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Role Playing Starters

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He had been following her for awhile now. She seemed perfect. So beautiful and having such a sexy body. It made him long for her. She entered an apartment building and watched her go up the stairs and into an apartment.He waited a couple of hours for night to fall and followed her. He managed to quietly unlock her front door. The lights being off he searched the rooms one by one. He knew she lived alone

Nick had had a long day at the office. He decided to come straight home. Well as straight as he'd ever have done. He usually relaxed himself with some shots. Not too drunk he came home after about an hour of getting drunk. He looked around the house. "What the hell." It looked like a normal home. It was clean and everything looked just about spotless. Just he couldn't help but notice the girl past out on the sofa. "Hey your not supposed to sleep on the job." She was his maid. Well sort of. He had taken her in since she didn't have any work and she had gotten kicked out of her own place. So for the time being he had made her his maid.

Nick had been exploring the swamp. Just like any other day he had been on his boat. He never went really far. Since he had a paddle boat. So he always got so see and hear the nature around him. He happened by chance to find a sand bank he hadn't noticed before and caught sight of a lovely young lady tanning there. He stepped off shore and greeted her. "Well hello there ma'am." He said with a lustful smile on his face.

He was a species different from anything that normally would be noticed on this planet. After all he was an outsider. An existence the humans of this planet they call Earth would never notice. It was a simple reason why they would never know. He was a shape shifter. He couldn't change his sex. But he could take the form of any animal within a certain area of size differences. The first species he was comparable with was a big drooling dog. So he was just that when he came across his next suitable and more appealing target to shape into. A human. He had waited and finally found a female quite unaware of what might be going on around her. She smelled of alcohol but that didn't stop him. It was on the side of a busy street. He was making sure and started sniffing her.

He had been secretly watching her over the course of the last few days. She had just moved in last week. She just happened to be quite beautiful. To his luck she was his neighbor. Same floor and everything, just that one door down to the left. He was surprised about the whole thing. Not to mention just like him she lived alone. It was like a match made in heaven. Although him being who he was had yet gotten the courage to actually talk to her. That was until one day when he suddenly bumped into her and knocked her to the ground. He had tripped in the moment and found himself leaning over her. "Ah! I'm sorry!" He apologized helping her back up.

When the sky turned from light to dark and the street lights had long come on a young man approached the window of a house. He sneaked inside finding the window open for him able to get in. He didn't see or notice any one in the room nor did he heard any sort of noise in the house. His feet found the floor and he proceeded in after he close the window after him. He soon found the door to the room. Opening it he looked around searching for anything that would be light and valuable.

He was 18 when his parents died. From that moment on he did everything he could to not make his little sister worry. She was only about 3 when they died. Now 10 years later. She was starting to grow her breasts. He never had any time to worry about any relationships besides the one with his own sister. He sometimes had dreams about her. Sexual dreams. Wanting to take her clothes off and hear her make womanly adult noises. He had come home from work and she was laying on the couch in little booty shorts and a tank top while she watched TV. He told her "Good evening," As he pasted by her and into the kitchen. "What do you want for dinner?" He had the parenting role down.

Traveling Wizard/Lost Girl
He was a traveler. Never wanting to stay in one place for too long. One day while walking on he road one of his spells picked up another human just slightly in the brush to his right. He made his way around and came from behind the subject to find out that it was a woman asleep. He casted another spell merely to examine her. She was on the brink of dying from hunger. With another simple spell he fixed that condiction. She also was quite dirty. He was also a wizard. He resorted to magic to solve his problems. With another spell her and her clothes were good as new. He lifted her up and took her along out of the brush and down the road. When she did wake up she didn't know who she was or where she was from.

Magical Teacher/Student
He had been training her for a little over a year now. Teaching her all kinds of magical techniques but when she asked to learn about a certain type of technique he was against it. She wanted to know how to please a man sexually. With or without magic. He had pushed her away and gone about his business of teaching her other useful magic. She was only just barely an adult compared to him a man in his late 20s. Today was a new day and he wondered if she'd try something and if he could hold himself back..

Just another day in the life of...

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