Stress overload!

today just seems to be building up on me! i go to moms shop to relax but her clients energy made me have the runs. the next thing thay happens is flaggy meadow fiber mill calls and sounds very unsure bout cleaning my wool cuz of how much i got! isnt that their job? they also charge 20$ a lb of wool plus additional 12$ per wash! i need to get the wool done asap for xmas presents and my business, but i aint got enough money! i asked my mom to work for her but apparently my older bro comes first cuz of "bills" which ik is a crock cuz his wife told us he has enough money and is wantin fun money! what bout my business!? i cant get what i need done until i get enough money to get my wool done! does mom wanna help me? nooooo! she wants her precious boy josh to do good! i may be taking it too far but im fed up of bein pushed aside and not listened to!