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You can check out, but you can never leave

I was just the kind of man you'd expect to need a vacation. Twenty-six, already divorced, wife took our three year old daughter. Newspaper columnist who gained fame writing war stories, but now it was peacetime. So I decided to step away from it all, typewriter in the back of my car and head to a hotel out in the sandiest part of California. It was quiet and secluded I'd heard more beautiful like nothing else. I'd reserved to stay there in one of their finest sweet for a month. Take time to attempt writing a novel, I'd never tried such a feat but I guess I might as well take a swing at it. If I had a talent for words I might as well attempt the most prolific form possible, or at the least the one that garnered the most attention. I smoked my joint as I drove along, the long desert rodes before for enjoy a smooth joint, not a car in sight though the hotel loomed a few miles ahead. Hotel Dejado it was called. Something perhaps a bit ironic about the name. Considering the melancholy nature of the word. But no matter, I would be there in minutes. I flicked the dwindling end of my joint from the car as I pulled up. Pulling my typewriter and suitcase from the trunk heading up to the front of the hotel. The bellhop took my belongings and brought me up to my room. I was already pleased with my choice, even if the rooms didn't seem to perfectly fit the desert area. I didn't mind I figured it was to help people forget the arid climate around us. I tipped the bellboy and waited for him to leave. Then I slipped into a pair of white swim trunks with grey trim and threw on a black tshirt with a very slight vneck. I grabbed a nice fluffy towel from the closet and headed down to the pool. Grabbing one of the soft laying down chairs and stretching out. Eyeing the other patrons slightly before simply beginning to relax.

**This begins as a very simple calm romance, but then turns into something darker. Feel free to pick either an employee or another guest. I'd prefer guest. Also here are concepts for the hotel, sorry I don't know how to post them as words.´┐Ż€“a-desert-hotel-with-prize-for-design.jpg,r:26,s:206,i:184