Dark as night.
Nothing for sight.
My mind wonders
Time for a fright.

Black is the absence of color.
It advocates fear.
It's our mind come to life.
It displays creativity.
It inspires determination.
It pushes us to create color.

Where there is nothing insight.
All you can do is hear.
Your mind will wander in fear.
Because you can't bear, the thought of what is lurking over there.

The color black,
the absence of color.
I guess you can say it's just nothing.
Like Zero
the number it's nothing.
It just means there's nothing.
No hero.

Let's face it,
my mind just wandered into nothing,
to eventually create something
To fit in that empty space,
just to keep itself occupied.

Out of the fear, arose creativity, to inspire me to do what I wouldn't do.
What I couldn't do.

From the determination, I did what I couldn't do. I failed but boohoo.
Like the little engine that could, I was like "I think I can"
And I did it AND.
I'm here to say, it all came from the inspiration, my determination, and creativity from the very emotion I hated see... Is fear.