Hey lovies!

It's been about forever and a day, eh? I still type in purple everywhere and everyone is so confused whee and I use the term "gonk" an no one seems to have seen gonk before, which I think is strange, but I guess I've been spoiled being on gaia.

Life's been interesting lately! I don't think you guys would really recognize grown up Noky anymore. Maybe from pictures - my appearances haven't changed much, but it's strange being a formal grownup now XD - and a woman nonetheless. I'm cute, nerdy, and brutal and I'm hoping I'm not leaving too big a trail of broken hearts =P [/sarcasm] (boys don't really care for me, and I'm fine with that)

I'm doing research at PSU, where I'll be going into my senior year.I wish I could say it was satisfying - but on a day to day basis, it feels like I'm just wasting time, but I mean, this is the next day to the rest of my life, nay?

This summer has been fun, I've indulged in many more vices than I ever thought I would (Noky's older than the legal drinking age now!) But it leaves me with a bit of an identity crisis - who am I and what exactly what am I trying to do here?

I wish I could say I love and miss you all, but some of you I don't know anymore, which kind of makes me sad because I loved you all once, but such is the nature of time is it not? That we grow up and we forget and we have those memories that seem so much more perfect than they ever were in reality.