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Preferred name: Desmon
Actual Name: Desmon Crienvar
Age: 18
Birthday: | Undecided |
Gender: Male
Ethnic origin: French
Eyes: Brighter Green
Hair: Black
Height: 5ft 6in
Story: | TBE |
Personality: Really shy and timid around people. Over thinks things and always things its more towards the worse than the good. Blushes easily, and is easily embarrassed. Quite and not really talkative unless it's something he can actually relate to.
Likes and Strengths: | TBE |
Dislikes and Weakness: Desmon is really shy and easily embarrassed and confused. He has lived a sheltered life inside of his families estate that is almost like it's own little world. He has never been allowed to leave because his mother keeps him from leaving. He doesn't know much about how things work in the "normal world" outside of his families home. Sab is the reason he knows some things, and the reason why he has his ear's pierced.
Extra: I would adore couple art of him with Jinx
Appearance: Clothes | Chibi Color Ref | Waist up Color Ref/ Non chibi
Art received/ created: By Me:
Chibi | Chibi | Best Ref for hair
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Couple Art:Desmon & Jinx
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