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RCP Skeletons


Character Information

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Shinigami Information


Academy Education

Reiatsu Control:
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Zanpakuto Info

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Shikai Release:
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Shikai Ability 1:
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Bankai Rebirth Zanpakuto: Final transformation of a zanpakuto by going trough a trial and sacrificing the zanpakuto's original bankai. It is the equivalent power of the Espada's Segunda Resuruccion. The "Rebirth" of a zanpakuto is the metamorphosis of a zanpakuto's spirit from the relationship shared by their wielder. The Rebirth of the zanpakuto's original bankai increases the spiritual and physical power of the user and the capabilities of the zanpakuto. Only after the user has fully mastered bankai is he able to go through this trial, however because of the risks involved the head captains of the past have forbidden the practice. Once achieved, this will replace your bankai.

Bankai Rebirth Description: This is where the differences between the original bankai and the Rebirth Bankai are placed. Physical appearances, spiritual patterns, anything that changed between them. The Rebirth of one's bankai is the resonance of both the wielder's soul and the zanpakuto's soul. The Rebirth form of bankai must have some sort of body piece, armor, or some sort of jewel that connects the user directly with their zanpakuto. Some cases, the zanpakuto blade will attach itself to it's user, however this is not always the case. The physical change in the appearance of the wielder is very common, but again is not always the case.

Bankai Rebirth Ability 1:
Bankai Rebirth Ability 2:
Bankai Rebirth Ability 3:
Bankai Rebirth Ability Resolution: The strongest ability once Rebirth Bankai has been achieved. This ability doesn't have to be an attack, and can be an effect for a short time. This ability is the true definition of the zanpakuto's true capabilities, and is the strongest and purest form of the zanpakuto's element. It is THE last resort of a Bankai Rebirth's abilities. This particular technique must have dire consequences for using this last resort too many times or for too long. Instant loss of spiritual pressure, long term loss of a zanpakuto (zanpakuto disappears far after the battle ends before returning to the user), even death.


Agility Capability

Dashing: A most basic technique that allows the user to throw him/herself to a certain direction using a certain angle of which way the the stance is directed and executed. Based on an individual's atributes, dashing can be quite a moderately fast move instead of running. Also depending on the distance, dashing can be quite useful if in closer range to the opponent. This technique is basically for all ranks.

Shunpo (Flash-Step): A movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. This technique requires a very high level of training, thus a most difficult one to obtain. One, who is of a high lieutenant ranking, must be able to possess Shunpo. Furthermore, it is a most fearsome mid-range/long-range speed known to be the exceeding ability than dashing. All in all, this ability can only be used by lieutenants and captains. For lieutenants it is nearly mastered, yet not perfected. Therefore, it is only of mid-range level 1. For captains Shunpo is of a level 2 maximum ability in which it is fully perfected for both mid-range and long-range.

Air Walk: Another skill, though not necessarily related, is the Soul Reaper ability to walk on air using spiritual energy. By collecting and solidifying spiritual particles beneath their feet, Soul Reapers can gain traction on thin air to either freely move about or to stop themselves from falling. This particular ability can only be obtained from officer level. Furthermore, it cannot necessarily be used every so often, especially for officers. It is an ability that can only be temporarily used but cannot last for a very long period of time. However, for lieutenants, they can stay on air for quite a bit longer and for captains, it can be held for quite a long while considering the great amount of riatsu within a captain ranking individual.

Senka (Flash Blossom): Although Shunpo is connected with this ability, this technique possess a unique name and style of its own. This technique is known as Senka (闪花, Flash Blossom), a flash step combined with a spin to quickly move behind the enemy, followed by a strike aimed to destroy the saketsu chain and the hakusui soul sleep with a combination of two quick thrusts. This technique is one of the two, that Youruichi developed mixing Shunpo to complete its ability. Furthermore, only certain individuals, of high ranking captain level can possess such an ability.

Utsusemi: This is one of the two, that Youruichi developed as well. It is the 4 ways of the Shihou through Shunpo which is also known as "Utsusemi". It's ability is a speed known to be so fast that the user leaves an afterimage of him/herself. Its affect is most absolute, superb, and flawless if ever fully perfected. And to be more specific, Utsusemi's speed is so fast, that the enemy can practically feel and touch the physical body of the afterimage and not even know the very fact that it is nothing more but an afterimage. Its very image can easily deceive the eyes of the enemy. This technique is very rare, thus few captains are able to possess such a flawless ability. Furthermore it is most lethal when combining Senka after Utsusemi is executed.


Kidu Capability:

Other Information

Reiatsu Color:
Close Quarters Combat Skills:
Reiatsu Sense:
Fighting Style:

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