So uh..

I get the feeling that I'm starting to fall for one of my ex's again (who it is shall remain secret). I mean..I know it's wrong of me, but come on. I guess you could say it's the feeling of knowing you can't have someone that drives you to want that person even more. Either that or I'm just a glutten for punishment stare

Well I'm not gonna fall into that again though. I want our friendship to work out as best as it can without the feeling of awkwardness. And we've managed to reach a point like it. Although that doesn't necessarily mean that I can't flirt a little now does it. Haha but really that's the way it was before me and said person were dating so it'll be like old times.

Plus I've really gotta learn to date out of my friend circle. You know...expand my horizons. Preferably a guy sweatdrop I've dated more girls and I think people are starting to think I'm les...I am not. It's called being bi and not finding the right guys crying Story of my life.

On another topic that makes me go crazy. I've finally gotten my bunny, Slade. He's a cute little harlequin bunny that is just so adorable and apparently good for breeding purposes wink wink. But problem is that he's a show bunny that most likely wont win any prizes because of so many faults. My poor babe. He's a winner to me though. I just hate that I have to leave him outside. I'm gonna make it up to him by buying him a soft bed to be warm in (but not too warm cuz it can kill him). I'm gonna end up broke by the end of this.

I love how me and Kyo both have bunnies now. Even her bf has one too.Same as mine... only....his can beat mine in show...challenge? Now we can all hang out and help each other w/ the bunny care. Hazza.

And that's all for this diary entry.
Just kidding~
This ain't no diary
Sayonara people of the world
Eins, Zwei, Drei *poof*