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Preferred Name: Sab
Actual Name: Sebastian
Age: 18
Birthday: | undecided |
Gender: Male
Ethnic origin: French
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Light pink (or white blonde if you like) and Light blue streaks
Height: 5ft 8in
Story: | BTE |
Likes and Strenghts: He has a preference for girl clothes because he finds they suite him far better than any guy's clothes could. v__v
He likes to play dress up with tutu's and tiaras with cute little wands to match. You can draw him in pretty much anything, not just the clothes in his reference (they are just an idea of his usual wear). He likes candies and cakes, pretty much anything sweet.
Dislikes and Weakness: The normal "Male Attire", he isn't comfortable dressed as a boy. He is very self conscience when he is not wearing his make up or girl clothes. He isn't close with his parents at all and the only family he is really close to is Desmon.
Extra: You can draw him with a female ish type body just don't include the breasts please :> He doesn't have any of those haha. I'd like his hair drawn like his refs and like the one to the left, if that is to difficult making it simpler is fine.
Apearance:Clothes, Hair, and colors[x][x][x][x]
Art received/ created:
By Me | By Me: Right
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