. If you love RPG's and want to try something new then this game is for you.