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Explicit's Den
Double Rainboom
Explicit smiled as she wrote the last few lines of her shipping story. She put her pencil away and flipped back to the first page, satisfied with the amazing piece of work she'd just written. She looked up to see somepony watching and she waved a hoof in their general direction.

“Hello there! Oh, this? It's my newest story. Would you like to hear it? It's a story about an amazing pair of ponies who found rivalry to be their bonding point. Fan-fic? Oh, no no no, dear. This isn't a fan-fic. This is a true story.” Escy clears her throat for a moment before continuing. “Here, let me start from the beginning.”

Double Rainboom
By: Explicit Escritoire

Ponyville was silent that day, aside from the rain storm that clouded the sky. Down below the cloud level, everypony was in their homes hiding from the lightning and heavy rain. It was going to be a boring day today, but as with all things weather in Ponyville, the forecast had been set a week in advance. This meant that anypony that had trouble finding something to do on rainy days could have a head start, or plan a long night ahead of time for a day full of sleep.

Above the clouds was a different story, however. It may not have been loud or crowded, but the two ponies who were there were getting ready to make a lot of noise and ruckus. Rainbow Dash and Steel Knight were in the air, hovering above the storm clouds, preparing themselves for the hard race they were about to partake in. The rainbow-maned pony had found him lazily flying above the clouds a few minutes earlier, and had called out to him.

“Hey Steel, you up for a race?” Rainbow Dash flew up to him, startling the pony with the red and black coat. He was extremely shy when it came to Rainbow Dash, because he secretly admired her. He didn't want to give away his opinions of the athletic pony, so he simply responded as best as he could.

“Ah- Sure. What's the catch?” Steel Knight asked, thankful that his coat could easily hide the slight blush in his cheeks, “I can take on anything you bring at me.” he smiled awkwardly, hoping that his confident attitude towards the challenge would make her think he was cocky.

“We're going to race through the clouds and down to the mountains. I charted a pretty dangerous path through it, and the only exit at the end is straight up. We're going to pop back above the clouds and then rush back down to the ground. First one to touch land wins. That is, if you think you're up for it!” Dashie flaps her wings slowly, bathing in the sunlight that unicorns and earth ponies wouldn't get to enjoy that day. She speaks in a teasing tone, trying to entice him into accepting the challenge no matter how dangerous it might be.

“I'm game.” Steel said plainly, smiling shyly as he moved over beside Rainbow Dash. And here we are, at the part of the story where things get interesting. Danger, fast paced action and explosions are soon to come.

“ONETWOTHREEGO” Dashie yells out before bursting off at an unbelievable speed down through the storm clouds. Steel only took a moment to admire the funnel that Dash had made in the clouds and he sighed, relieved that the talking was over. The struggle wasn't done, though. Now was his best chance to impress Dashie, as he had taken to calling her thanks to Pinkie Pie. He set off at top speed, creating a similar funnel in the clouds just as the other had started to close back up.

From where they had rushed down through the clouds, the paths start was clear. Following Dashie wasn't hard at all, considering that everywhere she flew there was a rainbow that followed her every movement. Steel took advantage of the helpful little trail and started to pick up speed since he had the momentum behind him going. The rainbow trail lead through twists, turns and small cavern passes. After only a few moments, he had managed to catch up with Rainbow Dash enough to actually see her. Dash looked back and began to speed up slightly.

Steel almost found it to be a huge challenge keeping up with her heightened speed. The rainbow colored trail was starting to become more solid as Steel got closer to Dashie. As he looked back for a moment, he saw his own silver, red and black trail mixing with the rainbow colored trail. As the trails mixed, they seemed to swirl around each other. He was almost mesmerized by the sight, but he quickly reminded himself that he was in the middle of a race through a very dangerous course he didn't even know. He looked ahead just in time to see Dashie fall behind.

He was tempted to turn back, but he kept moving forward. It didn't take long for the urge to overtake him, and he looked back once again. This time he only saw his own trail. He gulped a little, realizing that Rainbow Dash must have caught on to his tactic of simply following her trail. He looked back ahead, and reacted instantly as he swerved around a spike hanging from the roof of the cave pass he was in. He would have to find his own way through the cave.

Dashie began her upper ascent, able to see the other pegasus through small cracks in the tunnel she was traveling through. She was impressed that Steel had managed to find his way through the cave system by himself, but the race wasn't over yet. She still had one very important trick up her sleeve. She grinned as she entered the storm clouds, exiting from the top of them with a loud woosh. The clouds followed her for a few a second or two as she rose more. As soon as she saw the other pegasus pop out of the clouds, she put on the throttle and thrust herself back down through the clouds.

Steel put on his serious face. This was the last stretch. He had to beat Dashie to prove himself to her. It was almost romantic in a way, considering Rainbow Dash's view of romance. He tore through the storm clouds, popping out of them at the exact same time as his competitor. The two pegasi gave each other a glance, their eyes connecting, their faces brightening up as they both realized how great the competition was. They could feel such a rush through their veins. The adrenaline and excitement pushed them both onwards.

The air started to bend around Rainbow Dash. The immense speed and the wind forcing back against her forced her face into an awkward and - to anypony who might be watching – funny face. There was no time to look back, she had to keep herself straight so as to break the sound barrier and cause her sonic rainboom.

The wind began to bend around Steel as well. The immense pressure he had around his body was almost painful. He wasn't used to breaking the sound barrier like Rainbow Dash was, and the first time had seemed almost painful. If he could pull off a sonic.. whatever his boom could be called, what with the not-exactly-rainbow colors he created, he would impress Dashie enough that maybe she would pay attention to him as more than just a friend who was a colt.

Something strange began to happen. Rainbow Dash noticed it first. Some sort of magnetic attraction was forcing her closer to the other pegasus. She began to freak out slightly, but she couldn't slow down. At this point it wasn't because she wanted to win, it was because she somehow physically couldn't. Steel noticed it a split second later, and he was taken by the same powerless feeling at his attempts to resist the pull.

The pegasi touched, and they were pressed flat against each other. They began to twirl, slowly at first, but they started to pick up speed quickly. The air around them thinned, and they knew what was about to happen. The two pegasi broke through the sound barrier, both of them releasing a sonic rainboom at the same exact time.

The explosion was different. Instead of a straight line of pure color, there was a twirling wave of Rainbow's trail and Steel's darker trail was twirling opposite of it. There was a very loud sound, like a lightning bolt striking mere centimeters away from you. The two pegasi continued to twirl around each other before they landed on the ground, at the exact same time.

They both fell to the ground. They were breathing heavily, and couldn't move at all. The storm clouds that were once above them were completely dissipated. Pegasi could be seen coming from several different places, each of them looking for the source of the amazing anomaly and also for the reason all of their hard work had been ruined. All they found were two very, very tired ponies.


The two of them awoke within the hospital, their beds right beside each others. They opened their eyes, and they saw each other. Both of them instantly remembered the event and the feelings they had as it happened. Something happened while they were pressed against each other. Something neither of them could explain and neither did they care to learn how. Somehow their feelings had been shared. Every touch, every other sense and every single thought. They knew how they felt about each other. Neither of them had to say a word to know that they would be coltfriend and marefriend when they'd recovered.

That and the fact that they would never, EVER do that again. Ouch.

(Sorry if it seemed rushed in any way. The clop is what I'm best at :3)

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