"I fight for peace, justice and honor."

Now that you know this very specific line of spoken attributes, try to guess my political agenda.

It seems that every ******** who's ******** is ******** always put the same damn line of generic 'freedom fighting' and then puts one of the numerous upon numerous political parties' names right next to it. They don't mention what they want done, they don't even bother owning the viewpoint as their own, they just post generic morale boosters next to their 'goals' then tell you to read some ******** book.

It's the same damn thing every time. You know why, because they really can't figure out s**t for themselves and have a constant 'look up to someone' approach that makes them seem like morons.

No, I will not read this ******** book. You will act like you know something and will post the proper response to the article/thread/question/whatever.

"Read Captain Obvious' Memoirs of the Political Affiliation That He Affiliates With His Memoirs and you will find the answers you seek. The specific answer you seek is on page 1,456. Do not skip around or you will not get the message he's trying to tell you. All hail Captain Obvious' viewpoint."

"I'm an anarcho-capitalist."
"I'm a liberal libertarian."
"I'm a skank."
"I'm an anarcho-socialist."
"I'm a Christian Atheist."
"I'm a liberal conservative."
"I'm a republican communist."
"I'm proud of my heritage."
"I'm a secularist fascist."
"I'm winning."
"I'm a Muslim Satanist."
"I'm a conservative imperialist."
"I'm an libertarian federalist."
"I come up with terms to describe what I'm for and against in order for you to look up these terms on Wikipedia. I'm as annoying as a person that self-diagnosed themselves."