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Name: Kristalia Sunsoar

Nickname: Talia/Kris

Kristalia has had only two male lovers’s and pride’s herself, in having many maidens cry her name in every port.

Aeron:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Her first male lover was the father of her child, crown prince Aeron. The relationship with the prince was a forced one, although in another time, it would have been welcome. Aeron and Talia had been friends as children and fierce competitors as they entered the navy rank’s. And although Kristalia and Aeron knew their place in the world, they still flirted and at times, a kiss or two were stolen from both sides. But as time progressed and Kristalia matured, she decided she wanted more than to be a king’s concubine. So Talia, fell in love with another man. Aeron, jealous and angry, used his influence and blackmailed Kristalia, with having her father decommissioned from his position as Navy Commander. And Kierran, the man she loved, being disavowed from post in the navy, for his earlier crimes in piracy. The relationship ended, as Kristalia was with child and told Aeron, and in turn he accused her of bedding Kierran and that the child was not his. Kristalia escaped the castle as Kierran demanded the selkie woman to have an abortion. “My love for you is so great…So ever consuming, that I cannot let you free” Aeron’s word’s the night he took Kristalia for the first time.

Kierran Lastoph:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Her second male lover had been none other than the current second hand of her father, Kierran. In the man’s youth, he had been an orphan and since his seventh season, he belonged to the pirate group “Bloodbane’s Sword”. At the age of sixteen, the bloodbane’s met a gory end, as they entered a sector full of sea-serpent’s. Kierran floated on top of some chomped up wood, his face grim and full of bitterness…Only to be surprised as a woman yelled for him. From the Navy ship, Kristalia and the crew had watched the gory scene, as the pirate ship had been diminished by the sea-beast’s. Yet, Kristalia used her selkie senses, to search for survivor’s. She had dived and after fighting some beast’s, convincing her father to let Kierran live and gaining a “ward” She returned with him to land. As time passed, they fell in love…A kind and respectful love. Only to be cut short by Aeron. After their break as teen’s, and having witnessed a passionate moment between Aeron and Kristalia, Kierran has forever stated his “Hate” for the selkie woman and the prince. Although he is still loyal to Victor and the navy and hunt’s down pirate’s… Taking out his anger even on their corpses. Later on, as Kristalia had been taken into custody, she had asked him to bed her, as her only wish before being “Beheaded”. She got her wish, and even got him to confess her love for her, before the crew busted her out. “You love me...Yet, you would still wrap your finger’s around my throat and kill me yourself…Father has trained you well, Sugar.” Kristalia’s last word’s to Kierran before escaping the castle.


Mother- Lady Sienna: A Selkie princess. She returned to sea, and left Victor and Kristalia. She often swim’s next to the pirate ship Talia belongs too.

Father-Victor Sunsoar:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Victor is Navy commodore and most trusted ally of the king. He is hard on Kristalia, and is currently hunting his own daughter down. Whenever Victor and Kristalia meet, they have a spar, which turns into an all-out brawl. Suspiciously, something always happens and Talia is able to escape. Also, many might think they hate each other, due to the insult’s that run from their lip’s when dueling, but in reality…Kristalia is a daddy’s little girl and secretly Victor spoil’s her by letting her win.

Ward- Leknaat:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. She became Kristalia’s ward, the day Kierran was saved. Kristalia made a deal with the sea-serpent’s and adopted the small creature, and using her own blood, gave the little one a humanoid body. Leknaat, is often very frightful and at first, followed Kristalia everywhere. Through Kristalia’s prompt’s, she call’s the selkie woman “Sister” since mother made her feel old. Yet, Leknaat is much older than Talia {Given the fact that sea-serpent’s mature slowly} She currently adopts a body of seventeen season’s and although extremely intelligent, will often act like she is ten. When Drake was born, Leknaat was very resentful of the boy often asking why he could “Call Talia Mother” and at often time’s played with the idea of turning into a serpent and eat him. Yet, she knew this would upset “sister” and decided against it. Within some event’s, Kristalia had understood Leknaat’s resentment and holding a young Leknaat, she said “Naty, Do not treat him as so, he is your brother after all.” After this, time passed and now, Leknaat serves Drake as his protector, his sister, while mother is away.

