Um, a few things, I guess.

I've been sick for the last few days, and it's horrible. But I get sick really, really often, so I guess that's no surprise to anyone, heh heh. But anyway, I'[m going to see a movie with my aunt, cousin and sister this weekend, I think.

I don't really want to go because I don't even know what movie we're seeing, on top of the fact I don't really like my sister, and feel awkward around my aunt and cousin, since they are just really stuck up in a sense. And they're be the ones picking the movie so it'll just be poop!

Yah but I'm being really ungrateful here. I guess it could be fun? Oh well.

I'm getting my Terezi shirt when girls medium or girls large is in stock, I need it soon! I'm also buying Case's new album soon, because Case is just wonderful. * u *

My summer has sort of been poop.