Well as for my first journal entry, let me share what I did yesterday since it is more adventurous than the following morning .___.
Yesterday I went to the library to study for my English 3 Honors summer assignment. I have to read Sophie's World, take notes on it, and answer the questions on the pink sheet that I was given the very last day of school. It's not as boring as you may think it is. The book is based off of philosophy and it has questions I have been asking since I was 6. People say too much thinking is bad. I believe they say that because they are afraid to explore in depth what they are capable of figuring out. It was also my first visit to the library in months. I use to go everyday in Jr. High when I isolated myself from too much social time. So that part was refreshing :3 I also checked out a book called Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I've seen the series up to season 5, skipping season 4 because I couldn't find it in stores or online except for episode 1.
I was also texting a certain someone about sensual topics. One of the topics that I will discuss being me wanting to be an author of erotica. He wanted me to experiment in some ways with my best friend (girl). I get what he was saying; wanting me to become a better author and all, but I have already tested myself before and I am not bisexual. Mind you, reader, I don't care for bi, gay, or lesbian people. A person is a person in my eyes and my best friend is bisexual, just I know for a fact even if I did see her that way, she wouldn't agree because she isn't like that. I like to read erotica, so why not be an author myself? I guess I just like the arousement I get out of it.
I then went to my best friend's house and told her about it and we had a good laugh, ate, played video games and that was the end of it. I went home and went to bed at a rather early hour >___> I've been having these pretty strange dreams lately also. Some of them I can't remember surprised But oh well.
Now, I woke up at 5 this morning to a strange dream. I logged onto the computer, went on Facebook, watched some episodes of Sherlock Hound, and here I am 5 hours later :3
~ Good morning!