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Within these pages, my thoughts and Dreams are scribed. ~winks~
Who I dream of and what I dream of... ~LMSAO~
Lilith and Aiden (just playin around))
Aidan: The city night was hot, muggy. Sweat beaded from his flesh, beads that glistened on his flesh as the dull yellow light of a nearby streetlight reached for him but fell short. The alleyway smelled of rotten garbage and piss. It was adjacent to one of the more popular underground clubs. Aidan could feel the heavy bass through the brick wall of the old converted warehouse. Someone might have called the cops of the building next door wasn't a decaying tenement, home to the homeless and strung out, the only light within the windows the flickering flame of lighter beneath a spoon. The industrial trance music grew louder as the metal door flew open, a young couple merging from the seething den of bodies and sweat within. They dressed in black leather and latex. Vampire Chic.
Do cattle worship us? Aidan pondered as he watched young woman throw the teenage boy against the wall, her lips sealing over his. He replied in kind, grabbing her arms and spinning them deeper down the alley until he pinned her. Do they put on cowboy hats and leather boots when we're not looking? Do they f*ck after eating McDonalds? The sound of flesh against flesh and playful giggles masked the sound of Aidan's steps on the lose asphalt. So wrapped up into one another they didn't notice the Hunter until he had placed a shoulder on the young girl and ripped her away. "Go." He ordered, being nearly the same age as them but with an fierce authority in his flame hued eyes. "No! I want this!" The girl screamed out. Aidan pushed the pushed the boy away and drew out a carved wooden dagger, the blade dull save for the tip, which was hewn to a fine point. "I know." Aidan replied.
The boy now had the realization dawn on him. The fangs weren't implants, they were real. Her skin wasn't cold from the air, but because no living blood flowed through him. Lust drained from him with the flow of urine down his leg, "They're.. they're real!" He stammered before taking the hunters advice and running. The young woman made a move to chase but Aidan blocked her path, waving the wooden dagger in a slow no - no - no motion. The vampire bared her fangs and hissed. Aidan smiled. It was the smile of a man who had just beaten Old Scratch himself at a game of cards. The Hunter showed no fear... and this consumed the vampire with it. The Beast took control, and now he faced a monster clothed in the flesh of a young woman. The Beast lashed out, and the Hunter moved with fluid motion. Avoiding rending claws, awaiting openings, and plunging his blade into The Beast's body. The Hunter moved quick, his lean form built for this dance, but he was only human... The Beast could move faster. Sharpened nails sliced through fabric and tore at flesh on his arm. He grit his teeth against the lash of pain. Crimson blood dripped onto the asphalt, tingling the air with it's fresh copper scent. The Beast moved to strike again, raising it's left arm to slash at the Hunter again. Aidan, through pain and the rush of adrenalin, plunged the dagger deep into The Beast's heart. That which wore the flesh of a girl collapsed. Gone was even the basic imitation of life. There, on the ground, only when he looked into her eyes did he see it's immortality. Aidan pulled the body down the alleyway, deeper into the darkness. A small LED flashlight was used to inspect his "kill". A vampire, young... fresh. Standard series of tattoos for someone like her. He did spy something though... an odd pattern amongst the other store bought art. The hunter took out a small notebook and copied the tattoo as best he could. Then he stood. "The sun comes up in two hours. Nobody is going to find you. This time you will die completely. I can't say what you'll find on the other side." He looked down at her and smiled, this smile one of warmth. "I hope you are at peace in the end." The smile faded, and the Hunter donned the mask of anonymity and faded back onto the city streets. Soon the day would dawn and the night's battle will end. But the War would continue. The War was eternal.

