My goddam name is Humpty Dumpty. Why am I sitting on a wall? Because my mom won't let me see the Dozen (the awesome band) concert. I called her a goddam whore. Then threaten to ground me and sent me to my room. I snuck out and ended up on a wall smoking cigarettes.

While, I sat on a wall after smoking I decided to lay down for no goddam reason. And I forgot I was a goddam stupid egg. A GODDAM EGG!!! And because I'm an egg I fell off. I fell off and down because I'm an idiot who wanted to lay my fat self on a wall.

I hit the ground. After, I fell off this stupid wall. And this stupid ugly fat girl saw me after I exploded all over the ground. She went to get everyone in town to hep me even the goddam kids came. Even though I hate people seeing me all gory and all. The goddam kids screamed.

Anyways, while they were helping me I could feel all of their goddam hands, all over my guts all over the place. It was so goddam gross. Have anyone touched your guts? It's gross.

Anyways, I was forever alone all over the pavement.