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Preferred Name/Nick name: Jinx
Actual Name: Jarren
Age: 19
Birthday: I TBE |
Gender: Male
Ethnic origin: I TBE |
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5ft 10in
Story: I TBE |
Personality: A sweat heart and a goof ball, Jinx is always messing around with his friends and never takes things to seriously. He's a big teddy bear inside and out. He adores Desmon and is always hanging on to him and just trying to grab him in general for a forced hug just to see Desmon flustered and blushing from not knowing how to react. He's a goof with a silly and cute lopsided grin on his face more often than not.
Likes and Strenghts: He knows how to have a good time and doesn't let many things get him down. He will make you smile because he hates to not see people happy around him.
Dislikes and Weakness: People don't take him to serious because he's usually goofing around anyways. He's the type who hates being alone and doesn't know what to do with himself when no one is around to talk to.
Extra: I would love you if you drew him with Desmon emotion_bigheart
Apearance:Clothes, Hair(but with blue eyes not green), and colors
Art received/ created: By Me:
Waist up Line Art | Colored waist up colored ref
By Others: (who they are by)

Couple Art: Jinx & Desmon

*Still editing just wanted to get more refs up

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