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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
Vampires Vs. Werewolves Part 2
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It seemed to go well when I was calling him as blood trickled down my gashed white wrist. It rained like a waterfall of dark red rose petals down my arm. The blood was so red and dark it looked like roses stained with bat's blood(I learned about the blackish roses stained like that from Vampire Kisses by the way). I bled more than in Elfen Lied when Nana got chopped up. It was beyond ridiculous. My words were faint moans and Kira could barely hear me as I tried to confess my love to him. The cuts were too plentiful and deep. My delicate whines of exhaustion and passion barely escaped my pale pouted lips that were semi-parted and soft. I fell down. I passed out into sleep. I felt like I died. The shock left my big purple pink eyes open and glowing as I left this world for a while. I lied down stiffly in that position. I looked like Anna from Van Helsing when she died. My uncle walked in on what looked liked my pale virgin vampire corpse. He screamed in fear and shock and rushed me to the hospital. It was all a big black fuzzy blur.
I woke up in a pure white room surrounded by almost nothing but whiteness. It was boring and too bright and white because it is still a hospital of course. I did not mind though. I thought I was dead and was just grateful to have survived. As my vision got less and less fuzzy I saw people. They were there. All my friends were here worried about me. Their faces looked downcast and depressed. Kiku's eyes were more of a faded red than usual as she looked down more sad and shy than ever. Kira was biting down on his thin white lower lip. He was squeezing the cross around his neck praying while in the corner of the room. Youkai was being a good friend and patting his shoulder. My uncle Dracula was patting my head and humming me to comfort my sleep. He prayed too. He alerted everyone that I was awake and they all came over to look. They smiled and frowned off and on with great relief I was safe.
I could barely speak but I tried my best anyways. "H...a...hai..." I said blinking a lot from tiredness, fluttering my long fire red eyelashes with a rose sheen, my eyes were still bright but fading from the feeling of death that overcame me before but I smiled softly anyways. I have optimism sometimes even though I am very depressed obviously. My big cute pink lips formed the smile and everyone in the room lit up from it because it was so beautiful and like a gift especially since I survived the self-harm.
"Shh. Don't speak." Kira said heroically putting a finger on my lips. It was like I almost kissed him the first time in a way. But no, my lips just somewhat touched his finger. It was satisfying though. Everyone in the room took the hint that we were in love so they let us be. We definitely needed a moment alone.
"Raven, you're hurt. You shouldn't try so hard." He said strongly but softly and sincerely. He was just trying to protect me but I still wanted to move around and speak so like the tough woman I am I defied him.
I moved his finger off of my soft pale moon face. I held his hand with my strong arm. I may be skinny but I can still be independent. "No, Kira...I....I do what I want." I insisted seriously.
With his free hand he ran it through his medium tone shaggy emo hair. He scratched it, stroked it, and shook it up nonchalantly and like a male model.
I gulped in awe at how cute he was as a hefty blush painted across my pale face darkening it with lovely embarassment lines and how he understood that I was just being me. I was just being my unique self. He did not mind. He was just surprised at my radiating vampire energy.
"Just be careful." He smiled and insisted.
"I know...I will for you....for us....and for everyone." I said with a weak yet powerful voice building up with energy more like I was making an epic speech.
"For us." Kira repeated holding both my hands. He brought them to his chest. I could feel it was toned and I blushed some more again. I could also hear his heart pounding as his smile melted a bit. He had happy tears.
"I....K-kira-kun....." I said as my heart did the same. My blush getting stronger. I lightly sweat on my naturally glistening forehead making it shine even more like silver stars.
"I love you, Raven. I know you know that I was just too chicken to say it." Kira confessed me to romantically while still holding my little white hands.
"I....ditto....." I said shyly looking into his deep gray eyes. I got happy tears too. Did this mean we were boyfriend and girlfriend now? Did this mean the trials would start soon? No. Because My stupid uncle walked in just as my love was asking "Can I d-" Peterson Dracu'ul burst in with snacks like sushi, dango, and cupcakes to restore my body and strength. He also brought chocolate just for me. It was an awesome thought and all but he interrupted which pissed me off.
I used a lot of my energy to shout "BAKA!" I threw my pillow at him and caught tray in mid air as he fell over. "Oh, and arigato." I said angrily and pouting a bit. I ate my food cutely with some pure black shiny chopsticks with a lace-like print on it in crimson. I sank my fangs into the sashimi and onigiri. Kiku and Youkai walked in holding hands smiling softly and pleasantly yet almost like they had a secret. I was almost distracted by that at first but then they let go when they noticed they were holding each other. They both blushed mildly then scooted away from each other because they are so shy! They looked at the mess of Uncle Peterson lying on his back and twitching while covered in a pillow case and goose feathers.
We all laughed together after that. We were kind of relaxed but I suddenly passed out again when everyone's guard was letting down. They all freaked out and got the doctor but it was too late. I exerted myself into a coma.

