It has come to my attention that no matter what I do. I'm usually left alone to dwell in my own thoughts. Those who claim to be my allies, have shown signs and already have betrayed me. I'm left alone to go on fighting. Strength has slowly been taking away and my weakness has begun to show. Though I have many in me. Not one of them has the strength to survive. So I've come to realise that I must combine each and everyone into one being. Cutting myself down to two. Myself and my other half.

I've come to also realise that friendships don't mean sh*t to anyone anymore. No matter what the cost, someone will always leave and fade from ones memories. I've claim myself to create the Ryders. To those who made a pacted with someone, only to be betrayed in the end. I invite those to join others like yourself in creating only two of you. Look deep within yourself and ask, am I really ready to go about things on my own.