Lilith ~Night. The moon, full and bright seemed to mirror that of the lady’s eyes. Silver and beautiful to look at, she considered the heavenly body her sun. Thus being cursed so long ago, she had no other choice. She looks down to the club. Resting her body against the buildings ledge. Boredom took hold of her quickly and she was easily swayed with the rhythms of the night. But this night, something drew her here. This place so dank and dreary was not where she would usually be seen. Hearing the door open and watching the couple flail into the streets as well as all over each other, she shakes her head bored once more. “Dinner.. Nay. Be a childer that is.” Sniffing the air a bit, she turns and looks into the darkness of the streets. There was something there that had caught her attention. Something familiar, but forgotten. Shaking her head once more, she turns her attention back to the couple. “Silly kids. Get themselves a.. “ What had caught her attention earlier had made its appearance and she knew then that this was what brought her here. ‘A hunter? A silly hunter catches my senses and brings me forth.. To such a place.” Turning away from the acts committed in the streets below, she walks to the opposite side of the building and hops across. “ I be in no hurry for a fight this night. And Alesandro beckons me.. But why did a hunter catch me sooo.. “ She could not figure out what it was about the being in the streets that had confused her so. Thus she tries her best to shake it off. Taking her time she steps off the buildings opposite side and lands lightly on her feet. Her eyes quickly adjusting to the surrounding darkness, she turns and begins her journey once more. The scent growing stronger of the hunter as she pasts the street he was in. Tapping her fingers against her hip as she walks, she grows slightly annoyed as she realizes that the scent was that of something old. She had forgotten. Perhaps the Hunter had a weapon that was old with the scent of days long forgotten. Looking up to the sky, she sighs as her sun slowly begins to fade from view and the blue purplish colours of day were slowly taking over. “Another day.. And I did not feast.” She quickly made her way back to the Piers that bordered the ocean. It has been a long while since she had seen daylight or even came close to seeing something of the like. She stops before entering the boat Alesandro, her man servant had bought on a previous trip, It was all a guise to keep her ancient blood away from childers who wished to kill her. Myth and rumors taken over, saying that drinking the dark mothers blood would give one unspeakable powers. Alesandro and she laughed until the late hours of day from this news and he being the worry wart that he always is.. bought a boat to hide upon during the day. She thought this over and merrily agreed. This day she laid within the confines of the boat. Thinking and pondering over the hunters scent. I will speak of this to Ales later this evening. Turning onto her belly, she pulls out another book from her vast library and begins reading. Only to be interrupted by Alesandro ascending the stairs. "M'dear. We are out of sight now." She bursts out laughing and shakes her head. Out of sight meaning.. Out of reach in her own mind. Turning to him she asks, “What thinks thou… The scent of an ancient? Haven’t seen any in the world.. until this morn.. But alas m'dear.. I do not know if this be an ancient.. Be it just its weapon.. of an old friend.. or enemy. I know not. But we shall find out soon.. wont we?

Aidan: He walked the quiet streets of the early morning, heading toward the closest thing Aidan called home. An uneasy feeling was gnawing at his gut from the feeling he got during the battle. He had felt something at the edges of The Pulse, the sense that made him a Hunter. It was felt as a feeling, an intuition about the space around him. Where he was, how many surrounded him, how many were alive... and how many pretended to be. Yet he knew the sensations of different monsters. The graveyard cold and dread of the vampire. The electric strangeness of the wizards. The seething naturalness of the were creatures. Even the alien wrong that was a demon and this, this felt nothing like that. It was part of the natural background, yet not, like a depression of a rock on soft grass it was familiar. He set it aside as he entered into one of the city's many decaying neighborhoods. A maze of squat apartments, where the working and not so working poor lived, hidden away from the elites that they served during the day. To them Aidan was just another working stiff, coming home from the graveyard shift. Nobody asked questions. No one even cared to. Would it change anything to know their chains are held by a dead man's hand? He often wondered. Aidan used a alley fire escape to ascend to the 4th story of a small brick building. Entering by the window. The apartment was bare, Spartan. A bed, a table, a kitchen, a computer, a bathroom and a TV. Clothing and weapons hidden within the closet. It was a place one could leave behind in 5 seconds flat. Hunting wasn't a hobby... it was a image and removed any mark of him from the image. He hit Send and then shut down. He sat there for a moment, thinking back. To the fight. To the image. To the feeling he had during the fight. A woman's laughter. He spun around quickly, body taught and coiled, ready to strike. Nothing. He was alone. He could have sworn he had heard a woman's laughter. Sleep bore down on him as he fell onto the mattress that served as his bed, coming quickly and completely...

Lilith: What a bore! Cannot we do another thing?!” Lilith pouted at the amused Alesandro. With his wiry arms and shoulder length brown hair, smiling at her as if she were the dumbest creature alive. But in her mind, she knew that he knew her games as well. And was in pretense acting the dimwit. She brushes her raven hair from her pale heart shaped face and mutters in mock retaliation, “Cannot you make mine own bed on thy dock? Seeing it so bare at three in the afternoon breaks my heart..” He threw his head back in laughter and shook his head. “Lilith my dear. Know you too well I do. Nein I will not let thee bath is Ra’s great goodness, for fear I will lose thee..
Thus my dear.. You must do what I wish this day.. Just this day, then I will worship thee all the days of your immortal life.” She groans and stands from where she lays. Grabbing the microphone, she stomps to the center of the room. Her silvery eyes glittering with amusement as she slowly belts out a note, crescendo, stops and looks at Ales’ face. Only to see him doubling over with laughter on the boats floor. Giggling, she puts her hands to her hips and glares at him. Seeing that he does not plan on stopping, she hurls the microphone at his head.
Of course it does no harm at all, but Ales’ in the mood he was in made it seem as if the microphone did more damage than he let on. Doubling back from the hit, he fell backwards against the wall rocking the great boat in the process. She could not help but fall to the ground laughing once more.
‘It has been years since I have laughed so’ ~She gently tucks her arms betweens Alesandro’s and helps him up. Looking out the window, she sees the sky transforming. The sky darkening a slight purplish haze. Nodding at this, she turns to Ales. "Time to head back to land… We have business to accompany to!"

