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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Rig Items I Own Part I (A-C)
*Updated every time I buy 10+ items

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Adventure Time
Adventure Time Style
Baby Finn Companion
Cake the Cat
Candy Kingdom
Demon Cat
Fat Ponay Companion
Finn and Jake's Tree Fort
Finn Companion
Finn the Human Boy
Fionna Companion
Fionna the Human Girl
Fionna's Battle Outfit
Firewolf Pup
Gunter the Penguin
Ice King Companion
Ice Kingdom
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Companion
Jake the Dog
Jake the Magical Dog
Lady Rainicorn Companion
Lord Monochrome Companion
LSP Companion
Lumpy Space Princess
Marceline Bat Companion
Marceline Companion
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marceline's Cave House
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee Companion
No Worms on the Bed
Party Karaoke Bears Companions
Party Pat
Party Pat Companion
Princess Bubblegum Companion
Princess Collection
Prince Gumball
Princess Bubblegum's Wardrobe
Princess Bubblegum
Prince Gumball Companion
SDSuper+ AT01 Finn
SDSuper+ AT02 Jake
SDSuper+ AT03 Princess Bubblegum
SDSuper+ AT04 Marceline
SDSuper+ AT05 Ice King
SDSuper+ AT06 Lady Rainicorn
SDSuper+ AT07 Peppermint Butler
SDSuper+ AT08 LSP
SDSuper+ AT09 Lemongrab
SDSuper+ AT10 Fionna
SDSuper+ AT11 Cake
SDSuper+ AT12 Gumball
SDSuper+ AT13 Marshall Lee
SDSuper+ AT14 Ice Queen
SDSuper+ AT15 Lord Monochromicorn
Susan Strong Companion
The Earl of Lemongrab
The Earl of Lemongrab Companion
The Ice King
Treetrunks the Elephant

Ancient Chest
Angelic Mood Bubble
Demonic Mood Bubble
Groucho Glasses
Pineapple Hat
Tuga the Narwhal Plush

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Animal Quackers
Amber Seahorse Tail
Animal Cracker Buddies
Apep Cobra Armor
Aquamarine Seahorse Tail
Big Game Trophy
Boa Constrictor
Carlos the Alpaca
Compound Eye Goggles
Coonskin Cap
Elephantine Guard
Flight of the Macaw
Krankles the Kiwi
La Dragonne
Leopard Couture
Noble Plumage
Obsidian Seahorse Tail
Order of the Iron Rhino
Peyo Mascot Suit
Prince Patchouli
Princess the Piglet
Red Squirrel Cosplay
SDPlus #009 Rina
SDPlus #052 Rancher Bill
SDPlus #101 Radio Jack
SDPlus #110 Capella
SDPlus #116 Pork Wizard
SDPlus #120 Carl
SDPlus #164 The Overseer
SDPlus #165 The Sentinel
SDPlus #166 Ginoverseer
Shark Tooth Sword
Skunk Cosplay
Squirrel Cosplay
The Gator
Tippy the Tapir
Wild Dawn
Zookeeper's Jacket

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Arcana Break
Aqueous Page of Cups
Brave Temperance
Chariot of Bloody Conquest
Crimson Marionette
Delicate Death
Devilish Dancer
Fortune's Fool
High Priestess of Night
Infinite World
King of Wands
Laced Blessings
Lady Justice's Armor
Luxurious Queen of Pentacles
Madame Seer
Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups
Mint King of Cups
Mobius Magician
Path of Luna
Pimp King of Pentacles
Princess of Swords
Red Velvet Queen of Cups
Royal King of Cups
SDPlus #279 Queen Anne
SDPlus #280 Velvetine
SDPlus #281 Fondue
SDPlus #282 Sundae
SDPlus #283 Apprentice Charm
SDPlus Real S41 crossbon
SDPlus Real S42 Pyawakit
SDPlus Real S43 shavostars
SDPlus Real S44 Eldritch Zetallis
Starlit Promise
Strawberry Shortcake Queen of Cups
Sword King
The Adumbral Empress
The Compassionate Strength
The Lovers
The Scintillant Emperor
The Suspended Traitor
Tragic Tower
Velvetine's Reading
Vibrant Sunshine
Wandering Hermit
Wheel of Chance