Son- Drake:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. The young boy is currently ten seasons’s and lives in the pirate’s underwater island. He is much like Kristalia at that age, rambunctious and a dear friend to mischief. He adores his “sissy” Naty and view’s his mother as an almighty deity of wrath and glory. He also depends on Demitor way too much on male advice, since there is not that many “Men” in the island. He also secretly train’s with Leknaat, who lets her anger towards the prince, envelope Drake, so he can one day murder his own father and take the throne.

Grandmother Yuki: A fiery ol’lady who cared for Talia when her mother left. She also helped Talia escape the castle.


The Minion- Demitor:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Ah, the minotaur/Bat demon, who currently claim’s Kristalia is his “Lord”. The Selkie and the Demon met one night at sea. Demitor had been traveling along the sea in his small demonic form to save energy. Yet a storm passed and he crashed on some rocks. That night, Kristalia had been awake, since it was her turn to serve as guard. She heard from far away, the squeal’s of a “Child” and awoke the raven demon and left her in charge as she darted to see what was going on. When she reached the rock island, she quietly crept and noted a small Halfling demon, pressing his trembling body to a stone wall, as a “school” of siren’s where playing around and threatened to eat him. Kristalia leered at the girl’s naked form’s for a while before deciding to step in and save the little guy. At first the siren’s wanted to fight, but once Kristalia stated she was daughter to lady Sienna, they quickly left as to not cause trouble with the selkie clan’s. At first Demitor was also scared of Talia and wished to flee, but laughing, talia caught his wing and held him still “If you run little one, the beasts of the sea will get you. It’s best if we stay here for now…In the morning, I’ll swim us back to the ship.” That night, Demitor slept on top of Kristalia and vowed to repay the woman. The next morning, Kristalia did as she promised and once upon the ship, her small statured captain started scolding her, throwing out improper insults which agitated the small demon, making him turn into his second humanoid form and explained to all, that He owed his life to Talia and until he found his lost master, he would serve her. Talia in her surprise to see that the demon was no child, changed and now treat’s him like a small minion and often time’s uses him as bait in battles. This distresses Demitor most of the time, but secretly, he adores Talia and wishes for his reunion with his true master to never come.

The Captain- Kirova: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Captain Kirova is a fierce Nymph who recruited Kristalia and gave her purpose in life after running from life in the navy. {In reality, whatever the captain want’s she gets…So if, Talia had said no, she would have been drugged and kidnapped…Like other’s} And although Kristalia tries to deny it, it was the captain who awoke the selkie’s curiosity in women and unleashed the deviant she is today. Kristalia has taken an oath to protect the captain and in often times can be seen trembling when talking of the woman’s wrath in punishment. Kirova in turn, respect’s Kristalia as her weapon’s master and loves to tease and manipulate her when Talia is angry. She also despises men and has only allowed a handful in her island and allows Demitor in her ship, as long as he keeps his small demonic form.

The rival- Edith: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Now, a little about Edith.
She is captain Kirovas most loyal crew member and her second hand. The reason for this, is that once upon a time, Edith was a slave to a pirate ship. She was there to tend to the need's of ALL the male crew members. She could have ran away, but belonging to them since childhood, she had no knowledge of the world and did not dare. One day, the crew came upon another ship and battled. Their own ship being much powerful that the other and they retrieved prisoners before sinking it. One of the prisoners was a woman only slightly older than Edith. Kirova. They shared a cell for a bit. Kirova taught Edith how to write and read in the two month's she had been held captive. (That made Edith feel close to her) From there on, thing's happened and Kirova basically won over the female prisoner's and made a mutiny. Which they barely won, But won all the same.

They sold off the ship in a pirate island and used the gold to buy a smaller yet fast ship, which they named La Roza D'Arc. Edith and Kirova, along with a small but able crew of females became rather famous and stormed the sea putting fear in the hearts of pirates and civilians alike.

Now, how the raven and selkie met. Basically Kirova became obsessed with having Kristalia be part of their crew, as a weapons master. Which made Edith feel jealousy towards the woman. At first, Talia did not want to join. But after Edith saving her son, under the orders of Kirova, she agreed to become part of the crew. Edith became a harsh individual towards Talia (especially when she noticed Talia and Kirova started to bed together at times) and talia responded equally.(Mind you, there is no romantic love between Kirova and Talia, just passion at times)

Edith and Talias interaction is pretty much limited to petty insults and taunts. Such as Talia calling Edith bird related names and Edith calling her a smelly fish. At times they have battled and caused damage to the ship. (Such as Talia throwing the ships anchor at Edith and accidentally missing and hitting the mast) But although they are hostile with eachother, when it comes to missions or the well being of the crew, they put aside their differences and fight together. (They watch eachothers backs)

The Crew: Everyone else in the crew is considered and ally and a sort of friend for Talia.


