July 18 - I'm cleaning things up a bit... left Virtuadopt because I never got into it anyway. Left Start io (or oi?) because I had no use for it. I'm also abandoning Dream Width because I also have no use for it. There are many site that have content plus a blog, so a blog centric site seems pretty insignificant when a blog is a mere side feature these days. I'll be keeping Live Journal because of comms and to comment on people's blogs and while I'm at it, I'll still post as usual there... like I do in every other site's blog feature. But really, I'm not in any Dream Width comms and everyone has an LJ or both a DW and an LJ so I won't be losing contact with anyone. That's it... Goodbye Dream Width, can't say I'll miss you.

July 19 - I thought I would work on my layout gallery today but I'm filling in for an international flight so I'll be working 3pm to maybe around 8 or 9 depending on delays. (Boo delay season!) Then 11:30pm to I don't know, 3 or 4 or 5 am. I'll get online during the in-between. Then this again on Saturday and Jet Center the 29. It's good though, we finish fast and get paid to " mind the station" aka hang around entertaining ourselves. See you at the forums. At home... Not much time, going online.

July 20 - Trying to catch up with as much as I can today. Got another double shift tomorrow. I uploaded more pics, some of the snapshots turned out nice, check them out.

July 21 - Sorry for the lack of updates. I had double shifts Thursday and Saturday. I focused on Silver Star, my layout archive, on Friday and finished today. I have a single shift tomorrow, then 2 days off (and I hope that doesn't change). I'll be able to catch up with everything then, hopefully.

Later... Might work tomorrow, but I'll have time to sleep at least since I would go in at 3 -if- I have to. Can't complain though easy money, half of it spent waiting for a late flight at the office or next to the runway playing with my iPod so that's fun. I've been writing parts of the next Revolution (X-Men: Evolution) chapter. By the time I'm done, the low season should settle in and I'll have time to finish it and focus on Chaos (the Slayers story, I always think of chaos in general. But I want to write that one on the computer only to focus better. I get no signal at the runway, but I'll be posting at forums from the office.

July 22 - The afternoon flight was on time. I'll be home around 6 instead of 8pm. Then I'll go back at 11pm and after leaving at 3? 4? Not sure yet, I'm off for 2 days! Nothing will drag me to the airport on any of those days. Mini party at the office tonight before the night flight, yay chocolate cake!

Yesterday night we had a"bomb" (not really) they got everyone out to the parking lot though, but our flight had already left so we were inside the office and the officers didn't rush us out or anything. We were the last to leave, one girl was finishing some reports, I was done so I was playing with my iPod. I hung around until she decided to leave the reports for the next day since the place was empty, except the gate, because that's past security anyway. I went home and the passengers were still out at the time. I wonder what that bag was, the last bomb turned out to be tropical candy. XD Everything was functioning normally in the afternoon when I went back for another flight.

July 23 - Got my layout archive up yesterday. I'm catching up with everything today. Last week was long. I still need to make a new layout for Fantasy Bit, I'll upload it along with the changes as soon as its done. I joined Media Miner too but the new links aren't up yet so here it is. http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/src.php/u/195904

Silver Star
July 22 - Site up!

July 20 - Revolution 16: Walking On Eggshells (X-Men: Evolution)
July 23 - Revolution 17: Program (X-Men: Evolution)

July 18 - Sakuro Icon and Cursor (Summon Night)
July 20 - Donut Flower (photo)
July 20 - World Atlantic (photo)
July 20 - Rainy Landing (photo)
July 20 - Sunset at the Airport (photo)
July 22 - Martin Air 1 (photo)
July 22 - Martin Air 2 (photo)
July 22 - Fed Ex (photo)
July 22 - Good Quality Tours (photo)
July 22 - Push Back (photo)
July 22 - Milky Way Midnight (photo)
July 22 - Land on my Wing (photo)
July 23 - FFVII Cursors in a Box (Final Fantasy VII)