Hello, a pleasure to finally be fully involved with Gaia Online again. But let me introduce myself before I grown too winded. Please know me as Lady Keyrose, or preferably Crystal. (I have a thing for medieval times, but I am certainly no princess, as you will soon see.) I am a college student in Graphic Design, waiting to attend my chosen university in the coming fall.

I used to have another account with Gaia, but basically forgotten it. I was an IMVU junkie for a long time, but I tossed that aside after my latest heartbreak. "It's time for a change," I said, and here I am again. I plan to do many things on Gaia that just couldn't be done on IMVU. The art arena is a good example. I can finally post my writings here as well as my artwork, just like DeviantArt, but I can have some fun at the same time.

I'm still new to the forums and guilds bit, but give me due time, and I'll come to post there too. I'm just biding my time selling things at my shop I don't really want/need/like, and building my wardrobe of outfits.

....Trust me. This, what I am writing, this haughty, frou-frou writing, is not how I really write. I write with more of an ease informal outlook, with some cursing in my rants... sweatdrop And emoticons. I love those. But that's only when I'm more comfortable with Gaia and its people. My real self is on DeviantArt, and hopefully, I can show it all to you here as well. For now, I will finish this early. Again, it's a pleasure to be back here on Gaia, and I hope to make some good art and good friends.

~Lady Keyrose cat_4laugh