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Preferred Name/Nick name: Cherry
Actual Name: Chantel
Age: 18
Birthday: I TBE |
Gender: Female
Ethnic origin: I TBE |
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Pink
Height: 5ft 7in
Story: I TBE |
Personality: Extreme girly girl. Pink, frilly, cute to the max, anything remotely adorable is what Cherry must have. She's a high maintenance girl who uses her cute looks to her advantage when ever she can. She plays off the innocent little girl look to get guys to do what they want for her since she looks like she's hardly 15 rather than 18. She goes through guys like candy and is never satisfied with who she is with at the time. The one she actually likes is Eric, but he doesn't have interest in her because of how she is, she's just out to get his attention by trying to make him jealous and it never works.
Likes and Strenghts: She's a bubbly girl who people can't help but to feel a need to protect her like an older sister/brother. She likes cute things; big fluffy stuffies (stuff animals),little toys and nick nacks, desu desu things, pink things, and anything cute in general.
Dislikes and Weakness: She is an attention seeker and does it in all the wrong ways. She uses guys for her own amusement and because of this can't get the guy she actually likes to like her back. She can be very selfish and pouts like a small child when she doesn't get her way.
Extra: She has two clips. One with a pink bunny one with a smiling cloud. Her necklace has a rainbow on it, and wears two bracelets; one with little charms on it the other with cherries on it. Her earrings are little popsicle's.
Apearance:Clothes, Hair, and colors
Art received/ created: By Me:

By Others: (who they are by)
RyannaJ | Fiqachu

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