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Azrael's Trickbox
Anurla's Amulet
Ballad of Orpheus
Charon's Vessel
Cloak of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Dewy the Homicidal Ferret
Form of Arachna
Frigid Night Jewel
George's Pipe
Grandiose Imports
Green Geist Black Candle
Lucky the Cat
Midnight Kei
Nightfall Soiree
Orange Geist Black Candle
Pale Marionette
Plague Noir
Purple Geist Black Candle
Raging Night Jewel
SDPlus #006 Moira
SDPlus #022 Natasha
SDPlus #023 Devin
SDPlus #025 Liam
SDPlus #028 The Masque
SDPlus #037 Rosalie
SDPlus #048 Timmy
SDPlus #049 Dr. Singh
SDPlus #050 Flynn
SDPlus #051 Lance
SDPlus #117 Grown-up Timmy
SDPlus #149 Jack
SDPlus #197 Stein
SDPlus #200 Admin
Ted and Dusky
Valhalla's Eternal Armor

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Best Friend Forever
Baby-kun the Kitty
Breakfast the Calico
Rascal the Alley Cat
Chelsy the Collie
Frankie the Mongrel
Sparky the Terrier
Fufu the Bunny
Pancake the Bunny
Wyatt the Jackalope

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Bitter Frost
Ace Meow
Arion the Pegasus
Boto Encantado
Crystal Parol
Fafnir the Dragon
Fairy Ring
Father's Armor
Faust's Curse
Galahad of Templar
Gavle Goat
Jack Frost
Jade Rabbit
La Syphide
Lady Unicorn
Momotaro no Uta
Ornate Snowflake
Painful Cold
Prince of Icy Thieves
Ring Around the Rosie
SDPlus #64 Ol' Nick
SDPlus #65 Ol' Ebenezer
SDPlus #184 The Bard
SDPlus #218 Princess Kaguya
SDPlus #252 Jack Frost
SDPlus #253 Sandman
SDPlus #254 Fafnir
SDPlus #255 La Dragonne
SDPlus #256 Bacchus
Snow Deer Companion
Snow Maiden
Sun Wukong
The Bird Bridge
The Sandman
The Sphinx
Twin Wolves
White Swan

User Image
Black Butler
Black Butler: Agni
Black Butler: Alois Trancy
Black Butler: Angela Blanc
Black Butler: Ash Landers
Black Butler: Ciel
Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive
Black Butler: Claude Faustus
Black Butler: Drocell Cainz
Black Butler: Grell Sutcliff
Black Butler: Hannah Anafeloz
Black Butler: Lau
Black Butler: Madam Red
Black Butler: Prince Soma
Black Butler: Ran Mao
Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis
Black Butler: Undertaker
SDSuper+ BB01 Ciel Phantomhive
SDSuper+ BB02 Sebastian
SDSuper+ BB03 Grell Sutcliff
SDSuper+ BB04 Alois Trancy
SDSuper+ BB05 Claude Faustus
SDSuper+ BB06 Hannah Annafellows
SDSuper+ BB07 Lau
SDSuper+ BB08 Ran-Mao
SDSuper+ BB09 Prince Soma
SDSuper+ BB10 Agni
SDSuper+ BB11 Undertaker
SDSuper+ BB12 Madame Red
SDSuper+ BB13 Ash Landers
SDSuper+ BB14 Angela Blanc
SDSuper+ BB15 Drossel Kainz

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Carnival du Gothique
Bizarre Oddities
Buttons' Blind Date
Buttons' Game
Carnival Face Paint
Carnival Tiger Companion
Crimson Puppeteer
Crystalline Velvetine
Ecarte the Illusionist
Flea Circus
Funnel Kate
Golden Caramel Apple
Gunpowder Bang Bang!
Hazardous Accidents
High Wire Unicyclist
House of Mirrors
Inside-out Boy
Kitten Star Balloons
Magnifique Harlequin
Merry Mime
Monsieur Loyal's Reprise
Polka Dot Clown
Ruby Candy Apple
SDPlus #455 Carnival Cordis
SDPlus #456 Carnival Gunpowder
SDPlus #457 Carnival Velvetine
SDPlus #458 Carnival Ecarte
SDPlus #459 Carnival Bloody Mary
SDPlus #460 Carnival Buttons
SDPlus #461 Carnival Loyal
Starry Little Clown
Teddy the Cuddly Bear
The Moth Lullaby
The News for Cats
The Somber Ringmaster
Trickster's Gimmick
Under the Big Top
White Carnival Tiger Companion

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Certificate of Adoption
Damp Dan
Eustace & Ethal
Tiny Tom

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Champion Halls
Artistic Freedom
Beastly Professor
Claude's Invisibility
Comic Sounds
Custodian Junko
Dazzling Cheer
Destroyer of Lunches
Extreme Schooling
Fey Seer
Flirty Playboy
Forceful Coersion
Gym Warrioress
Harbinger of Silence
Just Vigilante
Kemuri the Kitten
King of Campus
Kricket Kick
Lawful Vigilante
Lightening Quick
Love Love Serve
Meracle Swimmer
Nicks and Giggles
Nikolai's Experiment
Nurse Reakiro
Paper Play
Predominant Principal
Preppy Ice
Professor Noarishi
Professor Westart
Psionic Weaponry
SDPlus #402 Fey
SDPlus #403 Claude
SDPlus #404 Verden
SDPlus #405 Kricket
SDPlus #406 Kirby
SDPlus #407 Substitute Principle Mills
Sharp Shot
Shop Class Savant
Steel Saber
Super Girl School
Super Sports
Supreme Student Council
Timehole Professor
Unstoppable Linebacker
Verden Frakasi
Villain Girl School
Weapons of Math Destruction

