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Preferred Name: Enci
Actual Name: Enci
Age: 19
Birthday: | TBE |
Gender: Female
Ethnic origin:
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Natural red head with black on the front bangs. like in the ref below.
Height: 5ft 8in
Story: | TBE |
Personality: She's a young rebel ready to cause trouble. She is confident in everything she does and is ready to pick a fight with someone who tries to start something with her. She has a brother complex, when it comes to her twin brother she will do anything for him. She usually drags him along with her in her adventures of trouble, against his will of course.
Likes and Strengths: Head strong and a natural born leader. She makes friends with anyone and everyone easily. Stands up for her friends and does what ever it takes to keep them close.
Dislikes and Weakness: She hates not being able to do what she sets out to do, if she sets a goal she strives for it and isn't happy with it till it's done perfect and can become thick headed when someone tries to help her out. She feels useless when Eric (twin brother) doesn't need her help for something, and get's lonely without him on her side.
Extra: She is Eric's twin sister. Is usually the leader of trouble making when it comes to the two of them, she usually get's Eric in trouble for her own amusement.
Apearance:Clothes, Hair, Face, and full body refs
Natural red head; hair should have black on front
Art received/ created: By Me:
By Others: (who they are by)
Rosi_Ghost & [colored] | -VampyricRayne- | AbsoluteAutopsy | seena10

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