Well, I went to find some videos, finally. I was supposed to start watching some time this school year, yeah? But I was bored and from a video, I found some Pandora Hearts videos. I don't mind spoilers for new series (ie: I read the Fruit Baskets Wikipedia instead of watching it). I don't know who's who so it's fine. It's like knowing what happens without watching/reading it. Anyway, the manga, Pandora Hearts is great, but it's a TAD darker than I would like. Still great but .. er. It's a heavy series. (Ah, but I don't know, is Higurashi/When They Cry worse or is Pandora worse? Gosh, don't even bring such a topic up *went too far*)

Well, I'll be watching PH .. some time. I mean, it's dark and I have to find a proper time to watch it c':