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Checkmate Tactics
Astra-112: Mournful Breeze
Astra-113: Smoldering Desolation
Black Bishop Tactician
Black Knight Vanguard
Black Pawn Soldier
Black Queen Endgame
Black Rook Sentry
Caroling Medic
Checkmate Rematch
Conqueror of the World
Cursed Prince
Dark Crowned Ranks
Gilded Weaponry
Her Majesty Coronation
Lady Knightingale
Lady Sybil's Lace
Light Crowned Ranks
Lil Sultana
Mini Chequer
Queen's Advisor
Queen's Emissary
SDPlus #475 Black Rook
SDPlus #476 Black Bishop
SDPlus #477 Black Knight
SDPlus #478 Black Queen
SDPlus #479 White Rook
SDPlus #480 White Bishop
SDPlus #481 White Knight
SDPlus #482 White King
Sidhe Lord of the Cavern
Sidhe Lord of the Glade
Sinister Souru
Thistle and Tudor Rose
War Game
White Bishop Mage
White King Endgame
White Knight Lancer
White Pawn Infantry
White Rook Defense

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Cirque du Gothique
Accessoires de Cirque
Aerial Ribbon Dancer
Asian Acrobatics
Cirque du Junkfood
Colonel Praline Pepperpot's Capricious Cat Circus
Fortune Teller's Trade
Freak Show Posters
Gothique Harlequin
Highwire Belladonna
La Sanguine
Le Saltimbanque
Les Freaks
Lion Tamer's Pride
Madame Gypsy
Mister Giraffiday
Monsieur Panda
Montauciel Circus
Onyx and Ivory Trapeze
Pink Marionette
Puppet Master
Regalia of the Flame Tongue
Samba Star
SDPlus #011 Agatha
SDPlus #208 Pistolera
SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster
SDPlus #221 The High Flying Sisters
SDPlus #222 Buttons the Pierrot
SDPlus #223 Gunpowder the Daredevil
SDPlus #224 Baalim the Puppet Master and Eve
SDPlus #225 Fiammetta the Firebreather
SDPlus #226 Écarté, Master of Illusions
SDPlus #227 Cordis the Inside Out Boy
SDPlus #228 Colonel Praline Pepperpot
SDPlus #229 The Circus Grunts
SDPlus #230 Valda the Marvelous
Strongman's Might
Sword Eater's Blade
The Big Top Hat
The Magician
Throwing Knives
Zebra Sukutai

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Club Limbo
Aces and Eights
Asphalt Jungle
Bird of Unparadise
Black Jack
Bleeding Suits
Bonnie Ol' Clyde
Boogie Woogie Man
Carcosan Wanderer
Card Croupier
Card Sharks
Case of Pink Eye
Cat Noir
Dice Bunny
Eldritch Assasin
Fire Salamander
Friday XIII
Harlem Blues
Haunted Suits
Hold 'em Tex
Hollywood Tease
Lady Luck
Lady Yvonne
Lucky Suits
Lucky Throw
Madam Goblin Spider
Oliver's Amusement
Peeling Green
Pink Dahlia
Pristine Gloves
Ruffed-Up Showgirl
SDPlus #366 Friday XIII
SDPlus #368 Dice
SDPlus #367 Oliver
SDPlus #369 Jackie
SDPlus #370 777
SDPlus #371 Lady Luck
Snake Eyes
Speakeasy Macabre
Suited Couture
The House Wins
Triple Seven Bandit
White Heat

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Code Alpha
90's Comic Book Hero!
Amateratsu's Cape
Bubble Power Transform
Cat Burglaress
Comic Accents
Cosmosis' Cape
Creeping Vine
Dastardly Crown
Durem Knight
Flower Power Transform
Gaiaman's Cape
Halftone Hero
Heart Power Transform!
Ikki the Kitsune
K.O. Star
King of Fruits
Lady Chimes
Lily Starfire
Lunarian's Cape
MSXXX-01W Gunguy
MW-065 Krieger Custom
Nefarious Plumage
Panty Raider
Prized Possessions
Ra-Horakhty's Cape
Rawrsaurus Plush
Rosales' Cape
SDPlus #024 Josie
SDPlus #040 Blaze
SDPlus #098 Fremere
SDPlus #124 Alpha Girl
SDPlus #125 Beghilos
SDPlus #128 Reiko
SDPlus #153 Easter Bunny
SDPlus #199 Gaia-tan
Sheriff Law
Signal's Cape
Supernatural Arsenal
The Nibbler
The Viceroy
Turbo Rocketpack

