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Sara's All You Need To Know About Me Journal
So I had this dream quite a while ago and I can't get it out of my mind, I need to write it down. It was so much like a movie, it would make a great one!

The characters:

Me- as the heroine!
Cute boy my age, we'll call him Jeremy - As the love interest!
8 year old nice boy, we'll call him Alex - as Jeremy's little brother!
Evil Asian woman, we'll hall her Lilian - as the bad guy!
Cute 4 year old little asian girl - as Lilian's daughter

The Plot:

I know something happened first, I just cant remember the beggining. I'm sure I met Jeremy at some sort of event and we liked eachother but we thought we wouldnt see eachother again. Ugh maybe it'll come to me eventually but for now, heres the rest.

I went to Jeremy's house, not knowing for sure if he would be there. I walked through (it was very dramatic, like we we're finally finding eachother again) the house, searching different rooms until I saw him. He was sitting on the couch with Alex watching TV like a great big brother. I just walked in and sat down on the other side of Alex, as if I belonged with them. Jeremy said something like "Scoot over buddy" and moved Alex to his other side so he was sitting beside me. And suddenly everything was right, just absolutely perfect. Its how in dreams you know that you love someone and they love you without having to really say or do anything.

Someone was hunting me, chasing me down. I guess they wanted Jeremy and Alex too . . or they were in the way. I really don't know. Later I found out I was heir so some sort of fortune and thats why they wanted me, so I guess the boys were just bait. Anyway we had to run. We ran and hid and ran some more and I was so worried, less for myself but for him. This beautiful boy I had just gotten for my own . . . then he was caught. They got him and took him away and he yelled for me to keep running. He sent me a text telling me to get to the house, saying alex was still there and we had to protect him. I didn't know how to get there. I didnt even know where I was, so I just picked a direction and kept running. Then I saw them, the bad guys that is. I backed away from them, into a bush behind me. I burred myself in the shrubbery. A woman, Lillian came near the bush and I found myself drawn to her, and somehow I came forward enough for her to see my feet beneath the bush. She dragged me out, said something distasteful and led me away. We we heading for the house. I think she wanted to destroy it, and hurt Alex, I don't know but I was so disheartened. She had her young daughter with her. As we walked I held the girls hand, wondering how this sweet thing came from such a terrible mother. I asked the evil woman "How could you do this?" "Dont you understand?" I couldnt see how she could hurt children when she had one of her own.

I think I woke up after that . . I don't know how it ended. I hope I made it to the house and Jeremy had escaped and gotten help. The police would take the baddies aways and we could all live happily ever after . . . but I just dont know. confused

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