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From the Dark Depths of my Mind
I explain myself through poetry and i might even scare you a bit.....read on if you wish.
Akana Allura
Name: Akana Allura

Age: Appears to be in her early twenties but many centuries older.

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid by birth, a solid mix between an Arcadian Vampyre and Loup-garu. Demon by blood, succubus in fact. Long story how that came to be.

Kingdom/Alignment: A product and follower of Lust, deemed do by Lucifer.

Birth Date: 08/22/??

Occupation: The corrupter of minds and souls, bringing about various mortals' deaths by both extreme satisfaction or depravity. The visions she causes enough to cause men to go insane.

Pets/Creatures/Summons: N/A

Physical Appearance: Human Form
Piercing green eyes would capture even most demons off guard, the aura that surrounds her even in human form draws in the most unsuspecting individuals. Long, wavy hair, the color of blood sprouts from her roots to end just above her rear which she usually keeps down and flowing. Usually it covers her right eye, blocking most of her face from view. She wears a black mask from time to time that hides the lower half of her face, causing her eyes to seem even more enticing.

When the mask is removed...full lips frame her succulent mouth and only parts to reveal double sets of sharp pristine fangs. Smooth bronzed skin covers her voluptuous frame and her clothing is usually revealing yet covers her assets in a way that'll make you want to see more.

Demonic brands mark her torso, at first there to torture by Lucifer now they harbor her powers.

Humanoid Form
Akana can change what she wants of her body rather easily with just a thought. Her horns, wings, and tail are usually hidden while walking about amongst the mortals.

Demonic Form
The brands along her torso glow subtly with a power previously not there in her other forms. Her green eyes tend to change color due to emotion yet in this form they are like swirling black pools of an abyss, mortal and some demons get lost in. The long red hair that adorns her head darken to a necrotic black as two set of horns sprout from her skull. The first set sits forward in the middle of her head and curve backwards, while the others are thicker and resemble a rams'. Her skin reddens and patches of smooth scales sparingly cover her body. Her long tail matches her skin tone, silver metal clasps with chains encircle the appendage at the base above her rear, once also used as torture now became one of her many adornments, like the piercings in her lips and ears.

Personality Description: Since Akana's a being of Lust, what's more fun then sex? The vast realm of intimacy where almost anything could happen... especially when it comes to influencing one's mind. However this demon is more quiet than not, letting her actions speak way louder than words. She used to be a loner but that's not possible when surrounded by demons and when you have a job to do.

A Tease to the fullest, leading mortals into the throes of blue balls and despair. She found it amusing, men would do anything these days. When by herself, she'd passed the time reading, maybe even dancing a little. She loved to dance, it was what kept her in His good graces, kept her alive.

Special Abilities:
A few of her natural or inherited abilities include Shape shifting:
From her father's side, she is able to shift into a wolf. From her mother's side, Arcadians are born with an animal that could be called a familiar. With enough practice you'd be able to take on that animal's form. Akana's just so happens to be a black panther.

Also inherited is her ability to control fire. However her flames are black, though the reasoning behind the color is unknown...people and demons alike know when to back off. When combined with her weapons, she can use her flames to melt a person from the inside out. Her flames are deadly and spreads rather quickly. She'd rather not have to use them if she doesn't have to.

Telepathy, she uses when on the go and looking for specific mortals to toy with. She can back track through a person's past by looking into their memory even sub-conscious ones. She can move things at will, using telekinesis. Gets the job done faster and she can de-materialize clothing and herself with just a thought.

Special Defenses: The use of fire on Akana only strengthens her and she can take a great deal of damage due to the torture she had to endure by the talons of Lucifer. Seduction comes to her naturally and all it takes is one little distraction to end a life.

Weaknesses: Her sisters, she has two and would go to the ends of the earth for them. However she keeps the fact that she has any family secret and has asked them to do the same.

In her final form water, is not her friend. It weakens her considerably and she can only tolerate it for a short time.

Weapon: Besides her Katana she leaves slung across her back. She mainly uses her Sai, her weapons of choice and has tempered the steel many times to be able to handle the heat of her flames.

Quirks: Wherever there's music, you'll usually find Akana. There's no way she can keep still, whether it's Metal, Techno, hip hop, or Orchestrated instrumentals. All she cared about was the music and if it had a good beat, her body had to move to it, like a slave had no choice but to obey its Master. Akana is also secretly very sadistic, when it comes to mortals and their demise. She loves to think up new inventive ways of torture and inevitably their deaths, she blames Lucifer for this.

History: After her mother's murder she fled her home in Egypt, leaving her sister's behind with family. Those who killed her mother in turn pursued her and she ran for centuries. Everyone she ever confided in or trusted with her life, lost their own. She was safe no where and once she had been caught. Akana had not known the reasoning behind her mother's death until she was captured. They had been after her for her blood, coming to the conclusion that hers would be of even more value than her Mothers. Drinking her blood, heightened one's powers and strengths, while also giving them the ability to shift as she is able to; that of either a wolf or a panther...maybe even both. Leaving her for dead after she had been drained of her blood, she went on a rampage; thirsting for blood, wreaking havoc on the town that had been nearby. Setting off an imbalance with number of deaths occurring at once, was when she met her first demon. Courier demons sent to intercept her seemingly unstoppable rampage. Chained up again in less than 24hrs and Lucifer has got her by the balls so to speak. Either serve him, or live out her immortality in unbelievable torment. Well centuries passed and she gained more freedom with each decade. Being in Hell changed you, if you weren't already a demon, the blood she ingested, the corruption of her already corrupted mind... she used her natural abilities of a seductress to become a Succubus, with Lucifer's help of course. Akana had to fit in if that were to be her new home after all.

Blood_Lust _Angel
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Blood_Lust _Angel
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