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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Monthly Collectibles I Own (List)
Monthly Collectibles I Own
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Monthly Collectibles (MCs) are special Premium Items that are released once a month. These items are generally of higher quality than regular shop items, both in versatility and art quality.
They are only obtainable by buying a "Thank You Letter" from the La Victoire for a fee of $2.50(USD) each, the letter always occupies the first slot of the shops inventory. Another method to obtain letter is by buying them from another Gaian via trades or the Marketplace.

The Monthly Collectibles have been released every month since June 2003, and for every 1 letter there contains a choice of 2 items, at times there are 3 for special occasions. The only difference is the very first letter which contained only 1 item, the Angelic Halo. When a letters month has passed, it will never be re-released, then the only way to obtain an older Monthly Collectible item is to purchase it from another Gaian via trades or the Marketplace.


June: Angelic Halo
July: Panda Hat / Kodiac Grizzly Bear Hat
August: DJ Studio Headphones / Portable Stereo Headphones
September: Mini Angel Wings / Mini Nitemare Wings
October: Devil Tail / Angelic Sash
November: OMG / AFK
December: Angelic Scarf / Nitemare Scarf

January: Emo Bag / Chain Wallet
February: ZONY Discman / ZONY MP3 Player
March: Fuzzy Penguin Slippers / Baby Seal Slippers
April: Hammi Hat / Bammi Hat
May: Bear Pajamas / Monkey Pajamas
June: Angelic Pendant / Horns of the Demon
July: Steel-plated Ninja Band / Kitsune Mask
August: Golden Laurels / Winged Anklets
September: Bani Clips / Goti Clips
October: Demonic Pitchfork / Staff of The Angels
November: Ice Gauntlet / BTK
December: Fire Gauntlet / OMFG

January: Demonic Pendant / Angelic Bracelet
February: Solar Cloak / Lunar Cloak
March: KiKi Kitty Plushie / RoRo Robo-Puppy
April: Prism Butterfly Mantilla / Chestplate of Arachne
May: Guitar of Angellus / Guitar of Demona
June: Bone Dragon Helm / Phoenix Circlet
July: Solar Headdress / Lunar Cowl
August: Whip of Fire / Whip of Ice
September: Pandy Pack / Hard Shell Pack
October: CoCo Kitty Plushie / Wind Security Blanket
November: Sno Yeti Pillow Plush(chillin') / Nitemare Parasol
December: Winter Fox Mink / Ice Tiara

January: Angelic Parasol / Sword of Aegis
February: Chyaku Norisu Scarf / G9 Laptop
March: Demonbow & Mochi the Puppy
April: Sun Staff & G-BOT
May: Angelbow / Chain Of Command
June: G Blade / Dark Halo
July: Ancient Katana / Elegant Veil
August: Angelic Microphone & Gwee the Dragon
September: Mythrill Armor / ORLY? Hat
October: Shadow Spirit / Pixie
November: MoMo the Monkey / Mini UFO
December: Flame Sword/ Elemental Hair / Winter Rose

January: Damascus Armor & Gift of the Goddess
February: Dark Star / Celestial Wrap / Celebrity Date
March: Mythic Hair / Spirit Falcon
April: Lunar Scythe / Aquatica / Oculus Magica
May: Yokai's Treasure / Demonic Anklets
June: Cloud / Mythrill Halo / Western Zodiac
July: Fire Flower / Enchanted Strings / Mecha Form
August: Summoning Tome / Plasma Gear
September: Gift of the Gods / Superior Form
October: Grunny / Gothic Veil / Vampire Hunter Hat
November: Wild Things / Autumn Glory
December: Frostbite Blade / Snow Witch / TM (Time Piece)

January: Assassin's Guise / Masterpieces
February: Magical Girl / Four Horsemen
March: Wonderland / Samurai Yoroi
April: Rock Puppy / Rock Hard (Demonic Mic)
May: Oculus Mythica / Elemental Wings
June: Radiant Prism / Black Ops Gear
July: Head Case / Holy Gauntlets
August: War of the Warlords / The Lusty Scoundrel
September: Red Riding Hood / Super Powers
October: Dreamer's Dust / Kong Sang Scarf
November: Toadstool / Stone Gauntlet
December: Snow Feather / Silent Night

January: Scarlet Sprite / Order of Atlantis
February: Grizzly Hoodie / Heartbreaker
March: Spring Nymph / Techno-Mage
April: Voracious Fog / Cherry Blossom
May: Pride of Hera / Lightning Lash
June: Demonic Armor / Angelic Lace
July: Koi / Black Wolf
August: Uncanny Form / Nitemare Sash
September: Goti the Kid / Gothic Butterfly
October: Will-o-the-Wisp / Golden Fleece
November: Unicorn / Royal Wizard
December: Silver Laurels / Ice Prince

January: Layla / Majnun
February: Scarlet Rose / Grim Reaper
March: Frog / Sapphire Plume
April: Princess Kaguya / Harbinger of Pestilence
May: Lunar Sash / Bani the Bunny
June: Electric Knight / Serpentine Priestess
July: Bacchus / Prism Armor
August: Solar Sash / Nitemare Crown
September: Light Spirit / Muramasa
October: Mwee the Dragon / Ruby Pendant
November: Gilt Thorns / OMG Scarf
December: Seraphic Bow / BuBu Kitty Plushie

January: Ascended Demon / Nogitsune
February: Legendary Mage / AFK Scarf
March: Woodland Druid / Fortuna
April: Gunslinger / Spring Rose
May: Imperial Guardian / Water Sash
June: Celestial Veil / Red Wing
July: Queen Dorado / Ithilldyn Armor
August: Royal Keymaster / Antique Keymaster
September: Black Sheep / Maleficent Seven
October: Black Widow / Rogue Bravado
November: First Frost / Datamancer
December: Sweet Sealie / The Wasp

January: Yuki Otoko / Silver Sprite
February: Juno's Lace / Djinn Baharat
March: Antique Pierrot / Fallen King
April: Empress Cotton / Duelliste
May: Captain Cobalt / Lady Glaive
June: Prima Poppet / Draconis Adamantine
July: Devoted Spica / Captive Syrma
August: Beard Science/ Literary Luxury
September: Night Weaver / Fading Ember
October: Ghastly Instruments / The Mournful Wail
November: Prince Cardinalis / Sunset Spirit
December: Princesse Honoré / Old Nikolas

January: Dark Omen / Golden Serpent
February: Dew Drop / Briar Sonnet
March: Shy Gardener / Rugged Woodsman
April: Pixie Queen / Nightmare Scythe
May: Laughing Assassin / Fluttering Moth
June: Winged Halo / Sister of Sin / Brother of Virtue
July: Raijin's Rage / Sunset Siren
August: Light Magic / Shadow Fencer
September: Altair's Honor / Vega's Love
October: Queen's Vengeance / Haigha's Madness
November: Rookie Detective / Striking Thief
December: Ivory Baronet / Ebony Debutante

January: Celestial Soldier / Elysian Knight

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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