This is Mekuda. o w o

So bored of gaia. I talk to the same people every day, and when none of them are online, I just sit around and watch youtube videos or look at funny facebook pictures, waiting for them to come online. I need a life. These people don't know how much they mean to me. And then they get mad at me for the most stupid of things, but when they make me mad, I try so hard to get over it. They go on about it for a while. Really, it's not just when they're mad; it's anything. If they're tired they go on for a while about that, or if they did something great. It gets sort of annoying. o n o

Not that I mind much, I guess. If it was a huge problem to me, I could just quit. Boo, I don't know what to do. I need to start getting with my real friends again. They probably think I hate them or some weird s**t. :l LOOK AT WHAT I DID~ I BUMMED MYSELF OUT. Guh, that's okay. I'll smile later when I feel like it. Gaia shouldn't be something to fret over.

Ah~ > w < On the bright side, it's almost been a year since I've done this Kuroshitsuji cosplay. I'll probably quit and move on to a new one, as mentioned before. I'll probably move on to something gay, like Hetalia.