Aidan: He walked across a grey, blighted land. Color did not exist here. Nothing existed here. He knew he was beyond creation itself. He had not seen person or animal for a long time... days, weeks, years... he couldn't say. He reached out a hand, it was calloused and thick, the hands of a farmer. His flesh was darker, a rich brown shade. Palm open he caught a small flake of ash as it fell from the sky. More was falling lazily from dark grey clouds above. Lightning cracked across the sky, the air roaring with thunder. He could taste the electric in the air and knew he had to find shelter. His vision scanned the horizon, and just at the edge he detected a faint glimmer. Illusion, created by his mind? He didn't know. Still he followed the glimmer till it turned into a light, a beacon, a flame. The camp simple, set up within the protective overhand of a large jagged rock. He saw a figure by the fire, one clothed in layers of linen. It's hand reached out and he could see feminine fingers and soft skin, through the shadows of a shawl. He could make out the elegant outline of a face. She turned towards him and...
He awoke with a start to the sound of one of his burner phones blaring an alarm. He reached over with one hand as the other rubbed his eyes. It had been a dream. An odd dream. But just a dream. He fumbled around with the phone for a moment before finally picking it up and shutting the annoying buzzing sound off. Yawning and stretching his began to shake off the weight of the night's sleep, moving over to the computer. He had a message waiting for him on the boards.
‘Requested Information: Markings are of early picto semetic language. Depict Lunar Deity. Strong correlation with Lunar Goddess/Demon/Succubus/First Woman myth. See: Lilith.’ He closed the message. Questions flooded his head as he got dressed. What did the Lilith myth have to do with anything? Why was she wearing that mark? Who put it on her? Something didn't sit right with him as he donned a white t-shirt, broken in blue jeans, and boots. If not for his crimson hair he would have made a great James Dean. He slipped a few small wooden daggers into his belt line and then he was gone, back into the city's loving embrace. Once again on the streets, the invisible hand of the Hunt guiding him to his next kill.

Lilith: She watches Alesandro tie the boat down, then looks to the city in which they roam. Sometimes it was welcoming to escape the boats tight enclosure, but once in a while like this evening. Its safe cradling body was wanted more than the feeding that needed to be done that night. Lilith felt something stir without even realizing. Her eyes gazed wearily along the shores glistening rocks. Wondering about this feeling that seemed to evade her whole being.
Turning to Ales as he comes to stand by her. Her hands reach for his and grips it tightly. He looks at their entwined hands, then to Lilith’s face enquiringly. “M’dear. Thou feel something. Come now, you must tell,” He asks. She cannot put her finger on it, but that same strange feeling still lingered. She wasn’t sure if it was just her nerves or her senses. Alas, she turns to him reassuringly and nods. “Be not weary of this night. Dinner awaits us and we will not deny this. Les we wish to fight all the day to the next until this opportunity once again makes itself present. “Ales smiles slightly and together they walk to the streets. Walking past the alleyway to the nightclub from the night before, she pauses for a second. Testing her senses out once more, before becoming at ease once more with her surroundings. She knew Ales was watching her curiously and she shrugs this off. Then once again she continues along her way.
Turning towards main street, she knew the doctor would not wait long. Her new way of feeding was safer than what it once was. Upon reaching the doctors street, she stops once more. Looking to the coffee shop to the left, she notices a man from the street before. Behaving as human as she could, she turns to the coffee shop with Ales still gazing at her curiously. She looks at him and whispers, “Thine eyes doth deceive me.. Or be it that very man from the street before?: Ales smiles at her then pokes her nose with his finger, playing along. “Fine my dear.. I need a cup of joe as well.” She enters the coffee shop and orders two, watching the man from the corners of her eyes. Noticing that he took his time in lingering about a news paper stand.
She turns to Ales and nods, then kisses his cheeks as they paid for their order and walk into an alley. In pretense, she knew that he was about 30 yards away and made a show of sharing a bit too much affection with the man at her side. She heard him choke back a laugh as she went about touching him in inappropriate ways. Ales, being her dearest companion and friend knew all too well that she was hunted by childers the world over. Thus he made no attempt to fight off her acting.
She felt a hand fall upon her shoulder and grasp it tightly, pulling then pushing her against the brick wall hard. Slow and clumsily handled by her attacker, she knew Ales had already grabbed hold of him and was awaiting her orders. Smiling innocently as she could, she puts her face close to her attackers and in a voice as low as a whisper she asks. “Thou wish to kill me.. Doth thou know.. Killing thine mother only brings death to thee.“ The attacker, now scared and wide eyed shook his head. “No. There was a rumor” Lilith giggled a throaty laugh and once again whispers into his ears, “Death meets me.. Only to take thee.. “ At this, she grabs his throat and with strength unseen and she tears it out then tosses it aside.
Without another thought, she turns on the balls of her feet as Ales drops the body. Turning her head she watches the being crumple into nothing. Sniffing the air she claps her hands together dusting herself off, then mutters, “Come m’dear.. I am hungry.”

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