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A few years of work had well paid off. Deadly Nightshade had finally opened. A haven for much of demonkind and a place to attract the unwary human and bring their into our family. It was our best way to begin spreading our influence. Angels, and the like cared no more for this world, it would only make it easier for us to take control. We would be like a virus spreading and conquering. Soon demonkin would be the dominant species across this world. And it would begin with seducing and corrupting the innocent. Yes it was a plan to control all, no matter how cliche it was.The less prayer, the less love of god, that worthless b*****d. The more power we had. The soon they would fade and we could reclaim our rightful place in the clouds. All manner of debauchery would be allowed in our lub, I mean what did demons fear from anything like that. We thrived on it. We sought it out. We'd made sure to place the club almost between a trio of schools all for varying ages, and all girls catholic schools. What better place to begin. I'd especially heard rumor about the beautiful daughter of a powerful senator, one who was in fact planning election for prime minister, to claim is daughter was a step in the right direction. Even better I'd heard she wasn't much popular with the folk of her school. So I'd sent a pair of emmissary two seemingly innocent looking women to invite her to our fine home and begin exacting our influence.

**This is a corruption of the innocent roleplay, should be a whole lot of fun. And as you can see I already outlined the basic profile of the opposite character. Hope that's fine.**