Warning: Inky Blot is still a WIP pony. Be kind and gentle. As a forewarning her color scheme is based off my original alias/character I used when I drew comics. I know the reference image is a ponymaker one edited (poorly) to show her scarf but it's the best I can do for now.

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Name:Inky Blot


Age:Pony wise she's a young Mare (Think around the same age as Rarity is what I would assume)

Race: Unicorn

Cutiemark: An Ink Blot

Mane and Tail colors:Red and Blue

Body color and coat length:Off white but her coat is a little longer than normal, it's shaggy around her hooves which are black.

Eye color: Golden

Bio: Inky was born to a family in Canterlot that moved right after her birth to Ponyville for a better, more quiet life. Her father sold books, her mother stayed at home for the first few years of Inkys' life then went on to work in a floral shop. During this time Inky kept busy with art, nothing fantastic but she worked hard and was self taught her magic since her father bought her books on the basics of magic. As time went on Inky grew tired of drawing plants, flowers and animals so she tried drawing other ponies in predicaments that were otherwise odd or dangerous. This lead her way into comics which gradually increased her skills until she made a few friends who liked her comics.and encouraged her to draw more. With the added push and self esteem boost Inky managed to get noticed and her first comic was published in a minor newspaper. Right around that time she earned her cutiemark.
Tragically she one day accidentally broke her horn travelling through a busy town when a large storm hit. Having only been out to buy more parchment Inky found herself in a stampede of terrified ponies who weren't used to storms of such intensity. She tried to navigate her way through the crowd also in a panic when a passing mule bucked just behind her, trying to flee as well in the chaos knocking the unicorn into a wall, her horn cracking painfully to the point of disrepair. Only after letting out an oath had the mule realized what he had done and helped the pony get her way to a hospital where what little of the broken horn was salvaged. Because of this she is very limited in her magical abilities and her magic usually ends up backfiring on her terribly. It's also the main reason she's seeming anti-social, the sheer shock and pain of losing most of her horn left the unicorn feeling quite empty and anxious around others.

Special talent:Her cutie mark is for drawing comics but because of her accident ( After her horn broke it was drastically cut) on accident it has caused her sketches come to life at random when her horn accidentally sparks and this normally results in severe, painful headaches. If say she drew Pinkie Pie with wings and her horn sparked then a new Pinkie Pie would emerge from her sketches with wings. (This means the creation would act like Pinkie Pie but not have some of her traits like detecting falling objects or the like. It could talk and fly but little beyond that.) Most of her creations live upwards of days if not immediately destroyed. Most of what she can create depends on her stress levels and magical build up. If it just happens to be a accidental spark the creation will die out faster.

Personality:Inky is relatively quiet and not a very social pony often being noted as extremely jittery around other ponies and creatures out of fear she'll end up slipping up in a conversation. Cursed with stuttering problems Inky often trips over words and thus is self conscious about speaking unless it's about her art or something of interest. Even though she lack social grace Ink is one to put her hoof down if she's angered but can be blunt, very blunt to the point of hurting feelings.
As far as making friends go Inky is about as stubborn as mule to keeping to herself but will attach to people who praise her art even though she claims to be modest she likes the attention and will seek it from people who she knows will tell her what she wants to hear.

Likes: Ink, art, sketching, coffee, most plants (Namely lilies and sunflowers), keeping to herself, blueberries, cherries and scarves.

Dislikes: Loud noises, large crowds, storms, engaging in conversation (She's not shy to extent of Fluttershy but she genuinely isn't a talkative pony) and most displays of affection.