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In the City With no People there is someone just for me...

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so much arrrtt
Yea I can't stop. I start school and tutoring again next week. So I
guess I wanted to get in all the drawing I possibly could.
And last night just wasn't feeling well so i just kept doodling,
making gif's for tumblr and such to pass the time.

Today I tutor at 11 we're ganna get out Strider fan art on!
I know mochi wants to draw mroe Homestuck but can't think
of stuff, than F YEA! All characters are at the relatively same level.
so we could really do any of the guys. But she said she didn't
know who and I said if she didn't know who than we were drawing dave
XD It's going to be interesting to see how this works out since
she has Sai. So like when we get the final product, we're ganna line
and color it on the computer :"D

And than the next project will be traditional, so we have a balance of
learning both mediums.


I really like my Terezi doodle I did last night.
She came out so pretty <3333

Roux says I should be Terezi and He will be Vriska :"3
Vriska is kinda more like badass..in the b***h kinda way
(all I know of her so far) but it's cuz she's selfish...not like
necessarily a bad person.
I think Terezi is super adorable though. XD

I don't really pair them in anything other than cool chick
buddies XD But I finally over the whole I MUS BE A ROMANTIC
PAIR WITH ROUUUUUUX! Haha just being from the same
thing is fine and yea I still like pairs but the pairs can just be
friends too.
I think it would be fun to do them. But I also wanna be
Vriska but only her God Tier version, than i think she is adorable...
mostly for all the John Vriska fan art that makes her so cute
in it, in my head lol.

Was talking to another person on Tumblr that is making
a kawaiistuck version of Sollux as a cosplay.
I wanna do KK and Aradia and kinda Vriska.
In any case she made me really wanna cosplay.
Gosh I just stared at shirts last night for like and hour
and a half. Just stared....
I just had to click order for my jade shirt.
Than I sorta got stuck. But I KNOW I WANT
irritating that I keep not buying it D:<
I also need to figure out how to fix my skirt so I can
make buttons and such on the side
instead of the a zipper down the middle. I don't want to
buy a new skirt I wanna fix this one.
It's bad enough I'm going to need a new wig.
And I haven't gotten that cuz I SERIOUSLY want
to ask another Jade cosplayer what wig they got.
I don't trust my judgement anymore = A=
My Wig sucked Hard core.

That'll be the best part of the guy cosplay and even Terezi

My list of current Cosplay

Terezi or Eridan or Vriska or John or Jane......
^^^^ Thats generally where I get messed up DX
But it mroe depends on what Roux gets.
Like if he only does Sol. Than I'll do Eridan for sure.
If he does Vriska or Roxy than I'll do
Terezi or Jane. And I wanna do John but only if
Roux does Dave God Tier since thats the version I
would like to do of John.

Haha so many people over lapping.
But I think it's fun that way, for Photos stuff there
will always be a stand in XD
I mean i literally want to be every characters I know
so far except Equius, Kanaya, Dirk and Dave (well I would
love to dave actually but I know I wouldn't be in character
at all. I don't do the cool guy thing very well.) Or yea and Sol
again for the same reason as Dave.

But yea I would do all the kids and all the rest of the trolls
and Calliope and uu XD

I have to have my Nel outfit for my mom's bleach cosplay.
.... I tried to tell my mom she should be the Grandma from Homestuck XD
she was not against it but she want's to know the story more
before she agree's haha. XD I think the grandma is Boss and
hella funny so I would have so much fun if she said yes xD

I wanna buy Jade's shirt...and Terezi...and Gamzee....
And I just want a sollux one since he's my fav D:


I feel sad, IDK why D:
hmm been feeling this since yesterday.

My Actual blog makes me feel better since I look
at it and go I made that background.... and the gif on the side CB
And I added music!
it is Complete. Ima ganna go listen to the songs on it

blah blah blah~

end journal.

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