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Cryptic Path
Alpine Woiperdinger
Benevolent Bakeneko
Blind Death
Brosnya Dragoon
Colorful Cabra
Cultured Kappa
Ela the Jackalope
Ezo Okami
Fierce Wampus
Haggis of the Moor
Little Yeti
Loch Ness Lassie
Lophius Monk
Maltese Tigress
Man-Eating Tree
Megalodon Monster
Mister Strix
Mystic Locations
Night of the Popobawa
Plight of Girona
Pious Basan
Qilin Of Prosperity
SDPlus #409 Irwin
SDPlus #410 Ela
SDPlus #411 Fathom
SDPlus #412 Nessie
SDPlus #413 Keele
SDPlus #414 Ylaipi
SDPlus #415 Ezo
SDPlus #416 Wakiya
SDPlus #417 Cayo
Sirenia Atargatis
Skyfish Ribbons
Steel Heeled Jack
Stygian Shuck
Tasmanian Safari
Trestle Lurker
Tropical Kodama
Wakiya's Storm
Yasaengui Style

User Image
Crystal Box
Albert the Ruffled Lemur
Apato the Longneck
Cinza the Sloth
Class Headphones
Crystal Guitar
Gold Headphones

Hermann the Frog
Kaloh the Valu
Lunar Headphones
Nodlomu the Dinosaur
Orchid Headphones
Polar Bear Hat
Ringmaster Spat Clips
Single Horn
Solar Headphones
Spooky Imp Hoodie
Triscut the Cockatiel

Winston the Wiener Dog
Yuki the Snow Monkey

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Crystal Overdrive
Amethyst Diamond Dog
Blue Rubble Stockings
Bright KISS
Card Captor Shinigami
Charithalos Blademaster
Devil Trap Card
Fantasy Kitten Star
Force A Nature
Handsome Lech
He Approaches
Lawful Master
Lethal Yandere
Little Lemon Lime
Lovely KISS
Majoko Mariko
Memetically Speaking
Nation of the Rebellion
NeoGaia Hero
One Winged Soldier
Onyx Dragonslayer
Otaku Sanctuary
Peyo Coded Memories
Razzle Dazzle
Roseus Diamond Dog
Sad Pig Boy
SDPlus #204 Peath
SDPlus #266 Kottan Bell
SDPlus #267 Elpis
SDPlus #268 Amartia
SDPlus #269 Mana Seed
SDPlus #270 Odanodan
SDPlus #271 NeoGaia Ian
SDPlus #272 Majoko Mariko
SDPlus #273 King of Spade
SDPlus #274 Queen of Heart
SDPlus #275 Joker of Diamond
SDPlus #276 Ace of Club
SDPlus #277 Dahlia
SDPlus #278 The Gentleman
Ship Captain
Siren Shell
So I Herd U Liek Diedrichs
Sour Tsundere
Super Unnatural
The Troll
Tragic Melody
Yakisoba Shift
Wizardry Time

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Culinary Coliseum
Angel Food Maker
Black Russian
Bonbonieru Konpeito
Crème Brulée
Cupcake Darling
Cutthroat Cook
Devil Food Baker
Devil's Spice
Doufu Hua
Dulce Príncipe
Flaky Choco
Giovane Maccarone
Hip Hop Shake
Honeydew Drop
Keylime Cutie Pie
Kyarameru the Purring
Loli Pop
Mako Maki
Maraschino Cherry
Matcha Anko
Mille-Crepe Au Chocolat
Onigiri Emotion
Piero Dionysus
Princess of Cakes
Queen Marie's Velvet
Red Leather Scotch
Refreshing Grapefruit
Refreshing Lemon
Refreshing Lime
Royal Jelly-Bee
Scrumptious Soft Serve
SDPlus #435 Chairman Basil Confit IV
SDPlus #436 Calvin Pointer
SDPlus #437 Fleury Ives
SDPlus #438 Kid Kobe
SDPlus #439 Harrison Simmer
SDPlus #440 Tetsu Yoshimi
SDPlus #441 Seol-tang Park
Shrimp Cocktail
Silver Service
Strawberry Soft Serve
Sugared Ambrosia
Sunny Hollandaise
Sweet Strudel
Truffle Man
Turkish Delight
Xiaolong Bao Bao

FoxDemonAreiku V2
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FoxDemonAreiku V2
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