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Fiesta Online: Dragon Tomb
Date - 7/7/12
Message created in Dec 11, 2010 to a friend.

As stated above, I was talking to a friend who also plays Fiesta about my experience with a crappy fighter tank in Dragon Tomb, an instant dungeon. As you can see, this was typed up about 2 years ago.

Incase you don't know what Dragon Tomb is, it's basically an instant dungeon for Lv. 80-90. It's harder than your average monsters and like all instant dungeons in this game, it requires a party. Dragon Tomb is a popular leveling place because of a repeatable quest that repeats from 80-90 that rewards about 7 million exp, which is pretty darn good - maybe about 5-10 turn ins and you level, assuming you're in the lower 80s. The money reward's pretty good too - over 100s.


Anyway, just about a couple days ago I was in a Dragon Tomb party. The full party consisted of 2 clerics, 1 mage, 1 fighter, and 1 archer. Now, before we had a full party, we only had one of each class. I was paying attention to the performances of the fighter and the mage. Now the mage did a superb job damaging mobs and taking the lead for the group. He also made an impressive tank thanks to his gears, skills, buffs, me, etc.; his HP and def were comaparable to a typical tank .

The lvl 86 fighter, on the other hand, was...horrible. At best he's about mediocre. On a scale to 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being the best, I'd say he's a 4-5 (scratch that, maybe lower). He has excellent def and HP; however his skill as a tanker is awful. He clearly didn't know what to do and kept trailing behind the mage. Whenever we needed a tank, it's the mage who comes to the rescue. Sure he (the tank) tanked, but he was absolutely terrible at holding the monster's attention (aggro) to himself. In other words, he keeps losing the mini bosses to the mage. He never used sneerkick and mock to help maintain aggro. Skill spamming is part of holding aggro, but this guy just sucks. He even told me how to do my job. -.-

We got another cleric eventually simply to boost our chances of survival and success. When we got to the main boss, Cornelius the dragon, he really showed us how craptastic and worthless he is. Now, he started tanking the boss, and kept losing aggro to mage and us 2 clerics. When we got to mob spawns, the fighter just lost it. He lost aggro and let loose cornelius on us 2 clerics. Dumb fudge. >-> Now his actions got me, another cleric, and an archer killed...a few times. I mean, he wasn't even hit with fear (immobilzing skill used by mages + other monsters). So in the end we booted him out for his failness and we made the mage and me 1st and 2nd tanks respectively. In other words, only me, another cleric, a mage, and the archer were left. We won with flying colors without that fail messing things up. I had to use 20% charm of might to boost my current def of 1.6k to 1.9k otherwise I won't be able to handle the spam attacks of the main boss, even with heals long enough. I still can handle it though, but only so far. 1.6k is pretty good def imo.

Oh, and after we booted that fail fighter out, he whispered to the epic awesome mage saying "ur a fail nub" or something like that. Ha, I want to say to that fail tank "learn how to tank starting from lvl 1 and then we'll talk about who's really a nub, u sad excuse of a fighter" The mage saved our butts more than that dumb fail fighter. Oh and the fail fighter threaten the mage that he'll kill him with his lvl 90 mage or whatever. I responded with a "Ha, fail." Seriously, I did a better job tanking than the failed tanker.

Like I said, his main problem was holding aggro. He only had a part of what makes a good tanker but not the whole. I was able to hold aggro better simply because Cornelious dealt so much damage on almost every other hit, including his deadly damage over time skill that drains hundreds of HP per few seconds. The more HP I heal, the more aggro I get. Spamming heal skills makes it even easier to hold aggro. Stealing aggro on purpose is hard for clerics, but accidentally, it's easier.


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