"A c-coma?" Kiku asked all surprised. "How long will it last?" Kiku asked directly and quite smartly. That day Kiku Atarashi was wearing what she usually wore outside of school sailor clothes. She was wearing a light blue short sleeved lolita dress with a sailor collar and a knee length skirt part with floral white lace on the edge hems and under it in a layer like with a tulle skirt but less goth and more fancy and sweet. She had on little white Madonna style lace gloves that also resembled Victorian fashion in a way. She had her hair up in a bun at the very top of her head instead of the usual casual ponytail. She had a matching parasol and make-up. She had light pink gloss lipstain, white blue eyeshadow, white and black liner in a balanced, and she had a natural blush so she needed no make-up to bring it out. She wore dark purple ballet flats with ribbon and black stocking socks without the gothic spike detail from before. She wore her usual emo scene glasses. She looked gorgeous as per usual and a bit like Ghoulia Yelps from Monster High.
The doctor answered. "Yes. She will be in one for the rest of her life unless we can find a miracle!" He told her.
Kiku freaked out a bit all depressed. She has bipolar too even if she is more in control than I am. She cried a lot. Youkai arrived coincidentally and tried to comfort her.
He hugged her strongly in his muscular arms. Youkai was practically wearing full-on Tripp gear that day! It was amazing! He wore a black hoodie with white-ish gray skull print with the hood up hiding his ears. He had on a spiked collar with a chain leash like the average teen wolf would wear. He had on Tripp bondage pants. They were big, baggy, and goth. They were pure black and had a lot of metal chains. They had red pocket trim details too. He had a black t-shirt underneath the jacket that said "My Chemical Romance" on it because it was one of his all time favorite bands. He had on jet black Tripp gloves with a skull and crossbones on each. He looked like death in a good way with his black eyeliner on. He had multiple silver ear piercings in his fluffy black wolf ears to control his powers and cause him pain at the same time. He has high tolerance for that stuff because he is super hardcore. He painted his nails black as an extra detail almost like he was trying to impress someone who likes goth boys!
"It's okay. We'll think of something....." Youkai suggested with optimism.
"No. It's a lost cause." Kiku said quietly.

Kiku and Youkai looked at my body. I looked serene and beautiful even though I was basically dead.
"We should plan a funeral." My uncle said sadly.
"No!" Kira disagreed crying.
Youkai burst into tears. His eyeliner began to run. He cried over me as Kiku held his hand. All hope for me seemed to be lost until......I OPENED MY EYES!
"What the hell?" I said blinking like crazy like the first time I woke up. I wiped some tears that fell on me off of my face. Apparently, Youkai's werewolf tears had some serious mystical qualities of healing to them. It healed all my strawberry gashes. Everyone rejoiced and so did I. I hugged Kira and he hugged me back tightly. Kiku and Youkai hugged but let go because they were too shy and not at the point that Kira and I were in the relationship process. (We were not necessarily boyfriend and girlfriend just hyper aware of our feelings for each and it was double true since he confessed directly finally.)

We all went home and had a Halloween party. It was pretty fun. I got to test out my vampire queen costume and Kiku was dressed as a mermaid. The guys didn't have their costumes yet and Halloween was in a week.

To be continued....?

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    Community Member

    Thu Jul 19, 2012 @ 07:39pm


    Community Member

    Fri Jul 20, 2012 @ 11:42am

    Werewolves rule!!!!! >w> And awesome story biggrin ninja -disappears-

    Community Member

    Sat Jul 21, 2012 @ 01:16am

    I love werewolves too. The best wolfy ever is my friend Youkai. You should talk to him, Red. He also loves to RP just like me. ^__^

    Little White Whisper
    Community Member

    Mon Dec 10, 2012 @ 09:55pm

    One of my favorite chapters....especially since there's a brewing romance. smile It makes me blush though!

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