The Air pirates: They are Kirovas enemies and thus her’s…Although she has a personal grudge against their weapon’s master…p***k! How dare he call her an “Easy Fish” This will not stay like this! She must have revenge against that stupid bird!

Aeron: The prince and her Ex-lover/friend. He has set out a warrant for her arrest and wishes for her to deliver the pirate hideout to him and become his concubine.

Soerion:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. He is a mystique that wears a bluish/white mast with a beak and has appeared in Talia’s way many time’s. Apparently, she has two things he desires…A selkie soul and something he has not named yet. Talia has her suspicions.

Theme Song:

Physical Info:

Age: 28 years old

Date of birth: September 25th

Sex: Female

Race: Half Selkie, Half Humanoid.

Eye color: Amber, with a tinge of purple at the irises.

Hair color: Silvery blue, with some sun-bleached strand’s.

Hair length: Well, it changes with her time and mood. No shorter than her shoulders and no longer than her knee’s.

Complexion: Tan and smooth for the most part.

Height: 5”8

Weight: 145 pound’s. {Healthy weight, spread out evenly}

Built: Bust size{38-b} pronounced/curvy hip’s and long toned leg’s. Mostly toned and fine muscled.

Tattoos: N/A

Piercing’s: Only her ears. She has two earrings, a moon and sun on each ear.

Scar’s: One over her right eye, given to her by Victor the day he burned her selkies coat. It was a clean cut scar, near her left breast. She got that one when fighting Kierran and did not dodge his attack, in order for him to choose to save her or go after Kirova. She also has many smooth nicks and cut’s along her body from battles.


Other noticeable features: To most people, she looks rough and womanly. Most men see her roughness as a flaw and women adore her for it. Her more feminine features are hiding underneath her tough exterior, and in truth, she is a big softie.

Psychological Info:

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Likes: Children/sparing/Sea/Flirting/Ale/Blueberry pie/Singing/Dancing/Passionate nights.

Dislikes: Losing/Pushy people/Apple pie/uncooked meat/just waking up/Witch hunts/Dirty clothes/Fruity cocktails.

Fears: Being completely alone. Dying out of battle. Her father finding out he is a grandfather {No, he still does not know…} Although she won’t admit it, Aeron.

Five major Personality traits: Hotheaded/Stubborn/Cocky/Motherly/Deviant.

Personality: Kristalia is a diverse individual, with many facets to her persona. But for the most part, it all depends on who you are, and what you mean to her. For example, to her son, she is the most loving mother and spiteful person. He gets the full wrath treatment when sparing and or when he is in trouble, but she will quickly make him feel loved afterwards. She is also very hotheaded and let’s comment’s and insults get to her quickly, and launching her into attack mode. For the most part, she can control herself and even in such a state of anger, she can keep her head on her goal. Now, it is a different story, when fighting Kierran/Aeron/Victor/Kirova. Since they know her weak spots and what to say, to manipulate her into blind fury. Curious and loves to seduce and be seduced. Though not many get to do the later.


Fighting style: Trained by Victor himself, she is quite skilled in hand to hand combat and dueling with weapons. Her favorite being the twin raipers.She also dabbles in some witchcraft. Her motto is, "If you can't beat them fair and square...Cheat"

Skill's: She is not only skilled with the raiper, but with almost any weapon you can imagine. She is also able to stay underwater for long period's of time, her record is 22 hour's. She is also great at gambling and seem's to have luck on her side most of the time. {Although many would think she cheat's} .

Weapon's: Talia considers anything a weapon, yet her main weapons are her two raiper's Athomos and Miklotov. She also carries a bayonet, who she affectionately call's Gertrude.

Armor/Extra Items For clothing, she changes her wardrobe often. But mostly either stick's with leather boot's,striped leggings,shorts,a sash,and tunics. Or her simple silver/black dress. The only armor she carries and is her most precious item, is her half helm, with the crown charm dangling from it. The helm was crafted by her father and the charm is an heirloom from her mother.

Powers/abilities She is able to call forth beast's from the sea, such as the Sea serpents and Water dragons. Even lowly Sirens listen to her call as an heir to the Selkie clan. She also dabbles in witchcraft. Such as making enchanted stones and slight healing magic. {Demitor is teaching her...}


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