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XXXXX▇▇ ▇▇ ┈┈┈ BASICS ▇▇X

XXXXXXXX generalXinfo
Full Name: Kaiten Hatsuko Onodera
Nicknames: [Kai // Kaiten]
Notable Title: [Revolution № 9 // Kakumei // The Revolutionist]
Gender: [Female // ♀]
Age: [Nineteen // 19 // XIX]
Birth date: [Feb. 24 // II-XIV // 2-24]
Orientation: [Heterosexual // ♀♂]
Nation: Fire Nation
Rank: Trainee

XXXXXXXX appearance
Personality: Kaiten is alert and careful at all times, and constantly monitors the body language of people around her. She often is the first person to jump into battle. She has learned to trust no one and constantly be on edge, because there truly is no way to tell who is friend from who is going to seal a demon monster inside of your body. Some call her manipulative, and the word "b***h" has been thrown around a bit when describing her. She isn't afraid to do something unusual to get what she wants or what she needs, whether it's using her looks or breaking fingers. Kaiten has a tendency to cause conflict. Picking fights, taunting, and arrogance are habits of hers. Her aloof demeanor has granted her few friends in her lifetime, keeping her cocky and mysterious. She has a deeply sarcastic nature, and has no tolerance for mistakes. Kaiten has a tendency to jump into situations and get herself involved, and is known to be manipulative, twisting the words of others and getting them to do her dirty work.
Physical Description: As a whole, Kaiten is a seductress. Whether it's her curvy frame, her enticing crimson eyes, or the velvet purr that is her voice, everything about her draws people in. Her whole persona is based off of the aura of lazy beauty that she exudes. Her long hair is waist length and the golden color of the morning sun rising over the dunes. Her skin is a pale, creamy ivory color; a dragon tattoo covers her entire back. Her eyes, however, are different. Almost feral-looking, Kaiten's eyes are the crimson of dying roses. Of spilled blood.
Behavior In Battle: Kaiten has a history of jumping the gun, so to speak. She tends the be the first to jump into battle, attacking with quick, cold precision, often even before the opposition has the chance to counter.
Theme song: I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?, by A Day To Remember
All I Want, by A Day To Remember
You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance, by A Day To Remember
If It Means A Lot To You, by A Day To Remember ft. Sierra Kusterbeck
Have Faith In Me, by A Day To Remember
A Toast To The Future Kids, by Emarosa
Height: [160 centimeters // 63 inches]
Weight: [48.1 kilograms // 103 lbs.]
Build: Slender // Curvy // Athletic
Hair Color: Champagne blonde // User Image
Eye Color: Crimson // User Image
Complexion: Fair // Flawless // User Image
Outfits: Kaiten dresses practically, always ready for combat. She is usually found in a shirt, a skirt, and simple pants. Her shirt is simple, white cotton edged in black, cropped to above show her midriff in order to both allow movement and keep her cool. Her crimson skirt was handmade by her mother before she left home, and is really two panels of soft, flowy fabric that have been sewn to a belt that ties at the waist, adorned by a Fire Nation emblem to decorate the tie. Her white pants stretch several inches below her knees, clinging to her legs like a needy spouse, and feature black hemming. She is often barefoot, and always seen wearing a robe outside of combat. This robe is slightly oversized, and made of fine white silk, featuring the kanji for "revolution" (革命; kakumei embroidered in black thread within a circle on the back. The robe is edged and lined in crimson silk, and once had a belt of the same material, which has long since been discarded. Despite her sometimes tomboyish nature, her makeup is always carefully applied, and she is always seen wearing jewelry, though this is for sentimental reasons. She wears a brace on her left elbow to prevent hyperextension and protect her from injury. A black leather glove is always on her right hand, stopping at her wrist, and she wears a forearm protector on the same arm.

XXXXXXXX personalXinfo
Relationships: None
Food: Anything vegetarian
Drink: Water // Wine // Cactus Juice
Color: Blood red //
Food: Meat // Any dairy
Drink: Milk
Color: Brown //
Any kind of bug
XXXXXXXX backgroundXstory
There was no real tragedy in her past. There was only choices. Kaiten was raised by parents that were luxuriously wealthy, the oldest of seven children born to a Fire Nation nobleman. But there was always something different about her, something that separated her from her family that was often in the midst of the Fire Nation social circle. She was never interested in origami or social events or clothes, or normal things. She didn't want to be dressed like a china doll and paraded around like a prized animal. She wanted to fight. She wanted to expand her horizons, rather than living a sheltered, shallow life the way her parents did. She started by making a name for herself during her years in school by displaying a prodigious grasp of firebending. When she was fifteen, she left her home to travel the world and expand her horizons. She has not returned since.

XXXXX▇▇ ▇▇ ┈┈┈ COMBAT ▇▇X

XXXXXXXX weaponXinfo
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Specialized Bending: Lightning Bending [Aspiration]

Weapon Class: Melee
Weapon Name: None
Weapon Description: A handheld fan of standard size and style, the paper has been replaced by metal, the edges sharpened to be like a razor.
Weapon Location: Strapped to her right thigh

Secondary Weapon Class: Melee
Weapon Name: None
Weapon Description: Standard, in terms of length and style, the fibers of her whip have been interwoven with razor wire.
Weapon Location: Tied to her belt

[Pending Approval & Rank Up]
Name: Kyo
Species: Shirshu
-Neurotoxin saliva
-Augmented sense of smell


XXXXXXXX techniques

The Art of Dancing Flames: Firebending Techniques
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