By PQ and Retrostacja

When Blaize had been asked to help feed the Aekean athletes at the Rejected Olympics, there had been nothing that could have stood in her way. She spent countless hours perfecting her recipes, designing the decorations, diversifying the flavors for maximum palette satisfaction and designing her food stand.

It was hard for her to keep her enthusiasm from getting herself into trouble. When she offered people the pastries from her stand, sometimes her passion behind the details of the food that only a chef could truly appreciate got a little....too forward.

“YOU CAN TASTE AEKEA IN EVERY BITE!” She shouted at someone as they bit into one of her checkered cream puffs. It startled them in mid-swallow and nearly made them choke.

She held a five minute conversation with an athlete about how to create the perfect metallic sprinkle to accent an otherwise dull whipped topping. Half of the conversation continued even after the person had left, and she had finished the second half of the conversation with someone else completely different without her knowledge.

Despite her poorly restrained extroverted characteristics, nobody left her stand without a smile on their face and a satisfied appetite.